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One week from today

28 Oct

History may very well be made. And I’m more excited than I’ve ever been about politics…and that’s saying something. I pay pretty close attention to this shit, in case you haven’t noticed yet. I have to find my sister’s window paint to paint my car windows. Yeah, I’m that enthusiastic. I’ll be posting pictures of it here tomorrow. But I’ll leave the rest of it to surprise.

Seriously, if you don’t have absentee, get up off your ass in one week and vote. There are plenty of polling places for you to go. Just check your local county government website. Or just fucking Google it. I didn’t vote absentee on purpose. I want to sit in the booth, knowing that my vote will be put in the box with the rest of the vote. I don’t want our state to fall subject to polling scandals. We all know what happened in 2000. Fucking Florida.

So whether you haven’t mailed in your absentee ballot or you’re just waiting to vote next tuesday, make the right choice. And if you aren’t voting…fuck you. No offense people-who-aren’t-18-yet.

❤ Abby

I want this shirt!

28 Oct

Dude, this would have been perfect a few months ago, but I still want it.

❤ Abby

Luckily, love is blind

27 Oct

I think that tagline is so sad and cute at the same time….oh I should probably start out with what movie I’m talking about.

So, I just downloaded this movie…ahem, illegally…but what brought it on was this–I was on myspace and a video ad popped up for a video of Ronald Chevalier, whom I knew was Jemaine Clement from the ever hilarious and handsome duo Flight of the Conchords, so I explored Jemaine’s movie career online a bit, and I found Eagle vs Shark, a cute little indie romantic comedy from the Kiwi land of New Zealand. I so want to go there. Hello? You saw Lord of the Rings! How beautiful was it there? Yeah, I thought so. Anyway, I wikipedia’d the movie and I was curious, so I hopped on over to piratebay and downloaded it. Well, it finished downloading this morning as I was finishing my comm paper at the absolute last minute…OH WAIT, SEGUE!

So the reason I waited until the last minute to finish my paper was this– I went bowling last night for a work party and it was awesome. My stomach felt a little wonky at first, so I didn’t eat any mozzarella sticks or jalapeno poppers or hot wings or curly fries or potato skins or cheesecake or rootbeer floats with extra float. No, Roger ate all that, and I mean all of it. Anyway, I actually played much better than the last time I played. I’m pretty sure the last time I played was the night that Ryan broke up with me, so I sucked hardcore, but last night I broke 100 on all three games. Pretty sweet, I know. 118 on the first game, then 106, then 121! I was pretty proud of myself, and I didn’t even get all sore-losery when I got a gutter ball. I jumped on the foul like with style when I got a gutter ball, made a joke out of it. I don’t think I’ve ever not been so oddly competitive, so that was good. Since Glynda and Mary both drove straight home from the bowling alley, Alex and Roger caught a ride back to town with me. At about 10:30, I looked at the clock and realized what time it was, and knew that I had class the next morning, and I had to finish my paper still, so in the 7th frame of our third game, I shouted over at Roger “have you crashed yet?” “Oh I did 15 minutes ago.” (From all the sugar and fat) So I told him we were leaving at the end of our game…which was about 10:45…ish. It was really nice to not have to worry about work for a change. Darrell was all chill, Stephanie wasn’t…well, Stephanie, and Mary wasn’t harping at us to do book a baths. It was great to just hang out with Alex and Roger and Glynda, although poor Alex, Britney and I were the only ones not allowed to drink, so I new I was the designated driver for whoever. But Roger ended up eating so damn much food that all the starch and fat absorbed the alcohol. I think we should do that more often, not the eating too much food, just hanging out outside of work.

Now, back to where I was before I rudely interrupted myself.

Eagle vs Shark!

