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It’s a Cornucopia of LOVE!

6 Oct

A cornucopia of love and music.

Basically, those two go hand in hand I say.

For some reason, the Potter Puppet Pals video popped into my head today.

Remember these?

Well, some odd years ago, Andrea and I memorized all of this, and another of the videos.

We were weird.

But what was my original point?

Oh right. Music.

That seems to be all I’m writing about these days. Oh well.

Today I was at school and logged onto Facebook to a nice surprise. One of my new favorite bands, Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head – you know, these peeps?>>>>

– well, they just got signed to Warner Bros. I know, crazy right? I had no idea that this was even in the works, and it’s pretty durn awesome. With that news came some more news of a rerelease of Glistening Pleasure in early 2010. Now I wasn’t so psyched about that idea, seeing that I was hoping for a completely new album of stuff, as I’ve listened to Glistening Pleasure a good…500+ times. But on the blog, they did say that there would be at least a couple new ditties on the rerelease of GP. And another reason why I chose a cornucopia of love as this post’s theme came at the sign-off of NPSH’s latest blog entry. This is what they said: “Thanks for sticking through with us for so long! We couldn’t have done it without you. Cheers to a beautiful future together! Love you. Let’s get married.”

I’d gladly accept that proposal, mind you. Anyway, congrats y’all!

Eeek yay!

Moving on. Yesterday, I was informed via twitter that The Morning Benders are touring with Grizzly Bear at the moment, which is SO RAD, and they’re coming to Seattle soon, which is EVEN MORE RAD. But it’s in 10 days. Really? You give me 10 days notice to find someone who likes these bands within my circle of friends. That isn’t necessarily the problem, I just hope the tickets don’t get sold out by the time I find someone to go with me.

I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna see them again. It’s been over a year, and the dudes seem pretty damn down to earth to where I might actually be able to talk to them. Maybe a Popwreckoning interview?

Oh, and I'd like to see them too.

What else?


That’s right. My homies Bret and Jemaine are coming out with a new album on 10/20. Sure, it’s mostly songs from the second season of FoTC, but there are a couple new ones, and most likely these will be different versions than the ones from the show. Either way. New album = possible new tour? Maybe? Who knows. But I found a new version of “Sugalumps” (that R is omitted for a reason), and it’s longer (no pun intended) and mentions chicken soup. Take a listen. Slightly different than the show version, but either way, any FoTC news is good news, unless on of them contracted a terminal illness, or they broke up, or Jemaine decided to have a sex change. That would be the ultimate buzzkill (or boner killer as Libby likes to say). Anxiously awaiting I Told You I Was Freaky! I’m almost to 100 tracks of FoTC on my itunes. The only other ones that I’ve reached over 100 is WAS, the Beatles, Elliott Smith, and George Carlin. I think.

Here’s the new version of “Sugalumps.”

I know there’s something else.

Hmm. Oh. OH!

I don’t know if you’ve heard that Phoenix is releasing a remix EP, pairing up with the likes of Devendra Banhart, Friendly Fires, and um – FUCK YEAH ANIMAL COLLECTIVE. If I could speak any more candidly about how amazing this is – I would say “I JUST CAME.” But I won’t.

Seriously. I just got an orgasm in my brain. But honestly, Phoenix could pair up with anyone and it would work, because every song from Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is KILLER. Phoenix could pair up with Nickelback and it would work. Phoenix could pair up with any of the Cyrus’ and it would still work. We may lose respect for them, but the song would still kick ass. Oh this makes me really excited to do my top 20 albums of 2009. I better start thinking up my list now.

BUT RIGHT NOW. I have found links to THREE of the songs off the new Fences EP, and they all are fantastic, but I didn’t have to tell you that. It’s Phoenix for christ’s sake.

“Love Like A Sunset” – Deakin jam (Animal Collective remix, with Panda Bear vocals and everything. O.O)

“Fences” – Friendly Fires Remix (didn’t think “Fences” could get any more jam-worthy and danceable did you? Well you’ve been proven WRONG my friend!)

