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Tina Palin Strikes Again!

30 Sep

I luh me some SNL.

Tina Fey is my hero.

❤ Abby

Glistening Pleasure

29 Sep

I’m not speaking in euphemisms, it’s just the title of the album that I’m listening to right now. The artist–Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head. Yes, that’s what they’re called, and it’s awesome. You should look them up. They are a mixture of Of Montreal, Fleet Foxes and CSS. It’s poppy electro. Yes, and one of the songs if called “Sophisticated Side Ponytail.” Seriously.

Anyway, that wasn’t my point. My point was that I finally spoke to someone new today at school. The first couple days have been, eh, I mean, my classes are pretty cool, and they are all things that I am interested in and can stay focused on. But I haven’t really made any real friends yet. I’m starting to think that I should have gone to orientation. But no matter. I found people that I have something in common with–the Ledger staff! They had an activities fair today and I ran into the news editor outside their newsroom today, so he directed me to go to the activities fair. So I did, and guess what? They have positions open for opinions editor and page designer. Hello???? Could those be more of my fortes? They didn’t call me the InDesgin guru for nothing. It makes me very happy, but what makes me sad is the fact that they work on the weekends on it. Not only was I trying to avoid driving over the bridge every day of the week, but I work on the weekends. And those are the only days that I can work. I like my work. I don’t want to quit.


But I want to be apart of the newspaper. I don’t know how much I’d get paid. Damnit. This is difficult. I can’t very well get a job for the weekdays, because then I’d have no time. Crap. I have to think.

I just so glad that I met some people that I could possibly hang out with. People that I have something in common with and can talk to. Unlike Mekao, who followed me to school as well.


❤ Abby

My take on the matter

28 Sep

Well, I’d like to talk about my first days of school, because I completely forgot to do that on thursday after classes, but there’s way too much to talk about that’s more important. I’ll have another one about school. No sense in confusing people.

So, the debate.

Yes, I’m discussing the debate.

Deal with it.

And listen please. I watch the news and read up on this shit enough that I know what the fuck I’m talking about. And you should too. If I find out that you aren’t voting in just over a month, don’t bother complaining about the candidates, because you have no business having an opinion, since you obviously don’t care enough to vote. Yeah, I get pretty pissed when people don’t care.

And this is nothing against Hillary supporters. I love Hillary, sure. I would have voted for either Hillary or Obama. Shit, I would have voted for any democrat if they were up against McCain. Probably the only republican I would have even considered voting for would be Ron Paul, but probably only if he was running again Kucinich. That little man just kinda erks me.

But back to my point. If you have one main point of interest, and both people don’t run with it, don’t just skip voting altogether. It does no good. It serves no purpose, and it doesn’t fucking further your cause. Damnit, think about someone other than yourself and consider the candidates’ platforms as a whole. Consider all the issues, and make an educated decision, even if they don’t exactly agree with you. What the fuck is best for the country may not be the best for you at that very given moment.

I started a little off-topic. Oh well.

What’s so great about my family is this–most families that watch a lot of TV always make sure that Oprah or Dr. Phil is recorded. Not us. My mom called me at work to make sure that my sister recorded the debate. We’re that dedicated to this election. I just wish I could have gone to Denver. I think it’s pivotal that we watch the debates. I think it’s important that we hear the debates, but in this case especially, watching it changed everything.

I think that Chris Matthews put it best when he called McCain a grouchy troll. Seriously. A troll. That’s the core difference between democrats and republicans–their attitude. Barack Obama was respectful, level-headed, calm, and he had tact. McCain was aloof, disrespectful and acted like he had a fucking silver spoon in his mouth. Multiple times Obama started his statements with “John is right,” and people will say that it looked weak, but they’re wrong. If Barack agreed with John on certain issues, then he wasn’t about to disagree for just the sake of argument. But what Barack did was point out where they are similar, but then he went on to say why the full extent of John’s plan was the wrong one. Their views of the core issues didn’t differ all that much, especially in this first debate. It was supposed to be on foreign policy, but it ended up being a lot about the economic crisis. But with Obama’s coolhead came McCain’s smarmy trollface.

More than once you can see that McCain smirked at Obama’s remarks. He didn’t take him seriously and said on many occasions, “Senator Obama doesn’t seem to understand,” like his ideas are sheerly preposterous. He disgusts me in every way shape and form. He is the epitome of what I’d like to call a douchebag.

Oh my god. I’m watching Tina Fey as Sarah Palin yet again on SNL. I think I’m done bitching for now.

Needless to say, Obama helped his cause, McCain didn’t do jack shit.

Go vote!!!!!!!!

(Unless you’re voting McCain)

❤ Abby

So, now come the Villains

23 Sep

There is only one word to describe how the premiere of Heroes: volume 3 started:


I think that if Heroes is able to sustain the concept and keep the story going, it could surpass Lost in innovation…I think. And if you think about it, nobody thought that Lost would last this long, and it’s been 4 fucking years. Four years of a magic island.

And it’s been two years of people with superpowers, and there’s plenty more shit that can go down. Let me tell ya, the shit that went down tonight was AWESOME.

First of all, Peter shot Nathan from the FUCKING FUTURE! I mean, HOLY PSYCHOPATHIC VILLAINS BATMAN! Peter messed with time. He messed with what was supposed to happen, and now it’s all a huge clusterfuck of catastrophic proportions. Mohinder figured out how the virus worked, and injected himself, in turn, giving him super senses and super strength. And apparently, a super boner as well.