I got home from depositing my paycheck today, which reminds me, I still have to talk to Darrell about my schedule…NO! STAY OF TOPIC! The first thing I did when I got home today was start my movie, after I put my enchiladas in the oven. I absolutely love the New Zealand accent. All their vowels are flat. Bret sounds like Brit. Awesome sounds like oahsome. AWESOME! But my favorite part of the movie was the fact that Jarrod, Jemaine Clement’s character, was a total douchebag, but Lily, Loren Horsley’s character, was still enamored with him. It didn’t matter how odd and not nice he was. She still loved him. I mean, he wasn’t a douche all the time. He would tell everyone that Lily was the best Fightman (videogame) player he’d ever seen. And at the end of the movie, he brought her Lilies. Think Napoleon Dynamite meets Punch Drunk Love meets Juno…plus some stop-motion animation. And a really great electro-pop soundtrack by Kiwi band The Phoenix Foundation makes the movie work even more.

At points, I hate Jarrod, when at one point like 3/4 of the way into the movie when quite possibly it reminds me of a certain memory I have way to vividly, but also at points he seems to be someone with way deeper problems than just being a douchebag. I mean, his brother committed suicide and he has a 9-year-old daughter and his Dad is a cripple. He’s a habitual lier with problems communicating. Lily, on the other hand, is an outsider, doesn’t have a lot of friends, and still lives with her brother in her parents house, who both died of heart-attacks. She is the perfect example of the tagline “luckily, love is blind” because whatever Jarrod says something, she kind of goes along with it, but when he hurts her, she stands her ground and doesn’t speak to him. But eventually, they both realize that they were made for each other.

It’s not a movie that the masses would like, because the hero of the movie is actually Lily. She’s the person in charge of the story, and yet, the film is equally divided between Lily’s and Jarrod’s emotions and points of view. It’s unlike most romantic comedies where the women lead the story and the only time we see the man is when he’s with the woman. And it’s unlike romantic comedies where the men talk about the women as “pals” and as men. It’s a unisex romantic comedy.

The stop motion animation adds to the quirkiness as well. It almost takes the idea of incredibly stylized short films and extends it to 88 minutes of art. It looks pretty, it sounds pretty, and it feels pretty…geeky. He’s a geek, she’s a geek, yay for geek love!

So if you like quirky indie movies with awesome soundtracks, or Flight of the Conchords, watch this movie. I don’t know where the hell you’ll find a place to rent it, so you could torrent it. And I still can’t find a torrent of the soundtrack, and I haven’t paid for a whole CD in almost a year, so I’m not about to start again.

❤ Abby

Are you fucking kidding me?

22 Oct

Seriously…what did I do to deserve this???

I just read in the PI that on top of all the KoL/WAS awesomeness, Eddie Vedder was in the audience and decided to join KoL on stage to JAM!

Eddie Vedder!







❤ Abby

The last four days

22 Oct

Have been pretty damn awesome.

Why, you may ask?

Well, I had the first paste-up for the Ledger from thursday to sunday. It had been so long since I’d actually done any work on InDesign, I felt a little overwhelmed at first, but after awhile, I felt oddly comfortable. It was so nice to be working on a paper again, because last year I didn’t get to. It was also nice not to have all the restrictions of Outlook and high school. Not that I didn’t love Outlook…I did, but this was new and refreshing.

Now, I’m not going to count my chickens early, but I feel pretty good that I might get hired as a page designer. I know InDesign, and I know style. I was pretty happy with my job done, and I’m quite happy with the finished product. The ink got all messed up on a couple of the pages, but the final paper as a whole looks pretty cool.

Oh, I forgot to talk about the trannies–we had some transsexuals come into the room wondering why we didn’t have a picture of them on the front page. They came and said hi because we were the place where the “paparazzi” hang out. It was hilarious.


Yesterday was a good day, but not quite as good as I wanted it to be.

I drove up to Renton to help Derek with his new paper. The paragraph styles scare him, as he said. I almost got lost on the way up, but I eventually found my way to the visitor parking lot.

