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the ‘oughts? really?

29 Dec

Three days left of 2009.

I sure wish I could see THIS on NYE.

I’m writing this to procrastinate on my album review. Which is weird, because I love writing album reviews. And I should be really really REALLY excited about writing this one because once I turn this one in, I get the new Spoon album. And I’m SUPER psyched about Transference.

Bah. I’d lived through two full decades. Good lord.

And by the way, the “oughts” are a ridiculous way of referring to this decade. I know there’s no number we can attribute to it, but I figure, if we wait long enough, the phrase will come about. There’s no need for it now. I think we should just call it the angsty years. You have to admit, it wasn’t just because I was teen during this decade, but this country, the media, entertainment, people, were all angsty.

I wish this chair I was sitting in was taller. I feel really short right now. And it’s uncomfortable to lay my arms on the edge of my desk. And I’m using my desk now. I need to improve my posture, and sitting with my laptop literally in my lap was slowly giving me hunchback. Plus, I can use my mouse again. There’s no point in having a mouse if you’re not going to use it. AND – if I make an effort to keep my laptop in my room, it will deter my sister from taking it all the time. It won’t be readily available to her.

Our new blu-ray player is so loud. Mom and Dad are watching Inglourious Basterds downstairs and I can feel the bass in my feet, and I’m on the third floor.

Wow, this is the epitome of a tangent post. I’m like Virginia Woolf, but hopefully not as bipolar and annoying. I’m not all “ooo look over there let’s write about those irrelevant bystanders because they have pretty clothes and shiny jewelry….wait, BIRD!”

Seriously. I mailed out Mrs. Dalloway on Christmas Eve, and I couldn’t have been more happy to mail that SOB off. I mean, it was a pretty book, but in this case, you really CAN’T read a book by it’s cover. It needed to be covered with a bunch of random crap.

We had my grandfather’s surprise 80th birthday party yesterday, and it was actually really fun. I don’t mind hanging out with old people, and it honestly wasn’t all old people. There were maybe 4 other people who were as old at Grandpa. 90-year-old Uncle Don wasn’t there, so Grandpa was the deafest person there. The best part of yesterday was Grandma’s old friend Sarah, who taught her to make bee balm, and her sons Caleb and Levi came. And Mom was pretty sure she hadn’t seen them in at least ten years. Possibly 20. All I can remember of Sarah was the stories Grandma would tell me about her bee balm and soaps and her pet quail, Opie. Caleb and Levi were the ringbearers in my parents’ wedding. Caleb was also one of the pallbearers are my grandma’s funeral. Mom said told them that they were Grandma’s “practice grandkids,” since they were 7 and 9 when I was born. It almost made Mom cry when Caleb said that “Elaine didn’t need any practice.”

I miss her.

Well, I’m gonna go actually work on my “homework” so I can get my hands on the new Spoon. See ya later “oughts.” Christ that’s a stupid name.

❤ Abby

DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake

28 Sep

This has nothing to do with DC comics. Or chocolate milkshakes. Although I did have a glass of chocolate milk this morning.

Nevermind. I just figured that’s one of the songs I’ve been listening to for the last few days that has the most extraneous title. From Art Brut vs. Satan. It’s been that album, Erasure’s Greatest Hits, La Roux, Boy Kill Boy, Editors, and Phoenix – that haven’t left my ears. And of course Muse. You can’t forget Muse. And I have been listening to AFI, mostly just because I reviewed their new album, “Crash Love,” which isn’t that great, BTW. I reviewed it HERE. Hopefully my La Roux review will be up in the next couple of days. Other than music, I’ve just been at school. And you know that school hasn’t started yet, right?

Yeah. The first issue of the Ledger always takes the most willpower to not procrastinate. We had two separate orientations last week, a freshmen lock-in, and lots of layout. And not the mention the fact that there are 6 of us. For most of last week, there were only three of us, as the other three of us were in Europe somewhere. I wish I could go to Europe. Seriously, if I win the lottery, or somehow get a huge amount of money, I’m putting some of it away to keep me out of debt once I’m off my dad’s medical insurance, and taking the rest of it to go to England, Germany, Scotland, and Sweden. And possibly Italy. But I’m pretty sure there’s a higher ratio of people in the four latter nations that speak English rather than in Italy. I like understanding what people are saying, so Italy’s a question mark at this point. But they do have the best food. Hmm…