In other words, Mohinder got some…powers…and some sex. Maya’s sex to be exact.

Parkman’s in the middle of fucking Africa listening to a turtle’s thoughts, drinking water from roots. Clare finally got Sylarized, and now she can’t feel the pain. And she jumped in from of a train, just in time for Peter to save her.

All the while, I was wondering, WHERE’S WES? Where’s Clare’s hottie McFlyboy? I liked him, and he had a backstory. Why did he go away? Sad.

Hmm, what else? Oh, Hiro got ONE job from his father, to not open this safe. But he opened it, and lost what was inside it. Great job Hiro. So he may very well be responsible for the end of the world. If Ando doesn’t kill him first. Yeah, Hiro saw the future, and Ando apparently kills him. So that sucks.

Nikki apparently has another alter-ego, a campaign adviser/slutty mcwhore–and her name is Tracy Strauss.

Wait, where the fuck is Micah????

And when his Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder) get such nice abs. I mean, DAAAAAAAYYYYYYYUUMM. I’d hit that.

Scratch that, I just destroyed my dignity. I’d never say that. At least in those exact words.

I’d also never say “might coulda.” Apparently they say that in West Virginia. My Aunt came up for my Dad’s birthday on saturday, and no one expected her to, and she told us stories from West Virginia. People say “might coulda.” What does that mean? I don’t even want to know, because then it would substantiate it at something that actually means something, and it can’t because IT DOESN’T.

Anyway, I think I’m done. I’ll be back after my first day on wednesday. YAY!

❤ Abby

Guess what’s on tonight?????

22 Sep


I’m so freaking excited I can hardly stand it.

And not to mention how excited I am for school to start. I have two days, and I finally have my books. They cost me about 200 bucks total, but still, I’m glad that it’s finally starting.

So, Kings of Leon is my current band of choice. My favorite song of theirs is “Use Somebody.”

Wow, I have no inspiration right now and my fingers don’t feel creative today. I guess I’ll wait until later.

Meanwhile, this is my new rockstar crush.

I will post later after Heroes. I will have much to say.

❤ Abby

Where has Keith’s fringe gone?

16 Sep

Oh no! Keith cut off his fringe! Why, We Are Scientists, WHY?!!

Look at this video.

And then this picture!

It makes me sad.


❤ Abby

What day is it?

15 Sep

Holy shit it’s monday.

The only thing good about mondays are that I have them off work. But other than that, monday is a pretty daunting day. I have 9 days until school starts. I mean, that’s pretty daunting. Wait, so 9 days until school starts means that there’s 10 days until Grey’s Anatomy starts.

Two awesome things happening in one week. That’s comforting, and I’m serious. Normally when I say that, I’m being sarcastic. But I’m serious. I just hope that this week is as good as last week. Not quite as hectic as last week, but just as exciting.

I’ll fill you in.

On wednesday after I got my job with the Gateway, I got my first assignment, and thankfully I checked my email once I got to Lacey when I went to visit my friends at St. Martins. I had a day to finish an article. One day. One freaking day to interview a guy from the Great Car wash in town and write the story. That was pretty daunting, since Jim, the guy I know from the Gateway, gave me two articles to write, but I told him that I could only do one that time. Thank god I didn’t work on thursday, because thursday was nerve-wracking.


Well, the guy I had to interview didn’t get back to me at all on thursday, so I had to wake up early on friday to finish it before I went to work at 10. But I got it done. I don’t think it was amazing, but it was decent. Decent enough for a small article in the special section. Decent enough for my first real article written in over a year. But what I’m super excited about it getting paid for doing this.

After that, this week was less tense. We did almost have a mishap at work, when one of my co-workers got so freaked out for no reason about this dog that needed to be muzzled. I mean, she honestly said “oh, I won’t get bit, because I’m careful.” Like we aren’t careful? Like you actually think you won’t get bit? They’re dogs. They’re unpredictable. And they sense fear. So the more scared you are, the more fucked you are. She just says really dumb things. I had this dog in a headlock, rubbing behind his ears and talking to him right in the face, and when he jerked, she basically jumped back and freaked out. “Oh, my god, I can’t do this. I can barely breathe.”


I hate drama queens.

And yesterday she said that she almost felt like crying after a dog scratched her on the neck.



But as ridiculous as this chick is, yesterday was a good day at work. I only had two dogs…on a sunday, which was weird, and I was caught,

Now, that sounds odd, but it’s this new thing that Petco’s doing. They’re these “I was caught” cards that people give their co-workers when they go above and beyond what’s expected of them. They’re nice acknowledgments to give to the people you work with. And Roger gave me one yesterday, for staying late and helping him close three fridays in a row. It’s nice to know that people appreciate you, and for legitimate reasons. It made my day.

I don’t think I have anything else to write about. I have to go deposit my paycheck and sell all my books to Half Price Books in Tacoma. I have a huge clothes basket of textbooks from last year. And I hope Andrea’s back from Paris. She left on wednesday, and she said maybe 5 days, so I hope she gets back today.

Ten days until Grey’s Anatomy!

❤ Abby

P.S. Tina Fey was awesome on SNL the other night as Sarah Palin, you should Youtube that shit.