“Rome” – Neighbours with Devendra Banhart remix. (Weird combination huh? Well it WORKS BITCHES.)

I didn’t feel like embedding these actual songs into my blog, just linking you to the original MP3s because it’s easier. And I’m lazy.

❤ Abby

DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake

28 Sep

This has nothing to do with DC comics. Or chocolate milkshakes. Although I did have a glass of chocolate milk this morning.

Nevermind. I just figured that’s one of the songs I’ve been listening to for the last few days that has the most extraneous title. From Art Brut vs. Satan. It’s been that album, Erasure’s Greatest Hits, La Roux, Boy Kill Boy, Editors, and Phoenix – that haven’t left my ears. And of course Muse. You can’t forget Muse. And I have been listening to AFI, mostly just because I reviewed their new album, “Crash Love,” which isn’t that great, BTW. I reviewed it HERE. Hopefully my La Roux review will be up in the next couple of days. Other than music, I’ve just been at school. And you know that school hasn’t started yet, right?

Yeah. The first issue of the Ledger always takes the most willpower to not procrastinate. We had two separate orientations last week, a freshmen lock-in, and lots of layout. And not the mention the fact that there are 6 of us. For most of last week, there were only three of us, as the other three of us were in Europe somewhere. I wish I could go to Europe. Seriously, if I win the lottery, or somehow get a huge amount of money, I’m putting some of it away to keep me out of debt once I’m off my dad’s medical insurance, and taking the rest of it to go to England, Germany, Scotland, and Sweden. And possibly Italy. But I’m pretty sure there’s a higher ratio of people in the four latter nations that speak English rather than in Italy. I like understanding what people are saying, so Italy’s a question mark at this point. But they do have the best food. Hmm…


OH MY GAWD I ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT PREMIERE WEEK! Holy balls. Okay – monday: Big Bang Theory was AMAZING. Raj + beard = <3. And Leonard + Penny = <3, even if they had awkward sex. How I Met Your Mother was so much awesome, I don't even want to go into it. I'll just say that it made me really happy that new television is back. Speaking of new television, Accidentally on Purpose was pretty cute, as was Jon Foster. Damn, he's adorable. Hopefully people liked it, because I'd like for it to stick around. I'm sick of Two and a Half Men. We need a new and fresh comedy on monday nights. After the laughter came…well, some more laughter and other stuff with Castle! Uh, I was so excited when it go picked up again, because Nathan Fillion always needs to be on television. He's too good just to be on cancelled SciFi shows and internet sing-along blogs. Um. Nothing good on tuesday. Wednesday was GINORMOUS, with new Criminal Minds (Gubler broke his leg!) and CSI:NY (Danny can't walk!), and Top Chef and America's Next Top Model started a couple weeks ago. But I was happy that Ashley on Top Chef was in the top again. I'd really like to go to her restaurant in Seattle one day, but I've heard that she moved to Brooklyn, which is kind of depressing, but whatever. What else?

OH FUCK. Thursday. Thursday was the day I was so damn anxious for it was kind of ridiculous. New Office, 30 Rock, SNL Weekend Update Thursday, and Grey's Anatomy. Let me tell you, I'm glad I waited to watch the comedy shows after Grey's Anatomy, because I needed something to suppress my tears, because there were a lot. Literally, there was on-and-off tears for the first hour, and at the end of the second hour, more tears came. I, being a Grey's fangirl, reacted differently had I not been so involved in the characters. It didn't make my mom cry. And to be honest, retrospectively, the premiere was not that good. It should have been just an hour. Two hours was too jumbled, and had too many storylines that had nothing to do with George's death. As my mother said, "ER would have never done that!" referring to a couple scenes that were incredibly disrespectful towards George's memory. Sure, George is a fictional character, but it's not that like it's been 2 seasons and he's dead. He's been there since the beginning, and this is season 6! They should have had one other patient storyline and left all the sexytime drama to next week. It wasn't fair, and it didn't seem to honor George at all. I know it was messy departure for TR Knight, but Shonda could have at least done the character justice in his death. The only character that seemed to speak of him not in this distant manner was Owen, who told George's mom how much of a hero he was, and how he was a great doctor. And Callie was the only one who seemed to react completely appropriately. Yes, I know Izzie just died and woke up again, and she's kind of a nutbag right now, but laughing at the funeral? Gain some tact, Shonda. And Bailey was completely void of emotion that you almost forgot it was Bailey. So I guess I was crying for two reasons – 1: George is actually dead now; and 2: He didn't get a proper sendoff, and as a diehard fan, that hurts.

