Someone give me a name for this movie

22 Feb

I’ve made yet another soundtrack to a movie that is yet to be made. Cause I’m lame. And I’d never be able to afford the rights to all these songs. Yeah. Sure.

1. Boarded Doors- The Morning Benders
2. I’m Good, I’m Gone- Lykke Li
3. Altered Beast- We Are Scientists
4. Let’s Vanish- Oxford Collapse
5. Professional Suicide- Ladyhawke
6. Everything- A Cursive Memory
7. Rosie’s On Fire- Boy Kill Boy
8. Taken For A Ride- Tally Hall
9. Black Hole- She & Him
10. Like Eating Glass- Bloc Party
11. Phantom Pt. II- Justice
12. Worth the Wait- We Are Scientists
13. The Sex Has Made Me Stupid- Robots In Disguise
14. Stress- Justice
15. Stay Where You Are- Ambulance LTD
16. Tonight- We Are Scientists
17. Be Somebody- Kings of Leon
18. An End Has A Start- Editors
19. Textbook- We Are Scientists
20. Flowers & Football Tops- Glasvegas
21. Credits- Gavin Castleton

I really am lame. I’m in the middle of writing my paper of the self-identity of Johnny Depp’s Ichabod Crane in Sleepy Hollow. I have the coolest assignments. I get to watch movies – specifically movies with Johnny Fucking Depp in them. I rock.

This is really short, but I will MOST DEFINITELY BE BACK TONIGHT after the Oscars, because I’m so damn excited. Although, my sister is only excited because I’ve read the Robert Pattinson will be a presenter, and Zac Efron will apparently be apart of a musical medley towards the end. I’m not sure why the fuck why, but it will surely get good ratings. Surely.

I might even live blog the awards on my Twitter page, since it won’t really be spoiling anything for anyone, since we’re on the west coast and we’re the last ones to see it anyway. It’s like at 5 over on the east coast and 8 over here. Ugh.

Listen to these songs, and they sound oddly similar. I didn’t realize that until I listened to them back to back.
Lykki Li- I’m Good, I’m Gone
Ladyhawke- Professional Suicide
It’s weird.

❤ Abby


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