OH MY GAWD I ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT PREMIERE WEEK! Holy balls. Okay – monday: Big Bang Theory was AMAZING. Raj + beard = <3. And Leonard + Penny = <3, even if they had awkward sex. How I Met Your Mother was so much awesome, I don't even want to go into it. I'll just say that it made me really happy that new television is back. Speaking of new television, Accidentally on Purpose was pretty cute, as was Jon Foster. Damn, he's adorable. Hopefully people liked it, because I'd like for it to stick around. I'm sick of Two and a Half Men. We need a new and fresh comedy on monday nights. After the laughter came…well, some more laughter and other stuff with Castle! Uh, I was so excited when it go picked up again, because Nathan Fillion always needs to be on television. He's too good just to be on cancelled SciFi shows and internet sing-along blogs. Um. Nothing good on tuesday. Wednesday was GINORMOUS, with new Criminal Minds (Gubler broke his leg!) and CSI:NY (Danny can't walk!), and Top Chef and America's Next Top Model started a couple weeks ago. But I was happy that Ashley on Top Chef was in the top again. I'd really like to go to her restaurant in Seattle one day, but I've heard that she moved to Brooklyn, which is kind of depressing, but whatever. What else?

OH FUCK. Thursday. Thursday was the day I was so damn anxious for it was kind of ridiculous. New Office, 30 Rock, SNL Weekend Update Thursday, and Grey's Anatomy. Let me tell you, I'm glad I waited to watch the comedy shows after Grey's Anatomy, because I needed something to suppress my tears, because there were a lot. Literally, there was on-and-off tears for the first hour, and at the end of the second hour, more tears came. I, being a Grey's fangirl, reacted differently had I not been so involved in the characters. It didn't make my mom cry. And to be honest, retrospectively, the premiere was not that good. It should have been just an hour. Two hours was too jumbled, and had too many storylines that had nothing to do with George's death. As my mother said, "ER would have never done that!" referring to a couple scenes that were incredibly disrespectful towards George's memory. Sure, George is a fictional character, but it's not that like it's been 2 seasons and he's dead. He's been there since the beginning, and this is season 6! They should have had one other patient storyline and left all the sexytime drama to next week. It wasn't fair, and it didn't seem to honor George at all. I know it was messy departure for TR Knight, but Shonda could have at least done the character justice in his death. The only character that seemed to speak of him not in this distant manner was Owen, who told George's mom how much of a hero he was, and how he was a great doctor. And Callie was the only one who seemed to react completely appropriately. Yes, I know Izzie just died and woke up again, and she's kind of a nutbag right now, but laughing at the funeral? Gain some tact, Shonda. And Bailey was completely void of emotion that you almost forgot it was Bailey. So I guess I was crying for two reasons – 1: George is actually dead now; and 2: He didn't get a proper sendoff, and as a diehard fan, that hurts.

Okay, enough of Grey's talk. You probably don't care.

Now, onto Saturday Night Live. Wow, this is turning into a tv-centric post. Oh well. I'll just mention a few things – Megan Fox was great, "Arkansas: where being pregnant doesn't even stop you from getting pregnant," and this:

HAHAHA. I frickin’ loved it, but who knows what the FCC will do. But what’s weirder is that we’re on the west coast feed. I’d understand if they missed it in the midst of all the friggins and freakins on the east coast feed, but they have three hours to catch that to bleep it out for our timezone. Sounds like someone at NBC will be getting in trouble, not Jenny Slate, who sadly enough, wasn’t all that funny – and this sketch was her DEBUT. Yeah, way to mess it up. Hopefully she won’t get in too much trouble, as I’d like to give her a second chance. But like always, Kristen Wiig was on top of her game, not even missing a beat after the f-bomb. Love her.

Oh, and guess what starts in three months??? SKINS! I saw some new pictures from the series 4 set, and I’m so anxious. Without True Blood, what else will fulfill the naughty factor for my television viewing other than Skins?

Oh Freddie, you’re so sexy.

Guess what my mom did yesterday? I burned a photo disc with all the pictures from last weekend for my uncle who’s leaving today for california. I told my mom to write his name and what’s on it on the CD. I got home from layout last night, and she told me that she wrote on the silver side. It’s a pink disc. She wrote on the wrong side. The side that the laser reads. Wow. I literally almost pissed my pants I laughed so hard. Then I grabbed her hand to slap it because she’s so dumb sometimes. And the dog got up like I was hurting her. She stared me in the face like, “don’t you touch her!” Millie does that if anyone hits any of us. Or if we dance.

