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Laser Tag Fun!

28 Dec

Today we are going Laser Tagging! First I’m going to Caity’s house, and then we will travel over to Tacoma and laser tag like old times. I’m very excited. I’ve missed Caity, a lot.

But there was no post-christmas blog, sorry, and I think I’m going to hold off on the Sweeney Todd review as well for awhile. I got a digital camcorder for Christmas, which was my favorite present of them all, so now I get to keep everything documented. And since I downloaded Final Cut Express on my laptop, I can really make movies if I want. I also got the Grey’s Anatomy Trivia game and Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s all very exciting.

My sister’s favorite gift was her henna kit that she got from our grandma. After she opened it all up, she gave everyone a henna tattoo, even my dad and my uncle. My dad got the Seahawks symbol and my uncle got “Mom” in a heart. They are dorks. Yes, they are. But the worst was my cousin, Cory. He’s 21 years old and my mom got him a Red Rider BB gun. Last year, she got him a leg lamp. Anyway, he had my sister draw a dotted line on his arm and write “Cut Here,” and on the other arm, he drew a penis, and quite a small one I may add. My Aunt Andrea, she was like “Shelly (Cory’s mom), has he ever seen one before?” He got a laugh from everyone, excluding my 8-year-old cousin who needed her eyes shielded from the disgrossting rendering of a penis. I’d really not like to know where he got the idea that they looked like that. Ack.

Oh, and I got this all on tape.

I should go now, sorry for the lame-ass short blog, but I have to help Mom clean the house before I leave later. It’s still all Christmasy and messy.

Happy soon-to-be New Years!

❤ Abby

I just watched “Once”

22 Dec

I couldn’t have watched a more perfect movie.

I’d listened to the soundtrack before actually seeing the movie, and now that I’ve seen the movie, I appreciate the music even more. I honestly just finished it, like 10 minutes ago, and my eyes are puffy. The ending is so sad, but it’s the best way to finish it. For heaven’s sakes, it’s called “Once.”

For anyone wondering what Once means, it means how many times in your life you meet that right person. I know, about as tear-jerker of a topic for me as a movie can get.

I loved how neither of them actually had names. The whole point is that it’s such a random encounter that can turn into “the one.” Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova were the main characters. When I first saw the dvd promos, I thought that they were almost the same age, but no. Marketa is a 19-year-old Czech pianist, and Glen is the 37-year-old frontman for the Irish rock band “The Frames.” So when I think about their ages, it’s a little weird, but she looks older than 19, and I think that the point may be that true love is where you least expect it, I guess.

I don’t know. It just made me sad. Good sad, not bad sad, but still…sad.

I’m not going to write a long, convoluted review of this one, because it’s so simple of a film, that it doesn’t really take that much explanation. It’s made in Ireland, didn’t a huge budget, has an amazing soundtrack (I suggest after watching it, which you WILL DO, go listen to the soundtrack over and over again), and is just…perfect. The story is so easy, but yet so difficult to pull off. Guy meets girl, yadda yadda yadda. “Once” definitely pulls it off.

Seriously, rent it. Watch it. Listen to the soundtrack. Write your own song, while you’re at it. Tell other friends to watch it. Soon.

❤ Abby

Well obviously…

21 Dec

I’m not at the Blake Lewis show, and I didn’t get to go. Cassie had to work, Libby had a scrimmage, and I sure as hell didn’t wanna go by myself. Let me tell you, this morning I was so mad.

He had a freaking CD signing afterwards!

I wanted to go!

But Kristine left this morning. I didn’t check my phone, so I don’t know if she texted me to let me know that she made it to the airport. I know that my sister was glad to get her room back, but now it seems kinda weird not having someone constantly at my house, just there. I’m never going to be able to live alone. I’ll go nuts. I’ll definitely need a dog. A big dog, almost human-like.

There are five days until Christmas, and that also means that there are four days until Caity gets home. Yay!

Oh, and I can’t believe that Tila picked Bobby. Dani was perfect for her, and I don’t know how she didn’t see it. Well, I guess no one actually knows what’s in her heart, so it’s always her decision. The public can’t pick the person that she loves. I really think that everyone was rooting for Dani. I really do.

I’m off to listen to some old-school 90s music.


❤ Abby

So…Hotmail sucks.