The paper is called the Arrow, and the themes that the kids chose were “urban, diverse, and strong.” And it signified everything that the kids were. The exact opposite of Gig Harbor. It was so nice not to be in a completely white town. Derek told me that there were only about 2 white kids on his staff, but when I went there last night, I fully realized it. V and Jimmy and Jenny and Vivian and Christian and Quincy and I can’t remember the other girl’s name because she wasn’t there for very long, but they were all so cool. And they actually listened to my help. It was nice, because they didn’t know what they were doing so much. That’s the difference in going back and visiting Outlook and going and visiting Renton last night. Outlook is established, they have their agenda and they know what they’re doing, so it’s weird going back because I feel useless. I didn’t feel useless with the kids on the Arrow. They wanted my help, and they needed my help, because Derek doesn’t know much about InDesign, he said so himself.

It was so much fun, because it was a new place, with a new paper and new kids.

But the only bad apart last night was that fact that I didn’t stay in Seattle. I drove up there to see if I could find American Apparel or if I could find Adrian, but I didn’t see her when I drove by the Paramount. So I left. It was about 7:45. But I should have stayed. I should have stayed and waited outside the Paramount in the cold and the rain until the show was over. I should have pushed my ear up against the huge doors of the Paramount theatre so I could hear Keith and Chris’s witty banter, and the sound of Caleb Followill’s sexy raspy voice. Damnit. Why did I have a quiz this morning?????


If I hadn’t had a quiz this morning, I would have sat outside the theatre for hours in the cold.

Because it seemed that karma hated me for one night. It hated me with all the fire in its being. I know that doesn’t make that much sense, but either way, it hated me. Why, again you may ask? Because Adrian, my crazy fangirl friend who I met at the WAS show in July, the one who makes dolls of Keith and Chris and brings them cupcakes, got to see them, after she didn’t even have tickets. She was waiting outside the theater for so long that they guestlisted her to get into the show. So she saw them for FREE!!!! And the show as supposedly FUCKING SOLD OUT! Ahhh! So when the show was done, she and her friends waited outside the venue even longer, until after midnight, and lo and behold, WAS leaves the venue, and happens to see her and visit for a bit. As she told me, when Keith saw her, he ran up and hugged her. And they all made “cougars with guns” poses. Don’t ask, it’s a WAS thing,


Why did I have a quiz this morning??? Why does WAS like the UK so much more than the US? And why does karma hate me so much?

Ugh. I wish I have Hiro’s power, to bend time and space, to go back to last night when I decided to pass by the Paramount and drive home, and I would have found and damn parking spot, miles away if I had to, and walked down the street to stand outside the theater until after midnight. But I can’t. I can only wait until the next time WAS comes to Seattle. Which could easily be years from now. It makes me so sad that I was so close. Then again, I can always look back on my experience at Neumo’s when Libby and I were basically sitting on the stage. And I can look forward to my possible future in music journalism, and I know exactly which band I will cover first. So We Are Scientists, this is a pre-emptive interview request, in case I ever to work for a music mag. Maybe I’ll move to England. No, that’s a stupid idea. But then again, they do have similar weather to the Northwest, and they speak English, and they don’t have to deal with crazy conservative republicans.

Who knows, it’s a possibility if I win the Lotto.

I think I’ll stop now, I need to quit moping, because I seem to remember that I have a paper technically due tomorrow, though Chris gave us all an extension until next monday.

❤ Abby

Amy Poehler does Sarah Palin, and it was AWESOME

19 Oct

This was fantastic.

Oh, this was pretty good too. I ❤ Andy Samberg.

❤ Abby

I’m blogging from a Starbucks in Tacoma

16 Oct

I just felt like it. I finished my Chonga bagel… I wonder what chonga means? I think I’ll look that up. Just a sec.

Wow. Apparently a chonga is a latinolicious lady. Never would have suspected that.

Anyway, I got my peppermint white mocha with me and I’m all set to talk about the debate.