Okay, enough of Grey's talk. You probably don't care.

Now, onto Saturday Night Live. Wow, this is turning into a tv-centric post. Oh well. I'll just mention a few things – Megan Fox was great, "Arkansas: where being pregnant doesn't even stop you from getting pregnant," and this:

HAHAHA. I frickin’ loved it, but who knows what the FCC will do. But what’s weirder is that we’re on the west coast feed. I’d understand if they missed it in the midst of all the friggins and freakins on the east coast feed, but they have three hours to catch that to bleep it out for our timezone. Sounds like someone at NBC will be getting in trouble, not Jenny Slate, who sadly enough, wasn’t all that funny – and this sketch was her DEBUT. Yeah, way to mess it up. Hopefully she won’t get in too much trouble, as I’d like to give her a second chance. But like always, Kristen Wiig was on top of her game, not even missing a beat after the f-bomb. Love her.

Oh, and guess what starts in three months??? SKINS! I saw some new pictures from the series 4 set, and I’m so anxious. Without True Blood, what else will fulfill the naughty factor for my television viewing other than Skins?

Oh Freddie, you’re so sexy.

Guess what my mom did yesterday? I burned a photo disc with all the pictures from last weekend for my uncle who’s leaving today for california. I told my mom to write his name and what’s on it on the CD. I got home from layout last night, and she told me that she wrote on the silver side. It’s a pink disc. She wrote on the wrong side. The side that the laser reads. Wow. I literally almost pissed my pants I laughed so hard. Then I grabbed her hand to slap it because she’s so dumb sometimes. And the dog got up like I was hurting her. She stared me in the face like, “don’t you touch her!” Millie does that if anyone hits any of us. Or if we dance.

Now back to music, because it’s mah laahf (yay Sookie Southern!) I found out YESTERDAY, that Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head, this band:

is gonna be at the Showbox at the Market tonight with Ladyhawke:

Yes, THAT Ladyhawke. And Semi-Precious Weapons, which I haven’t heard much of, but they aren’t bad. I hate Perez Hilton, but he puts together a killer tour. Apparently, NPSH filled in for Ida Maria last week when she had to leave the tour. That’s why I didn’t hear about this until now, and I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna go. It’s $23 at the door. Hopefully everything goes well and I drive up to Seattle tonight for a dancetastic finale to my summer. How perfect would that be? Go see an awesome show and possibly meet NPSH and Ladyhawke, then start school! And it’s an all-ages show! Which is something the Art Brut show didn’t have, which made me very sad last week. But what DID make me happy was when I mentioned something to Eddie Argos on his twitter page about it, and he tweeted me back! I’m such a fangirl. But I’m okay with that.

I’m just shaking in my boots with excitement!

Now I think I’m done. See, I told you this one would be random. Yay tangents!

Oh, and listen to this badass Neighbours remix of Rome by Phoenix, featuring Devendra Banhart

❤ Abby

The end to a wonderfully relaxing weekend

27 Apr

Mother, Father and Libby came home tonight at 9:30, and it marked the completion of the most relaxing weekend I’ve ever had.

Seriously. Short film screening on friday. The zoo on saturday. Work out at the Y and out to dinner for mexican food yesterday. Downloading a buttload of music and taking the dog for a walk today. And only a little homework. I have yet to finish tomorrow’s reading for Faust, but I’ll do that after I’m finished writing this.

