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I’m pretty damn proud of this one. I wrote it in a half an hour

29 Mar

This was an article that I had to write for journalism class. It’s a civic journalism piece, dealing with justice. I originally was going to do an article about the overwhelming lack of recycling at this school, but I thought that this was way better of a topic. Notice the lack of title.

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As I sat down to write this article, I considered making this piece a feature, where I’d interview students and professors and faculty members, but after I realized where I attended school, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get balanced points of view. So I’m taking the time to educate people on something that they may have missed in high school or their years here at St. Martins—the Day of Silence.

On February 12, 2008, Lawrence King, an 8th grader from California was shot and killed by a classmate because of his sexual expression. Hate crimes happen every day, and the Day of Silence is one way that schools have taken part in the issue of hate crimes, not only for the LGBT community, but for all people. On April 25, 2008, this year’s Day of Silence, those in support for the people who have to stay silent about themselves choose not to speak. High schools and colleges all across the country have been participating in the Day of Silence since 1996, when 150 students at the University of Virginia turned the idea into action.

Each year, the Day of Silence is directly sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and the United State Student Association (USSA), and in 2006, the GLSEN estimated that 450,000 students from 4,000 schools participated and actively stayed silent.

Since my 8th grade year, I’ve been a friend to many gay and lesbian students, and just recently, I registered as a straight ally of those people of the LGBT community. In high school, our Gay-Straight Alliance started our school’s participation in the Day of Silence my sophomore year. Since then, the GSA grew to be the second-largest student organization at my high school. My junior year, 3 days after the Day of Silence, a group of students organized what they called the “Day of Truth” in direct response to the Day of Silence, opposing the right to gay marriage saying that people need to make the right choice and follow the “natural” way of things. There was an enormous controversy over the “protest of the protest” that year, in the case of going against the school’s hate speech rules. Also, since the Day of Truth is solely based on the conservative Christian view, it was also going against the rules of religion in school. And the next year, there was no Day of Truth at our school, however, the Day of Truth has happened every year nationwide since 2005.

Being a Catholic University, I can see why our school doesn’t have a GSA, because of the overwhelming Christian community, but based on this observation, I noticed that many clubs have endured injustice. For example, our Young Republicans club showed a film last week, “The Suicide Killers” and because of the matter that movie dealt with, the University decided to send a police officer to babysit the students as they watched the movie, because they didn’t want a riot breaking out like at Evergreen several months ago. And also, we have a Pro-Life club, but no Pro-Choice club to counteract the opinions and create intelligent dialogue between those students who believe the contrary to the Pro-Lifers.

In a way, students have been forced to be silent about their views on many issues for fear of religious persecution. Personally, I’m a pro-choice, pro-gay rights democrat who doesn’t participate in any denomination of religion, so maybe I’m coming from a biased opinion, but if college is a place where we’re supposed to get a full and balanced education, I don’t see that happening here right now.

I do wish that all clubs could get a fair chance, especially the yet not established GSA, but the fact that there are so few of those students who share the same views as I, it’s difficult to bring the issue fully to light.

It’s ironic, in a way, where people are too afraid to be silent so they stay silent about it. And as someone who believes in the general principles of Christianity—that Jesus was the Son of God and he died on the cross for our sins—I think that hate crimes are completely against any good Christian’s beliefs. Wrath, which is defined as anger or hatred, is one of the seven deadly sins; and sloth, defined as indifference or the unwillingness to care, is another. So even if you’re one of those people who don’t commit hate crimes, the fact that you don’t do anything about it is almost just as bad.

I’m not saying that if you participate in the Day of Silence that you have to wave a huge rainbow flag and get a pink triangle patched to your sleeve, but you need acknowledge those who don’t have that option, those who are made fun of because of who they choose to love, or worse, killed for expressing themselves.

Because hate crimes aren’t right, no matter if someone thinks that those being picked on aren’t right in the eyes of God.

Come on…

28 Mar

You can’t say that you don’t love them?

❤ Abby

Life’s a little weird right now

28 Mar

And I wish it wasn’t.

I just wish that I could figure some things out. Like if it’s possible for people to stay in love. Like if someone could just be happy without any conditions. Like if I’ll ever get a shot at either of those things. I think I’m a generally happy person, and I think that it would be easy for me to stay in a relationship, but whether I’ll ever get to, that’s the question. I guess I should be confused, seeing that I don’t know firsthand, but I wish that all of this didn’t happen all at one time. You know when all the crappy things just happen in a short period of time, and it feels like the whole world is ending? Yeah. That’s what it’s been like for people these days. Maybe not necessarily for me, but that fact that all these people are my friends just makes it even more awkward for me.

I don’t really know what to think right now. In a way, I’m glad that I’m not in a relationship, because then I’d feel like it’d be bad luck. Wow, I just realized how upside-down things have been lately. It snowed yesterday…and today, and it should more until sunday. It will be April next week. Does that make sense? No. Does the fact that all of my friends’ relationships are going down the tubes make sense? No. Does it make sense that I’m currently getting a D in history? Well, kinda, but I wish I didn’t have one.

Life’s just weird sometimes. I think I should be more aware of what’s going on right now, to be able to determine the future.

This actually reminds me of this right now. It’s funny and ironic. And it made my day.

Sorry for being so emo. You’re allowed to be emo sometimes.

But the video made it better, right?

I should go novel.