Now back to music, because it’s mah laahf (yay Sookie Southern!) I found out YESTERDAY, that Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head, this band:

is gonna be at the Showbox at the Market tonight with Ladyhawke:

Yes, THAT Ladyhawke. And Semi-Precious Weapons, which I haven’t heard much of, but they aren’t bad. I hate Perez Hilton, but he puts together a killer tour. Apparently, NPSH filled in for Ida Maria last week when she had to leave the tour. That’s why I didn’t hear about this until now, and I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna go. It’s $23 at the door. Hopefully everything goes well and I drive up to Seattle tonight for a dancetastic finale to my summer. How perfect would that be? Go see an awesome show and possibly meet NPSH and Ladyhawke, then start school! And it’s an all-ages show! Which is something the Art Brut show didn’t have, which made me very sad last week. But what DID make me happy was when I mentioned something to Eddie Argos on his twitter page about it, and he tweeted me back! I’m such a fangirl. But I’m okay with that.

I’m just shaking in my boots with excitement!

Now I think I’m done. See, I told you this one would be random. Yay tangents!

Oh, and listen to this badass Neighbours remix of Rome by Phoenix, featuring Devendra Banhart

❤ Abby

removing staples from visqueen and being struck by a wall

29 Aug

Sorry it took me so long to actually write about yesterday. Today just wasn’t a good day. I was in a bad mood. Hormones. Ugh.

But, yesterday was much better than today overall. Besides the fact that I ended up paying $20 for parking because I didn’t realize the parking pay booth didn’t give change.

Well fuck.

I screamed at the machine for a minute, beating it, after making sure no one was around to see me wale on an inanimate object that outsmarted me. That’s the one thing about Seattle I absolutely HATE. You have to pay to park ANYWHERE, except on sundays and holidays. Where does all that parking money go?

Anyway, surprisingly, after I left the house at close to 7:40, I arrived just in time to meet Jamie, the woman in charge of the volunteer program. I’d been told by several people that I’d have to leave by like, 7:15 at the latest. HA! I was very pleased with the lack of traffic. A nice way to start off the day. I walked up to the Center House at the Seattle Center, and it was deserted. It was a really weird to see the place not all dolled up Bumbershoot-like, or at night filled with people and street musicians. But then again, it was 9 am. There were 2 other volunteers waiting with Jamie when I got there – Simon and Breanna. Breanna was the same age as my sister, and Simon was some odd age older than me. I expected there to be more of us, but I was honestly glad there were less of us, because it proved to be a little bit of a chore for the Production team to learn our names. Whatever.

We were working in the Northwest Rooms yesterday, setting up 4 rooms for the art installations. Now I actually have a reason to go visit the art installations – to show Libby, “hey, I fucking helped build those walls, y’all.” However, we didn’t actually start doing anything until 10 am, because the trucks with the palettes of walls came late, and the production team didn’t want to have to direct us showing up which things to take off the trucks and what goes where. It was just easier for them to do that before giving us jobs.

And those jobs included – undoing all the straps on the palettes of walls, ripping off the plastic wrap, and ripping off the visqueen, folding it, and putting it away to be used later. I was in charge of the visqueen with Nein, one of the girls on the team. Yes, her name was Nein. I’ll get to the rest of the awesome names everyone had in a little bit.

And they had awesome names.

But as all this was happening, Breanna was very, very talkative. She was 17 mind you, so naturally, her mouth would run more often than not, but she struck me as one of those girls who overshares. Which she did. Like, she told me all about her job, school, etc. Not that I didn’t want to get to know the fellow volunteers, but I’d hoped that I wasn’t going to be surrounded by people my sister’s age. If I wanted that, I would have stayed home and hung out with Libby all day. Another volunteer came in late – Samantha, another 17-year-old – but she was far closer to me in social styles. She didn’t talk much, just enough to make the day interesting. She’d worked on the Street Team earlier this month for another shift, which is what I wanted to do during Seafair, but all the shifts filled up really fast.

