My Unhealthy Obsession With Skins

27 Feb

I freaking love the new series of Skins. And I finally found episode 6, “Naomi,” last night at like…midnight. I felt like I’d share it with you, because this was one of the best episodes yet, except there was a complete lack of Freddie. That’s alright, because Naomi and Emily are perfect.

They won’t embed, so here’s the link. They have all the episodes from the three series, so if you feel like taking a gander at Dev Patel’s first shot at acting, it’s all there.


I probably shouldn’t get so obsessed with a show that only lasts ten episodes per season, and then the cast will probably change every two years, but it’s so amazing that in England, they have a show that doesn’t give a fuck about how racy it is, because that’s how a lot of teenagers lives happen. That’s the problem with the FCC. They keep real life off television. It’s so funny, because this lifetime movie was on the other day that I stumbled upon, and it was called “Cyber Seduction” (I know, the shittiest title ever), but it had Jeremy Sumpter (Peter Pan) as this high school student who was obsessed with looking at internet porn, and in the movie, the “porn” that he was looking at was merely scantily clad ladies. Not even naked ladies, or people having sex. Like ads for underwear. Lifetime decided to tackle an issue like addiction to porn, and they didn’t even allude to what porn actually is. Fucking FCC. It’s not like Lifetime comes with basic cable either.

Why do the English do everything better? The music surely is. I think the only thing that they don’t do well is food. The Italians kick ass in that department, and then the Far East. I love pork dumplings.


This song is on the promo for series 3 of Skins, and TV on the Radio are also going to Sasquatch this year, and it would awesome and fantastic and magnificent if someone would fucking go with my sister and I, because my mom’s being a twat and won’t let us go by ourselves.
TV on the Radio – Halfway Home

❤ Abby


3 Responses to “My Unhealthy Obsession With Skins”

  1. mcmolty 02/27/2009 at 10:29 pm #

    Abby! This has nothing to do with your post! But I put you on my blog roll

    • abbigshmail 02/28/2009 at 12:28 am #

      Wait, what’s your blog? I’ll put you on mine.

  2. mcmolty 02/28/2009 at 4:07 pm #

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