The end to a wonderfully relaxing weekend

27 Apr

Mother, Father and Libby came home tonight at 9:30, and it marked the completion of the most relaxing weekend I’ve ever had.

Seriously. Short film screening on friday. The zoo on saturday. Work out at the Y and out to dinner for mexican food yesterday. Downloading a buttload of music and taking the dog for a walk today. And only a little homework. I have yet to finish tomorrow’s reading for Faust, but I’ll do that after I’m finished writing this.

I’m pretty sure I’ve downloaded almost 200 songs in the last 4 days. Most of them were some work of Bob Nanna’s, and some were Matt and Kim, some were Chester French, the Amelie soundtrack, Aloha, and The Go! Team.

I don’t know why I had the sudden inkling to find a bunch of Bob Nanna’s stuff, but after watching the Prizewheel thursday videos from Threadless, I became a little curious about the people that work behind the tees.

And what I found was a treasure trove of musical projects on Nanna’s part. I believe he’s been a part of four bands, and just recently, started up another one. And all of this since the early 90s. The only one I could find online for the low low cost of nothing was Hey Mercedes, the last band he was in, which is similar to The Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eat World… late 90s indie rock. The earlier ones were more punky – makes sense, since the guys were younger. But I’ve developed a little infatuation with Nanna’s music. It’s nice to get little jingles each week for Threadless and covers on the Prizewheel thursday videos. What are the Prizewheel thursday videos? Well, they’re only available for Threadless’ Facebook friends, hosted by Bob Nanna and Kristen Studdard. They ask random questions for fans to write back in the comments, and they pick people to spin the wheel to give them gift cards, dance parties, “one of each,” in which the winner gets one of each of that week’s new Threadless tees. And what makes Prizewheel thursday so much more entertaining is that Bob and Kristen record a video each hour from 11 am until 5 pm. For me, it’s from 9-3, since Chicago is two hours ahead, but it’s still funny.

I completely went off on a tangent…HEY! But what I was trying to get at was the prolificacy of Nanna’s music groups. And they all have something a little different to offer. I’m listening to his solo project, The City on Film, at the moment. It’s softer and more acoustic that any of Nanna’s previous bands, and similar to Rocky Votolato and the New Amsterdams. I highly recommend you hit up his pages.

The City on Film
Hey Mercedes

And perhaps check out the Threadless mini-jingles on BNanna’s Threadless profile. My favorite is “Africa.”

Heck, just go HERE.

Don’t sue me for having a little crush.

I can’t post any of the City On Film stuff since they’re .m4p files, itunes DRM-protected, but here are a couple Hey Mercedes songs.
Stay Six
And one of the Threadless jingles. It’s appropriate.

I’m eagerly awaiting some recorded material from Certain People I Know.

And one last random thought. I wish all of the world looked and operated as Montmartre, France in Amélie. Where I could leave notes in men’s pockets and they would come find me in my brightly-colored apartment and then kiss me without speaking. Oh how life would be so much more interesting.

And I didn’t realize that Nino in the movie was Mathieu Kassovitz, who directed La Haine, a French film we watched in my Intro to Film studies class fall quarter. Now that was random.

❤ Abby


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