After we removed all the straps, plastic and visqueen, we were to remove all the staples from the wood – which became a much larger task than I’d imagined. I didn’t bother using the wrench, just the staple remover, and I managed to fling the staples halfway across the courtyard half the time, and the rest of the staples just fell to the ground below our feet. Thank god I was wearing good shoes. Didn’t really feel like getting staples in my feet. That would have made the whole day EXPONENTIALLY worse. But I avoided impalement even with the ground riddled with the two-pronged metal fasteners. Once we removed all the staples (or all the ones we could find), it was time to carry all the darn walls inside the different rooms – Lopez-Hidalgo, Shaw, Oly-Orcas, and Rainier. I’ve yet to find out why they’re all named the way they are.

This is where we learned everyone’s names. Seamus, Emer, Elias, Finch, Devo, and Nein. Well, those were the crazy names. There was also Heather, Charlie, Taylor and Tim. But aren’t those AWESOME? It was funny, when Devo told one of the other volunteers in the afternoon shift who Finch was she said, “Finch, like the bird.” Devo seemed to really enjoy my company, as she made lots of conversation with me as we held up walls.

“What do you do when you aren’t volunteering?”

“Oh, I’m a student at UW Tacoma, I work at the newspaper there.”

“Another student! Tim, we’ve got another student. You should take over the Stranger. They need a turnaround. Basically, you could just fire Dan Savage.” And then she make an “ick” face. Tim was also a student, I think at UW Seattle, because he was wearing a UW hat, and working in Seattle, that would make sense. He was the go-to guy on the production team when tallness was needed. Everyone else on the team were about my height or shorter, and Tim was quite tall. I think he was new to the team, as was Devo, mostly because of this:

“To be a part of this team, you need a tattoo. Tim, Taylor and I are still thinking of ours.” Devo told me.

“No, I got mine, it’s right here,” Tim said, and pointed to his lower back. “And I got a butterfly on my ankle.”

“A tramp stamp – you whore!” Devo said.

Conversations were that entertaining all day.

“Charlie’s an intern right?” Finch said.

“Yeah.” Devo replied.

“I want an intern!” Tim shouted.

“Do you want to be an intern?” Devo asked me.

“Right now?” I asked.

“Sure, why not! Tim, there, you’ve got yourself an intern.” She said. Now I think I really want to intern with Bumbershoot next year. Jamie actually told me that they have an online intern for writing stuff – which would a good thing for my comm. major. That reminds me, I have to turn in my major form once classes start. But back to what I was saying – wait, what was I saying?

Oh, weird conversations. This one was my favorite. Not really a conversation, but Devo made me laugh, nonetheless. I was wearing my favorite Threadless tee yesterday, the blue one with an angry kitten catching a huge koi fish. It looks pretty badass. But Devo just kinda stared at it for a second at one point, made a face, looked away, did a double, did a triple take, and then was like, “okay, it is what I think it is.”

“Oh, the cat catching a fish?”

“Yeah. I had a look at it for a minute. Cool shirt, cool shirt.”

It is, isn’t it?

What else? Oh, the walls were fucking heavy. Well, the pink walls weren’t, but needless to say, I didn’t need to work out yesterday at all, and my arms are still sore today. Screw cardio when you got heavy lifting! The walls weren’t pink and blue, by the way, they were just labeled with pink and blue tape to show the pink, single-sided and blue, double-sided walls. The pink walls were a piece of cake to carry, but the blue ones actually strained my arms a bit. It was a nice workout for sure, a nice 8-hour workout. I no doubt build up some muscle yesterday. Nice.

After we brought all the walls and columns into the different rooms, Samantha and I were assigned to the Shaw room with Finch, Devo, Tim, and Elias. It was the smaller room, but just as complicated as Lopez-Hidalgo. We lined all the walls with the pink walls and made an S shape in the middle of the room with the blue walls and the columns helped stabilize the pink walls against the actual walls of the room. The production team would screw the individual pieces together and we’d help them lift them and hold our feet down on the backside to keep them from moving. Then we’d stand there while Tim and Elias screwed the columns to the walls.

We were almost done with one wall, and I was standing the closest to the edge of the piece of wall we were securing at the time, and as it kept shifting when the drill jammed, the column got knocked around without my noticing. I was watching the left side and the column was too my right, and all of a sudden, Elias shouted, I turned just in time to kind of stop it, but not really. The column toppled over on my head, but surprisingly, it wasn’t that heavy and didn’t hurt. Nobody else seemed to believe me that I was fine, but I was, honestly. After I propped it back up, Finch peeked around the corner, “you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m good,” I replied. Tim came around the corner to hold the column in place.