I’m pretty sure I’ve downloaded almost 200 songs in the last 4 days. Most of them were some work of Bob Nanna’s, and some were Matt and Kim, some were Chester French, the Amelie soundtrack, Aloha, and The Go! Team.

I don’t know why I had the sudden inkling to find a bunch of Bob Nanna’s stuff, but after watching the Prizewheel thursday videos from Threadless, I became a little curious about the people that work behind the tees.

And what I found was a treasure trove of musical projects on Nanna’s part. I believe he’s been a part of four bands, and just recently, started up another one. And all of this since the early 90s. The only one I could find online for the low low cost of nothing was Hey Mercedes, the last band he was in, which is similar to The Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eat World… late 90s indie rock. The earlier ones were more punky – makes sense, since the guys were younger. But I’ve developed a little infatuation with Nanna’s music. It’s nice to get little jingles each week for Threadless and covers on the Prizewheel thursday videos. What are the Prizewheel thursday videos? Well, they’re only available for Threadless’ Facebook friends, hosted by Bob Nanna and Kristen Studdard. They ask random questions for fans to write back in the comments, and they pick people to spin the wheel to give them gift cards, dance parties, “one of each,” in which the winner gets one of each of that week’s new Threadless tees. And what makes Prizewheel thursday so much more entertaining is that Bob and Kristen record a video each hour from 11 am until 5 pm. For me, it’s from 9-3, since Chicago is two hours ahead, but it’s still funny.

I completely went off on a tangent…HEY! But what I was trying to get at was the prolificacy of Nanna’s music groups. And they all have something a little different to offer. I’m listening to his solo project, The City on Film, at the moment. It’s softer and more acoustic that any of Nanna’s previous bands, and similar to Rocky Votolato and the New Amsterdams. I highly recommend you hit up his pages.

The City on Film
Hey Mercedes

And perhaps check out the Threadless mini-jingles on BNanna’s Threadless profile. My favorite is “Africa.”

Heck, just go HERE.

Don’t sue me for having a little crush.

I can’t post any of the City On Film stuff since they’re .m4p files, itunes DRM-protected, but here are a couple Hey Mercedes songs.
Stay Six
And one of the Threadless jingles. It’s appropriate.

I’m eagerly awaiting some recorded material from Certain People I Know.

And one last random thought. I wish all of the world looked and operated as Montmartre, France in Amélie. Where I could leave notes in men’s pockets and they would come find me in my brightly-colored apartment and then kiss me without speaking. Oh how life would be so much more interesting.

And I didn’t realize that Nino in the movie was Mathieu Kassovitz, who directed La Haine, a French film we watched in my Intro to Film studies class fall quarter. Now that was random.

❤ Abby

‘Tis officially spring break.

18 Mar

I’m watching Life Aquatic right now, and I have nothing to worry about for the next week and a half. It’s so nice to feel like I have nothing to do for 11 days. 11 days of freedom and relaxation, and lots of working out. The only things that I really have to do are go to the doctor tomorrow, and figure out the transportation arrangements for our day trip to Forks on friday. We’re trying to figure out if we want to stay overnight at a motel, but Andrea has to be to work the next day, and I’d rather not stay in a Forks motel. I can drive home at uber early in the morning. I don’t mind.

Seriously, even though I didn’t read Twilight because it’s terrible, I’d still like to go to Forks. I’ve never been there and I do have to admit, if there’s any chance that any famous people will be there, I don’t want to miss it. I’m all for meeting real movie stars, not the badly-written fictional characters. RPattz and Jackson Rathbone are damn fine, and Taylor Lautner is adorable.

I have all my finals turned in, and I feel pretty good about my grades. I had to drive to school just to turn in my film directors final, and incidentally to print it. My home printer is fucking retarded, because after printing 8 pages, it decided to suck up all the rest of the paper in the printer and have an empty ink cartridge for page 9. I had one page left and the printer tweaked out on me, and it made me so mad. I get incredibly infuriated with technology, especially the printer, because Dad bought the biggest, most expensive and fancy one he could find. It’s wireless and connected to the network, and takes about 5 ink cartridges for each color. What happened to a black cartridge and a color cartridge? It drives me nuts because certain colors get used faster, so when you go buy cartridges, they get used up at different rates, and you lose track of which ones need to be filled next. It’s so much more complicated and more expensive. I should hook up my printer from last year in my room to eliminate the frustration.