19 Dec

Whoever out there hacked into my email address again–you suck. I hate you. I’ve given up on hotmail. I’m broken up with hotmail, and now I’m with a little thing called Gmail. In Google I trust. Seriously, this is the second time in two weeks that this has happened. It’s ridiculous. I’m just going to forward all my important emails to my new address and save them there. And somehow add all my contacts. That will take the longest. And plus, foofightingabby was getting kind of annoying.

Screw you hotmail!

Oh yeah, and just in case the world wasn’t screwed up enough, Britney Spears’ little 16-year-old sister is pregnant…with her 19-year-old boyfriend’s baby!


❤ Abby

‘Twas the night before tonight!

16 Dec

‘Twas the night before break and all through the dorm, lots of people were stirring and studying more than the norm.

I sat at my desk, bored and aware, that tomorrow I would be going home and Kristine would be there!

I crammed for my history final, and then went to bed, while it was hard to fall asleep with all that was in my head.

The next morning after the 8-hour nap, I wandered over to Old Main to take care of all the finals crap.

Not everyone showed up, as if the grade didn’t matter, and the thought of my friends dropping out made me even sadder.

As soon as I was finished, I turned in my test and ran back to my dorm in a dash, my speed quickened as if I heard a crash.

After packing all of my clothes, and cleaning off the window the fake snow, nothing was left but my lamp and my giant dog pillow.

I just read the original Night before Christmas, and it’s way too long to write about this weekend in the form of that story, poem thing. It’s getting excruciatingly annoying to come up with words that actually rhyme like the poem does. So I’ll just talk about this weekend like any other normal blog.

Like I was saying, as soon as my final was over, I got out of there as quick as I could, thinking that I had to go pick up Kristine at the train station at 11:11 in Tacoma…little did I know, she texted me during my final, telling me that her train didn’t get in until 3-ish. I thought, “Oh good, now I get to hang out in Tacoma for four hours! Yay!” But it actually turned out to be a pretty fulfilling day. I went to go see Laura at her work at the fish market. Holy crap it smelled like fish. I know, duh. I should have expected it, but it was nice to just talk to her. After she finished stapling all the boxes, we went to lunch at the Spar. They have really good homemade Spar chips. You must taste them.

But then it was only 1 o’clock ish. I had two hours left to kill, because I didn’t feel like driving over the bridge twice that day. So I went to the mall, by myself. It was a very odd experience, being at the mall alone. It felt a little like the first day of college. But with one less familiar person. I did get some very necessary shopping done. Not so much christmas shopping, but something that I was desperately in need of. And I’m not using hyperbole, I seriously needed what I purchased.

2:02 pm–Kristine had yet to call me to let me know that they were at the Olympia station, but I decided to make my way to my car. It’s a little bit of a trip to get to the train station, as it is to find your way around the mall alone. I arrived at the train station at about 2:45. Kristine called me 15 minutes later. It takes about 40 minutes to get to Tacoma from Olympia. I didn’t care. No more driving for me until it was time to go. I obviously wasn’t tired. So I took Izzy out and watched the live version of “Rough Around the Edges.” Dane Cook helps to pass the time.

After Dane finished his schpeel about the “herpolie urpolies,” I saw the crows all scatter. I knew that the train was coming. It was nice to see Kristine, and it was nice that she wasn’t even hesitant when I hugged her. I’d missed people. Not that I don’t love them, but I’d really only seen Andrea, Laura and Michael since school started. But mom got everything ready at home, and when we got back, my sister’s room was clean. It was glorious. Miraculous. There isn’t really a word to describe how I felt when I my sister’s room clean.

My house didn’t seem nearly as exciting as the new “Journalism lab.” No, it will always been the Outlook room. Room 530. The room that’s hard to explain where it is. Not the journalism lab. Don’t even try. It sounds cool, but it’s like “fetch,” it’s never going to happen! But once we arrived, people got so excited to see Kristine, mostly because I’d already visited a couple times already anyway. We stayed for 5 hours, I swear. Editors gave us jobs, and Loren shushed me. He shushed me, and I shushed. I never thought that Loren would have that power over me. Oh well. Omi, Loren, Andi and I worked on a headline for 2 hours…I’m pretty sure of it. We came up with ‘Fly-tying picasso finds future in fishing.’ They changed picasso to prodigy the next day, but hey, ours was pretty good.