“Are you sure? Where’d it hit you?”

“My head, but it wasn’t very heavy.”

“You didn’t dent it, did you?” And we laughed.

I didn’t dent it, no, and my head was fine. All of this happened in the first four hours. The second shift hadn’t even started yet. Thank god I had an hour break, because I was STARVING. The afternoon shift brought in a few new volunteers, Christopher and Jenny, who were, again, 17. And there was this other guy, who I seemed to have forgotten his name. He was a nice enough guy, and it felt kind of cool that I got to show them the ropes a little bit, as I’d been there all morning. It made me feel more like part of the team.

I’m really excited to go back sunday, and hopefully I’ll be working with the same team, because they were fun. And they made me REALLY want to get a tattoo. Damn immune system. Why do you and my skin have to hate me?

Hopefully I don’t get hit with more falling columns. I don’t need to be concussed during Bumbershoot.

❤ Abby

I feel all jello-fied

3 Feb

That’s what Benadryl does to me. I’m obviously not going to work out tonight, because I’ll be going to bed earlier tonight. Damnit. I can’t. I have to study.

But why am I konked out on Benadryl right now? Well I had my IV treatment today, which wasn’t of my knowledge until this morning at 11:30. Yesterday, Mom told me it was on wednesday, which wasn’t the best day anyway, since I do have a mid-term tomorrow. So having it today had its perks and downfalls. For one thing – I didn’t have to miss my mid-term. But on the other hand, I missed like 6 hours of study time. And I’m hella tired. And I was going to deposit my checks today. I have four paychecks again to deposit – two from school and two from Petco. Apparently when I went to say hi last week with Lucy, I had one last paycheck from the last sunday that I worked. And my paid time off as well. So about $250 total. Pretty badass, I know.

But I honestly can barely hold my head up. I probably should have got some coffee, but Diet Coke will have to do. It has caffeine.

With how much time I had to think today, I probably over-thought one thing: WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO DO? I was referring to my future. My career. The dying business. It’s freaking me out, because I’m not someone who needs to live a fancy life. If I got Wi-Fi, I’m good. But the things that I have to do to keep me healthy is what’s scaring me so much. I don’t want to to have to live off my parents for the rest of my life because my job won’t be able to pay for my treatments. I don’t even know how much my IV treatments cost, but I just know that if we had any other insurance besides my Dad’s, we’d be screwed. Dad’s been with Boeing for 30 years, and we were so lucky that he wasn’t laid off in the aftermath of 9/11, but the thing about his job – people will always fly. No matter how bad the economy is – people will always have to fly.

I don’t want to have to give up what I love to assure that I can pay for my medical bills. I don’t want to have to enter into something that I don’t l have a passion so that I can stay healthy. The lady in charge of checking my blood pressure today asked me if I ever considered being a nurse since I know so much about my disease. I haven’t, because I’ve seen enough doctor shows to know that I don’t want to be responsible to someone’s life. I don’t want to deal with sick or dying people all the time. It would be definite downer.

I don’t want to be responsible for human life.
Math frustrates me.
Money frustrates me.
Technology frustrates me…when it doesn’t work.
I’m not focused enough to fix things.
Retail sucks ass.
I don’t have enough self-confidence to do much in front of large group of people.
I’m not patient enough to relearn to play an instrument.
I’m not creative enough to design clothes, or make innovative food.

This could have been the fact that I’ve always had my heart set on writing for a career, that I didn’t broaden my horizons as much as I should have. The things that I’m thinking about right now are tentative, and completely hypothetical. And most of them involve moving to another region of the United States.

Music Magazine – whichever one, it doesn’t matter. (Because magazines still seem more economically sound that regular newspapers.)
Something in politics.
Make movies (screenplays, editing, documentaries)
Writing for television.
Working for a record company (not as a musician).
Designer (publishing).
Pitchfork Media.
Work for publishing company (editing and such).
And I could always write novels on the side.

Help me please, if I missed some genius idea, one that may be a better idea, fill me in. These are just my thoughts. Like I said, I had way too much time to think today.

