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I honestly can’t feel bad

28 Nov

Okay, after every journal entry in my handwritten journal I can write one here. That’s the deal that I’ve made myself. I just wrote a fatty 9 page one. Yeah, I feel awesome.

But you know what the dumbest saying is?


Because it isn’t needless to say, since it’s a precursor to something else. So obviously it’s not needless to say. You said it! I just thought of that earlier as I wrote it down in my journal. That’s what I like more about writing by hand. You have to think about what you’re writing more, so it helps to polish your natural writing rather than typing, which can automatically fix things and remind you when you have bad grammar. I’ve never found a pen with spell check, have you?

I don’t think so!

But yes, needless to say should be needless to say, because it’s dumb! People just say it before certain things to make them seem more dramatic. Just say, “okay, so you probably already figured this, but I’m going to say it anyway!”

So don’t even say it

There, I wrote a blog. Happy now?

Just kidding.

❤ Abby

Seriously, I did a double take

26 Nov

Well, I did.

Don’t ask. If I haven’t already told you, don’t ask.

But I think I’m going to lay low on the blog posts for awhile. I’ve recently rediscovered my sad and lonely little journal, and I’ve promised myself that I’d fill this one up by the end of the year, and this blog is cutting in on my writing time…and topics. I can’t really write about something twice, can I?

So, for the next month, I’ll be on a blog fast. No writing on this thing. So I suggest you find something else to read…if this really is what you read. Which would be kind of sad. No. Really sad. But if you’re a journaler, you’ll understand. The one I’m currently filling, I’ve been writing in since sophomore year of high school. Three year for Christ’s sake! Yeah, needless to say, I need to finish it. Because I have 5 more empty ones that I still need to fill. But if anyone needs an idea for a Christmas gift–a journal. A really cool, quirky one. I collect them, and I have since I was in the 3rd grade. Kinda weird, but hey…they’re pretty.

Truly, I’d love to sit and go off on a tangent about what happened today, but I have my journal for that. And besides, I really don’t want everyone reading about this one.

❤ Abby

Sorry for the lack of posts

17 Nov

I’ve just been real busy lately. Projects, quizzes, tests, book reports, whatever. Just lots to do. But tonight is worth talking about.

Shell and I went to Fiddler on the Roof, and it was awesome. We didn’t want it to end, seriously. But it went a lot later than we thought it would. We got home at like…almost midnight, from SPSCC. But to everyone who was in the play, bravo and brava!

Oh, and on the way back, pulling into 6th Ave, before Baran Drive, a group of kids were pulled over, and we saw bottles of alcohol on top of their car. Yeah, could they be any more stupid? I think not.

I went home last weekend, since it was a 3 day weekend, and met Patrick for a nice chat. A bunch of us were home, and I didn’t want to miss the chance to see a familiar face. It was actually pretty funny at one point, because we were talking about all the stuff happening with Outlook, and Mrs. Duffey walked in right then. You see, she wrote a totally bitchy letter to the Outlook, specifically addressed to T. Rush. It was retarded. Needless to say, we didn’t say hi to her.

Laura and I hung out on saturday. We went to Ian’s house first to hang out and watch old episodes of Freaks and Geeks. That was really a good show. But anyway, we also went to go see Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight at the Blue Mouse. Oh lord. We were basically flashed for an hour and a half. Seriously. A chick played Rocky, and she ran around on stage with her nipples taped. Seriously. But it was really fun to do the time warp and throw the toast. Oh, and Erica was there, so it was nice to see her too.

And I saw Lexy at Petco. I went to go get some water purifier for my fish, and she was going to check on tanks for her pet blue lobster. I know, it’s kinda odd. But then, so is Lexy.

It was nice, though, to see people. I missed people.

Hmmm…maybe there wasn’t much to talk about. But hey, I needed to write something.

Oh, it’s paste-up right now. They have about 7 minutes left before the computers shut down, unless that’s different too. But the last issue…holy crap it was awesome. I have to admit that they did a great job and they restored my faith in certain people. I feel much better about not being there all the time now.

I think I’m good for now. I’m just staring at Jacki’s fish, Kreature. I keep thinking that he’s dead, because he doesn’t move a lot, but he’s okay. He’s just bored.

❤ Abby

I <3 Green Tea

2 Nov

Okay, maybe not just green tea.

I just went to go meet Yoshiko, so that I could see her room, in the apartments. I love it. When I came in, I took my shoes off and everyone. She’s so much more polite than we all are, as Americans. God are we slobs. I mean holy crap. She had everything organized on the coffee table and her bed was made. She had all her bookshelves set up and full of books. I thought that I brought a lot of books. No. I look like a freaking idiot compared to those two. But it was very cool.

I felt a little funny when she showed me her room, and she had me turn around when she got something out from under her bed though. They’re very private people. Very unlike us. But now I feel really bad about how we came off last week, like loud, impolite slobs.

This is actually a really eye-opening experience I’ve discovered. It’s really shed light on other cultures for me. I’d heard about how Japanese culture is like from Caity and Jamie, but never actually experienced it. I liked it. I am honestly thankful that our school has many different ethnic cultures, but the lack of other diversity still bothers me.

But about the green tea. Yoshiko made us tea. Tea and Kettle chips. It was really hot at first, but then it cooled down. And then she brought out her guitar, because we both played the guitar apparently. I hadn’t played in forever, but she wanted me to play. I played the very first song I ever learned in lessons, and I remembered it surprisingly well. I guess it’s just muscle memory.

I gotta go, it’s dinner time.

But Grey’s Anatomy was AWESOME last night. Seriously. That was totally random. Oh well.

❤ Abby