I started watching this new show “Castle” last week, and I really like it. It has the chick who was the sassy cop in “The Spirit” movie, and she’s a sassy cop in this show too. And Nathan Fillion, who is quite cute I must say. I couldn’t for the life of me remember where I’d seen him most noticeably, but thanks to IMDB, I realized that he was in “Two Guys, a girl, and a Pizza Place,” this show from forever ago with Ryan Reynolds (who is so freaking babelicious). But “Castle” is a really cool show – it’s about a crime novelist who needs to “research” his subject for his next set of novels, the sassy cop. And flirtation, sexual tension, and annoyance ensues. Yeah, I know it contains all the cliches of a romantic comedy, but mixed with a cop drama, it makes it more interesting. And I love anything about writers. It’s an interesting take on it. It has the charm and suspense of “Chuck,” but with a little CSI mixed in. Just add in a crazy mother living with the main character, and you’ve got yourself a hit!

It doesn’t hurt that it’s on mondays either, where there aren’t a lot of competing shows at the same time, and right before Heroes. It could attract the same audience as Heroes as well.

Speaking of Heroes, I honestly haven’t seen a new episode on a month. I have 4 episodes saved on my DVR, and I really think the only reason I’m still watching it is because of Sylar/Gabriel/Zachary Quinto. He’s the only character that you can always count on being in an episode, and he’s definitely nice to look at. Hero’s my favorite character overall, but he’s not always in it. And Claire is driving me crazy. Peter’s trying to do good, but I can’t forget the ridiculous acting on everyone but Zachary Quinto’s part. Milo Ventimiglia is hot, but not a good actor. And his relationship with Hayden Panettiere makes it weird to watch their niece/uncle dynamic, because it surely isn’t like any other niece/uncle dynamic I’ve ever seen. She’s my age. He’s 31. Ack. Cradle robber.

What else can I talk about? It doesn’t really matter, because I have all the time in the work for the next 11 days. I can sit down and work on my novel. In fact, I think I’ll do that right after I finish this. I might even take a nap. Who cares?

Michael Sarver or Scott McIntyre needs to go home on American Idol. And Lil Rounds should be in the bottom three, get taken right out just to put a fire under her ass to redeem herself from last night’s terribly karaoke “Independence Day.” I knew country week would be her demise. But thank god it was so soon. My personal favorites last night were Kris Allen’s “Make you feel my love,” Matt Giraud’s “So Small,” Anoop Desai’s “You were always on my mind,” and I even kinda liked Adam Lambert’s “Ring of Fire.” I have to make myself forget that it’s “Ring of Fire,” but other than that – it was pretty badass. When I first heard him do it, I was like “I’VE HEARD THIS VERSION BEFORE!” I did. Seriously.

And then it hit me.

ROCKSTAR: SUPERNOVA! From like 2 summers ago, when the tiny chick with dreadlocks, Dilana sang it. It sounded a lot more hardcore when she did it, but Adam could outsing her like a dozen times. I just can’t wait for him to do any Queen song, or “Creep.” He could totally do “Creep.” And I love the fact that he could be the first gay American Idol. The first former drag queen American Idol. Fantastic, innit?

Ah, Kris.

I’m off to novel. It’s been awhile, so I have to be back in the swing of things.

Tranny – Kings of Leon (from Young and Youth Manhood)

❤ Abby

Fuck daylight savings

9 Mar

And roundabouts.

I decided to skip my last class today because we were watching Tim Burton’s Big Fish in class. We own the movie, and I would prefer not to cry in class.

Seriously, that movie makes me cry every time I see it, even though I know what fucking happens at the end. They’re tears of sadness, joy, and of the beauty of the story. That sounded kind of pathetic, but I don’t want to cry in front of my peers, or my prof.