Oh yeah, I’m going to talk about the debate. I have to…it’s the last one, and the last time that John McCain has the chance to show his smarmy faceon television going up against Barack Obama. I was so glad that it was the last one, because Barack totally won.

He did.

Bob Shieffer was by far the best moderator, because he asked the questions that we had so been wanting to hear, apart from the economy, because we’ve beat that issue to the ground. They talked about health care, education and abortion rights, as well as the negative ads that McCain has been slinging Obama’s way about him being a terrorist. Well, they didn’t exactly say that, but it’s put it in the minds of all those crazy bastards at the rallies that keep yelling “Terrorist!” and “Kill him!” when Sarah Palin or Johm McCain mention Barack Obama. Seriously, that’s what people are yelling. It’s ridiculous. I honestly have started to fear for Obama’s life if he gets elected, but then I think about the fact that President Bush hasn’t been assassinated yet, and the fact that Joe Biden is plenty capable to run this country if, god forbid, some crazy bigot decides to kill Obama.

But I was so excited at the fact that Bob brought up those negative attack ads, because in a recent poll done by the New York times, people think that 70% of McCain’s ads are negative, whereas only 30% of Obama’s ads are negative. And then McCain goes on saying that Obama’s spent more money on negative ads, which is totally preposterous. It’s obvious that Obama’s focusing on the issues, and when he does launch a negative ad, it’s about McCain’s policies. McCain’s ads are attacking Obama’s character, feeding the fire of all the lunatics at his rallies shouting those horrific things about Obama.

It makes me sick to think that this is what our country has come to.

I hate it, and I hate that part of the country. I am NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER MOVING TO THE SOUTH. Ever. Seriously. I never even want to visit there. The only place that I’d ever think about visiting is Austin. Ugh. I love the Northwest, except Alaska. I hate Alaska too.

So this debate got me fired up more than any other one for 3 keys issues–healthcare, education, and abortion.

Those are my issues. The issues that I care about, that can make or break a vote for me, and Obama is in line with me totally on those issues. When I think about it, healthcare is probably the most important to me right now, and will be for the rest of my life, since I have a pre-existing condition that could make or break an insurance policy. So if Obama’s plan doesn’t go through, I’m kinda screwed in the future. And on education, I love Obama’s idea–give all college students $4000 towards their college education each year in exchange for significant community service, like the Peace Corps. I like that. I’d run with that. That’s $4000 that I don’t have to spend, or take a loan out for, to get ready to spend later. It sucks paying for school. Not that I have to, but I see how much it effected my parents last year with St. Martins, which had a ridiculous tuition fee. I’m just glad that I have my tuition paid for this quarter.

And the last issue that separates the candidates completely, on principle, knowledge, and morals–abortion. Obama wants to leave Roe v. Wade alone and keep a complete sex ed course in schools, including contraceptives and abstinence. McCains wants to overturn Roe v. Wade and take away all rights to abortion, as well as the morning after pill. But he still wants your insurance to pay for boner pills? Hmm. It makes me so mad when pro-life people say that I’m “pro-abortion.” What the fuck?!! I love babies! I don’t want people to have abortions. I’m not even sure if I ever could have it on my conscience, but it’s not my right to tell people what they can and cannot do with their body. Ugh, it makes me so mad that pro-lifers think that if you’re not pro-life, it means that you’re pro-death. It’s wrong and ignorant of them to think that and it pisses me off more than your know. This is the same reason why I fear for the governor’s race, because Dino Rossi wants to overturn Roe v. Wade and take away regular contraceptives from health insurance policies, as well as telling the pharmacies to take the morning after pill off the shelves.

I’m scared, and it’s 19 days away. I’m really scared for this country, no matter what happens, because if all goes well for the democrats, there will still be those looney bastards that shout out “terrorist” and kill him” at Crazy Palin’s rallies.

Please do the right thing. Vote.

❤ Abby