Sea of Glass – Tom Middleton
Witness the Fitness – Roots Manuva

❤ Abby

From my (not new) but improved Mac

30 Dec

So I FINALLY bought OSX today, and it’s quite fantastic. If only I had my external hard drive right now as well, fore that would make Izzie UNSTOPPABLE! Okay, maybe I’m over exaggerating, but still, it’s exciting. I’d like to see how Boot Camp works, but I’d much prefer borrowing someone else’s copy of Windows rather than trying to find a huge-ass torrent of it, besides, the ones that I’ve tried haven’t finished, in about 3 days, which is obnoxious.

You know what else is obnoxious? Your mother trying to learn how to manage a blog. I mean, honestly? Both she and I are impatient people, and when we don’t know how to do something, oh boy, people know it. She gets frustrated easily, and I get frustrated easily. So naturally, it’s a frustrating experience trying to explain to her how to insert photos into a blog post. And for some stupid reason, a friend of hers got her into using Typepad, which doesn’t fucking use HTML, it’s like old school Microsoft Word-like shit. So it makes me feel like a smartass when I try to tell her things that to me, are quite obvious – but to her – they are a foreign language.

Recently, technology has been good to me, so I’m getting more hopeful that I’ll have a good year. It’s often a theme in my life – if my computer goes kaput, then my issues got way up – if my ipod phone doesn’t die, then my life is in a completely zen-like state. We got the Wii finally working – I can play Smash Bros. whenever I want to get out any anger, or Wii boxing.

I just hope that 2009 turns out to be a better year for just about…everything. Especially for the grocery stores. Last night when I went to Albertson’s for spaghetti fixins, they were literally out of ground turkey. Just plain old ground turkey. They had ground turkey breast, which has about as much moisture as toast, so I got the pre-italian seasoned turkey, which tasted a little funny when we put it in the spaghetti, but it was better than toast.

I totally missed my download yesterday, sorry.

Oh, and I’m finally done with PETCO…YES!

Oxford Collapse – Please visit your national parks

❤ Abby

I hate my dog sometimes

27 Dec

I swear, I’m surprised that my eardrums aren’t blown. I took Millie for a bath tonight, and she was a little better than before with the hose and blow dryer, but for some stupid reason, she just kept fucking barking. I couldn’t get her nails cut, she jumped on me multiple times, and I had to leave early because I thought she was going to have a spaz attack. And now she’s all chill. Ugh.

I pretty much had a bad day, except two things – Blackberry activated and well…I saw someone at work today.

Girl Talk – Doesn’t Really Matter

❤ Abby

I love not having tests

10 Dec

Finals week is so much less nerve-wracking now that I don’t have any tests, and I only have 3 classes to worry about. I turned in one final last thursday, one yesterday, and my paper for Crit. Appr. to Mass Comm. is due tomorrow. Not sure what time it’s due, or where I’m supposed to turn it in, but I know I’m basically done with it. My mom is still going to proofread it, because she’s good at that stuff. I’m good at it too, but not with my own papers. I get too narcissistic when I’m working on my own paper, and I tend to think that I’m done after a first draft without proofreading it because I’m just that good.

That’s what’s nice about having theory-based classes, because there’s not a lot of shit to memorize, but lots of shit to think about. In a way, these classes require people to pull stuff out of their asses. That’s not a bad thing. I like writing. I don’t like memorizing.

Thank goodness that my last final is due tomorrow though, because I’m so anxious to start making some more money at work before I quit. And I need to look for a new job. I should probably start doing that. Might be a good idea. But by this time in 2 weeks, I will hopefully have had an interview for a new job. And in a month, I’ll hopefully be employed at a new job, apart from the Ledger. That’s part of the reason why I need a new job. Petco’s shifts take up most of the day, and I can’t very well do Ledger on the days I work, and I don’t want to work just two days a week. It’s annoying to maneuver right now. I really don’t like it.

One more thing–I’m in love with Gary’s new puppy, Lucy. She was here all day yesterday while Gary was at the doctor. And I’ll be at his house tomorrow to help watch her while he moves furniture around. Hopefully, this will become a normal thing. Love puppies. I think I like them more than babies. I just couldn’t believe that my dog–Millie, my dog–the stubborn, lazy, loud, obnoxious old dog–didn’t try to eat her. She was so good with her. She did growl at her a couple times, at one point when Lucy went downstairs to eat her food, which is understandable on Millie’s part. And I could tell that she was getting annoyed at Lucy running after her all the time and swatting at her face and biting her tail, but it was cute anyway.

Oh, and you HAVE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO. It’s the funniest video I’ve seen since “Dick in a box.”

❤ Abby