‘Tis officially spring break.

18 Mar

I’m watching Life Aquatic right now, and I have nothing to worry about for the next week and a half. It’s so nice to feel like I have nothing to do for 11 days. 11 days of freedom and relaxation, and lots of working out. The only things that I really have to do are go to the doctor tomorrow, and figure out the transportation arrangements for our day trip to Forks on friday. We’re trying to figure out if we want to stay overnight at a motel, but Andrea has to be to work the next day, and I’d rather not stay in a Forks motel. I can drive home at uber early in the morning. I don’t mind.

Seriously, even though I didn’t read Twilight because it’s terrible, I’d still like to go to Forks. I’ve never been there and I do have to admit, if there’s any chance that any famous people will be there, I don’t want to miss it. I’m all for meeting real movie stars, not the badly-written fictional characters. RPattz and Jackson Rathbone are damn fine, and Taylor Lautner is adorable.

I have all my finals turned in, and I feel pretty good about my grades. I had to drive to school just to turn in my film directors final, and incidentally to print it. My home printer is fucking retarded, because after printing 8 pages, it decided to suck up all the rest of the paper in the printer and have an empty ink cartridge for page 9. I had one page left and the printer tweaked out on me, and it made me so mad. I get incredibly infuriated with technology, especially the printer, because Dad bought the biggest, most expensive and fancy one he could find. It’s wireless and connected to the network, and takes about 5 ink cartridges for each color. What happened to a black cartridge and a color cartridge? It drives me nuts because certain colors get used faster, so when you go buy cartridges, they get used up at different rates, and you lose track of which ones need to be filled next. It’s so much more complicated and more expensive. I should hook up my printer from last year in my room to eliminate the frustration.

I started watching this new show “Castle” last week, and I really like it. It has the chick who was the sassy cop in “The Spirit” movie, and she’s a sassy cop in this show too. And Nathan Fillion, who is quite cute I must say. I couldn’t for the life of me remember where I’d seen him most noticeably, but thanks to IMDB, I realized that he was in “Two Guys, a girl, and a Pizza Place,” this show from forever ago with Ryan Reynolds (who is so freaking babelicious). But “Castle” is a really cool show – it’s about a crime novelist who needs to “research” his subject for his next set of novels, the sassy cop. And flirtation, sexual tension, and annoyance ensues. Yeah, I know it contains all the cliches of a romantic comedy, but mixed with a cop drama, it makes it more interesting. And I love anything about writers. It’s an interesting take on it. It has the charm and suspense of “Chuck,” but with a little CSI mixed in. Just add in a crazy mother living with the main character, and you’ve got yourself a hit!

It doesn’t hurt that it’s on mondays either, where there aren’t a lot of competing shows at the same time, and right before Heroes. It could attract the same audience as Heroes as well.

Speaking of Heroes, I honestly haven’t seen a new episode on a month. I have 4 episodes saved on my DVR, and I really think the only reason I’m still watching it is because of Sylar/Gabriel/Zachary Quinto. He’s the only character that you can always count on being in an episode, and he’s definitely nice to look at. Hero’s my favorite character overall, but he’s not always in it. And Claire is driving me crazy. Peter’s trying to do good, but I can’t forget the ridiculous acting on everyone but Zachary Quinto’s part. Milo Ventimiglia is hot, but not a good actor. And his relationship with Hayden Panettiere makes it weird to watch their niece/uncle dynamic, because it surely isn’t like any other niece/uncle dynamic I’ve ever seen. She’s my age. He’s 31. Ack. Cradle robber.

What else can I talk about? It doesn’t really matter, because I have all the time in the work for the next 11 days. I can sit down and work on my novel. In fact, I think I’ll do that right after I finish this. I might even take a nap. Who cares?

Michael Sarver or Scott McIntyre needs to go home on American Idol. And Lil Rounds should be in the bottom three, get taken right out just to put a fire under her ass to redeem herself from last night’s terribly karaoke “Independence Day.” I knew country week would be her demise. But thank god it was so soon. My personal favorites last night were Kris Allen’s “Make you feel my love,” Matt Giraud’s “So Small,” Anoop Desai’s “You were always on my mind,” and I even kinda liked Adam Lambert’s “Ring of Fire.” I have to make myself forget that it’s “Ring of Fire,” but other than that – it was pretty badass. When I first heard him do it, I was like “I’VE HEARD THIS VERSION BEFORE!” I did. Seriously.

And then it hit me.

ROCKSTAR: SUPERNOVA! From like 2 summers ago, when the tiny chick with dreadlocks, Dilana sang it. It sounded a lot more hardcore when she did it, but Adam could outsing her like a dozen times. I just can’t wait for him to do any Queen song, or “Creep.” He could totally do “Creep.” And I love the fact that he could be the first gay American Idol. The first former drag queen American Idol. Fantastic, innit?

Ah, Kris.

I’m off to novel. It’s been awhile, so I have to be back in the swing of things.

Tranny – Kings of Leon (from Young and Youth Manhood)

❤ Abby


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