And you should go check this comic out. It’s funny,

❤ Abby

It’s snowing.

27 Mar


❤ Abby

Music makes me feel good

26 Mar

“It had to be you” by Motion City Soundtrack.
The first verse doesn’t really pertain to me, but I love the rest.

I’ll get lost, messed up and bored when I’m alone too long
I can’t sleep, function or eat when I’m not with someone
Late last fall, she ended it all and moved to who-knows-where
Just like that, she vanished and packed and never even called

You feel a certain sense of synergy between yourself and me
A kind of macabre and somber Wonder-twin kind of harmony
What if it was you?
You that I needed all along
I felt like a fool,
Kicking and screaming and pretending we were wrong

Let’s get wrecked on pop tarts and sex and see the Taj Mahal
Let’s save birds from Prince William Sound and skateboard through the mall
Let’s fight crime with mangoes and limes and join the PGA
Let’s win big with every spin but hurry, I can’t wait

Do you spend a fortune on those late-night prepaid television scams
In search of the perfect blend of steak knife and non-stick frying pan?
What if it was you?
You that I needed all along
I felt like a fool
Thinking we were completely wrong
It seemed like a dream
A beautiful screen
That echoed forever
And made us not afraid to feel a thing

And after it ends
We’ll try to be friends
They say that what doesn’t kill us makes us who we are

All this time and everything’s changed but I still feel the same
All good things eventually end and get washed down the drain
What a disaster it would be if you discovered that I cared
A little too much for friends but not enough to share

What if it was you?
You that I needed all along
I felt like a fool
Now that I’m sure that I was wrong
It had to be you.
It had to be you.
It had to be you.
I knew it was you.

❤ Abby

No more spring break… :-(

25 Mar

Yeah, so I’m back at school. No more lounging around doing nothing. It’s time to get back to work.


But I’ve accomplished some things this week. I did a little homework, and I basically finished 3 applications for jobs. I mailed in 4 Post Secrets, although that sounds pretty lame-ass productive to me. But hey, it’s something.

I got back just over 2 hours ago, and I finally unpacked all my shit. I hung up all of my clothes, put away all of my books, refilled my fish tank and ate some food. And I read through all 4 issues of the Outlook that I missed. Holy crap it’s awesome. Like, really awesome. Like, so awesome I feel ashamed of myself for not believing in them after the first issue.

In other words, I’m sorry.

It was nice to see Outlook again this weekend. I went twice on friday, once to bring them cookies and once to talk to Derek. And I helped with a cutout while Libby came up with an awesome deck for an article about a football player that reads a lot. Good times.

But today has been a weird day. A painful day, in more ways than one. I woke up with THE WORST MIGRAINE OF MY LIFE. Seriously. I felt like my eyes were going to pop out of my head. My head was in pain, my face was in pain, shit my stomach was even in pain. But I’ve never had a migraine…ever, so this was bad. I’ve gotten a few headaches in my day, but honestly, I’ve take ibuprofen more for my teeth and jaw after I got my braces adjusted than for actual headaches. So this was very unexpected for me. I had no idea what the hell was going on. It was very confusing.

The other way that it was painful was the fact that I had to leave home. I always get that feeling after I come home for awhile and have to go back. Not that I hate going to school, but I like being at home more. I don’t know, I guess I just like having the option of privacy. I don’t really get that here. Oh well. Last day of classes is on May 3, so I’ll be back home in just over a month. And I need a job. I really need a job this summer. If I want to move out next year, I need a steady cash flow. And last year’s graduation money isn’t going to hold out much longer. If I want to go to Sasquatch at the end of May, I will need to be able to save $100 for the ticket and gas. I don’t want to depend on my mom for money all the time.


So, what else? Hmmm.

Grey’s Anatomy comes back in month. And The Office comes back in 2 weeks! Yay!

I think I’m done. Not much else to say. Shitload of homework to do still. Yay. I have a D in history. But As and Bs in all my other classes. I can bring it up.


❤ Abby

“Do you girls want some sandwiches?”

22 Mar

Oh my gosh, I forgot to write yesterday about this crazy happening at the hospital yesterday.

I went to get my IV treatment yesterday in Seattle, and the nurses only took one poke to get my vein, which was really cool, and there was a nice little boy named David across the hall from me who made odd noises every so often. After our appointment with my rheumatologist, we left and in the parking lot, a woman drove by and opened her window.

“Do you girls want some sandwiches?” This woman asked us.

“Do we look hungry?” My mom replied.

So the woman went on to tell us about two children from her church who were in the ICU and their families had already left, so she had some sandwiches left. We politely accepted the sandwiches, and she then asked my mom as we walked off “what’s the name of the kid you’re visiting so that I can pray for him?”

“Oh, well she’s right here and she’s getting much better!”

“Have a good Easter and God bless!”

“You too!”

How bizarre. But the sandwiches were warm, and the meat was funny-colored. And they looked so good at first. So we didn’t end up eating them. Sad, I know, but it was a nice gesture.

That made my day. I just had to write about it.

Totally random now, but Bill Richardson endorsed Obama today! Hooray!

What else?

Oh, I went to paste-up today, and that was nice. I really want one of the new sweatshirts, because they are freaking awesome…who cares if I’m just an alum? Alumni are still important.

I have to go return some movie rentals from monday. I don’t went to pay any late fees!

❤ Abby