Thursday was nothing compared to friday. I slept in so late, I felt like a selfish, lazy cat. I ended up sleeping on the couch because Libby slept in my bed and I did not want to have her getting up at 6:00 am while I went to bed at 2:00 am. So we slept in. So what? No school, no work. Nothing to do. So we sleep. It did help make the day a lot shorter. At 2:00 ish, Kristine called Elizabeth, and she told us that she was going to paste-up. But the time depended on the brownies. Typical Elizabeth. Just like old times. Once we arrived, Derek said that it was a cutest thing…and it pretty much was. We opened the door, and I’ve never seen Kristine move so fast. One would have thought that it had been years with how happy they were to see each other and how they hugged. I was kind of surprised that no one else was there, in terms of alum, but we stayed for about an hour, because we didn’t really have anything to do after Elizabeth leaved.

But later was better. Later was much better. After our misguided attempt to see a movie, we journeyed back to paste-up after Paula called us in an almost incomprehensible phone call. All I could hear was “Cassandra.” So I knew that more alum were there at least. The three of us, Kristine, Libby and I walked in, and there was Cassandra and Larissa, copy-editing in Leland Smith’s room. And in room 530, Callie and Mary Rose. And in Taylor Buck’s office talking to TK, Elaine. And a little later, Patrick came back, then Gibson. It felt like home. I’d been back to Outlook since the beginning of the year, but this really felt like I was back home. It made it official, school was out for Christmas. The only two people who were really missing were Caity and Missy. Once Mary Rose, Callie, Elaine, Patrick, Gibson, Kristine and I had made our way over to Smith’s room, it made me miss Caity even more. It almost felt complete. But for now, it was great. It honestly made my day…no, my week. It didn’t matter what we talked about, just as long as it was us. And you really do not want to hear what we talked about.


Don’t ask.

(Oh, and I know who actually reads this, so all of you who do–Smith’s slideluck potshow is a good idea. We do need to all get together in an outside paste-up setting. Plus, Caity can’t make it to paste-up anyway, so we must, must, must!)

I really don’t think that anything that happened today or anything that will happen in the next week can top last night.

❤ Abby

Last full day

12 Dec

I’m stuck here for the rest of the day…and I’m so glad that I’m picking Kristine up tomorrow morning after my history final. So freaking glad you have no idea. I just wanna go home. I want to be home, stay home…and see all my friends.

Paste-up is tomorrow and friday, and I hope hope hope that a lot of us show up, because it would be amazing. Or amazering as Christina says it.

But I’m in my room, all by my lonesome. No one really here worth talking to. I should be studying…but I’m not. I swear, today is the laziest day EVER. I woke up about 8:30…had some breakfast…took a shower….picked up my prescription…ate lunch….took a nap…called some people….and now this. I should have accomplished a lot more than this by 3:30, but who really fucking cares?

I’m pretty syked that Bla–wait, did I just say ‘syked?’ Holy shit–anyway, that Blake Lewis is coming to do a show at the Showbox in the 20th of this month, and I really really really wanna go. I have a doctor’s appointment that day, but we could go afterwards. When I think about it, concerts could become regular activities for me next year if I go to UW. But I’d like to see him. It would be very cool.

I guess I’ll stop writing now. I like how I said that I’d take a hiatus on my blog, when I didn’t even try. I have been writing in my journal though. I’ve gone halfway. But I should go study.

19 hours to go!

And 6.5 hours until TEEEEELUUUUUUHHHHH! (Tila)

❤ Abby

Hotmail sucks

11 Dec

This is bad.

Very bad.

I can’t express how bad it is.

My email got hacked into. I swear, or it got deleted, but that would be even worse.

I tried signing into my hotmail account this morning, and my password doesn’t work. It just…doesn’t work. I tried sending it to an alternate email, but I checked the only email accounts that I had when I got my hotmail account, and no emails yet. And then I tried to answer my secret question, and it was “My favorite Fictional Character”… I swear I didn’t use that for my secret question when I first got my email. So I don’t know how to get my email back. I emailed customer service, so I hope that they can give it back to me. There are emails there that I need, and some I just don’t want to lose.

Like some of the emails that I received last year from my Outlookers when I was in the hospital, and a bunch of other various saved emails.

So if you get any fucked up emails from me in the next day or two, ignore them. I’ll update once I get my password back.

I’m pissed.

Hotmail…no, hacker…YOU SUCK!

❤ Abby