You know what pisses me off? Snow. In March. And the dumbass drivers who can’t comprehend snow and driving at the speed limit. It was barely even snowing, and the road didn’t have an ounce on snow on in. And to add on the non-snow paranoia, Sprague Ave. was just demolished this weekend, so people had to stare at the broken off overpass, and slow down to, what…30 MPH! On the highway! Kinda ridiculous. I’d understand if these people were from California or Florida and had never seen a goddamn snowflake and these giant white flakes falling from the sky scared the shit out of them, but these are WASHINGTON drivers. We’ve seen snow. We drive in rain all the time. Big whup! I mean really. Will people learn how to drive, please? I hate asshole drivers and paranoid drivers.

As well as people who don’t know how to work roundabouts. I literally was pulling off the highway at my exit, and there are two different entrances into the roundabout once you get off the highway. Six cars were backed up behind this twat of a driver on the inside lane. Apparently, he was too much of a pussy to pull into the roundabout until the entire thing was clear, so I went into the outside lane, and passed by all these oblivious drivers into the roundabout. I’d already exited from the roundabout before any of the other drivers had entered it.

Ha. I’m skilled.

In lighter news, I just discovered this great comedy duo, called “Hard ‘n’ Phirm.” It’s a playoff of their names, Chris HARDwick and Mike PHIRMan. Haha. They are like a nerdier, American version of Flight of the Conchords. They seriously have a song called “Tribute to Pi.” Between the two of them, they know 180 decimal places of pi.

Innit wicked? Cheers to nerds!

Pi day is in 5 days! I’ll be making a pie. What kind should I make? Chocolate cream? Apple? Pecan? Laura and I made Banana Cream last year and brought it to Ian’s house. At like, 11 o’clock at night.

Here’s a good song by a local Seattle artist that I recently discovered. Say Hi – Hallie and Henry

❤ Abby

Kelly Clarkson vs. Katy Perry?

7 Mar

I just caught Kelly Clarkson’s new album, All I Ever Wanted, just cause. I’d heard that she’d done “Hook up,” originally by Katy Perry, but never released, so I figured I’d post them both here to see which one y’all think is better. I personally like Katy’s version better, but that may be because I like her better overall.

Katy Perry – Hook Up
Kelly Clarkson – I Do Not Hook Up


❤ Abby

My Unhealthy Obsession With Skins

27 Feb

I freaking love the new series of Skins. And I finally found episode 6, “Naomi,” last night at like…midnight. I felt like I’d share it with you, because this was one of the best episodes yet, except there was a complete lack of Freddie. That’s alright, because Naomi and Emily are perfect.

They won’t embed, so here’s the link. They have all the episodes from the three series, so if you feel like taking a gander at Dev Patel’s first shot at acting, it’s all there.


I probably shouldn’t get so obsessed with a show that only lasts ten episodes per season, and then the cast will probably change every two years, but it’s so amazing that in England, they have a show that doesn’t give a fuck about how racy it is, because that’s how a lot of teenagers lives happen. That’s the problem with the FCC. They keep real life off television. It’s so funny, because this lifetime movie was on the other day that I stumbled upon, and it was called “Cyber Seduction” (I know, the shittiest title ever), but it had Jeremy Sumpter (Peter Pan) as this high school student who was obsessed with looking at internet porn, and in the movie, the “porn” that he was looking at was merely scantily clad ladies. Not even naked ladies, or people having sex. Like ads for underwear. Lifetime decided to tackle an issue like addiction to porn, and they didn’t even allude to what porn actually is. Fucking FCC. It’s not like Lifetime comes with basic cable either.

Why do the English do everything better? The music surely is. I think the only thing that they don’t do well is food. The Italians kick ass in that department, and then the Far East. I love pork dumplings.


This song is on the promo for series 3 of Skins, and TV on the Radio are also going to Sasquatch this year, and it would awesome and fantastic and magnificent if someone would fucking go with my sister and I, because my mom’s being a twat and won’t let us go by ourselves.
TV on the Radio – Halfway Home

❤ Abby