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“I am We are scientists! I got the face, I got the voice, I could play the drums if necessary.”

28 Feb

I just recently rediscovered We Are Scientists–Keith Murray, lead singer, and the dorkiest, yet sexiest musician on my rock radar these days; and Chris Cain, the cleverest, and also dorky bassist. Somehow, WAS and The Lonely Island overlapped in some oddly coincidental online streaming video searches.

You see, Akiva Shaffer, one of “The Dudes” or “The Lonely Island,” directly WAS’s new video for “After Hours,” and my stumbled upon their Youtube profile and saw a few WAS videos. Who knew?

But back to what I was saying–I LUUURRRRVVEEE WAS (We are scientists, in case you hadn’t caught on yet). Their 2005 album, With Love and Squalor was pretty much the most catchy album I’ve heard in a long time, and one of the first albums that I downloaded fully illegally. They came on tour last year with Art Brut and the Spinto Band to Seattle for one show at the Showbox, I think, but I didn’t end up going. Sad news.

But their new album, Brain Thrust Mastery, comes out on UK release on March 17, but I have no idea when it will be release in the US. Oh well, I’ll just get it off of Torrents (hehe, I’m bad). But the most annoying thing in the world now for me is not being able to have the album that I want RIGHT NOW. Before I discovered the many illegal nuances of the World Wide Web, I had to wait for money, or for my mom’s permission to use her credit card on itunes. However, now I have access to almost any album that I want, because of my millions of internet peers. Before I discovered Torrents, I couldn’t find certain records easily, because the Target music selection sucks, and Borders is hella expensive. Now I can easily find the most obscure album I want. I love it.

But since WAS is moderately Indie, they don’t have people begging for pre-release previews, so the albums don’t get leaked online before major release. I guess listening to independent artists has it’s perks and downsides. You can’t get leaked albums easily, but once they do come out, you can find them pretty damn easily online. Also, if you do somehow find them in a Borders, they’ll be way cheaper than, say, the new Mariah Carey CD. Eh, I don’t really like calling them CDs, even though they are. But to tell you the truth, I haven’t bought a CD since September, when I came across this small buy and sell record store between the Bubble Tea cafe and Fred Meyer in Lacey. I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called. Oh well.

You’re probably wondering where the hell my headline came from. Well, it’s from an interview that NME did with Keith last year the VFestival.

Here, watch parts 1 & 2.

Isn’t he just delightful?

And quite delicious.


Oh, and you should watch all the episodes of “The ‘BU” on Lonely Island’s youtube profile.

❤ Abby

And the Oscar goes to…

25 Feb

Everyone but Johnny Depp.

Yes, it made me sad, but it made me want to see the other movies even more. No country for old men–totally love the Coen brothers, so I totally wanna see it; There Will be Blood–I’ll rent it when it comes out; Michael Clayton–it’s freaking George Clooney, so duh!

I was actually happy with the Awards last night. They obviously weren’t as good as previous years, because the writers had, what, 8 days to put it all together. So there were a crapload of montages. I mean, almost every big award had a montage to go with it. But for 8 days’ work, I’d be proud of what I did. Jon Stewart was surprisingly nice, giving Marketa Irglova a second chance to thank people after the mic cut her off when she and Glen Hansard accepted their award for best original song. I swear, it was the sweetest thing to see her go up there and talk about independent musicians staying hopeful that they can do whatever they want. She’s only 19, and she’s already won an Oscar for best original song. I’d be pretty damn proud of myself.

My favorite part of the night had to come from Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill, as Dame Judi Dench and Halle Berry fill-ins. They must have come up with that witty banter on their own, because it was so not like the rest of the presenters.

But like I said earlier, Jon was great. And he had some of his own jabs. The best one, I think, was “Angelina couldn’t be with us tonight. It’s hard to get 17 babysitters on Oscar night.” I love Jon Stewart.

Probably the biggest shockers were the lack of awards for Atonement–just one, and the winner for best actree–Marion Cotillard, for La Vie En Rose. In fact, all of the winners in the big categories were foreigners. Tilda Swinton and Daniel Day Lewis are from England, Cotillard from France, and Javier Bardem from Spain. There was no hometown love from the Academy this year.

Oh, and I don’t think I even mentioned anything about SNL this weekend. Yay! It’s back! But one person was M.I.A.–MAYA RUDOLPH! They were going through the cast members and they went from Amy Poehler to Jason Sudeikis. No Rudolph in sight. It made me very sad. But there is a new girl, I think that her name is Kacey or something. Having Tina back was so great. When she did women’s news, it was priceless. “Bitch is the new black!” Oh, speaking of black, Fred Armisan is the new Barack Obama in the cast. I don’t know if it’s me, but is it weird that the only choice for Barack was a white guy? The only black cast member on SNL now is Kenan, who’s quite a large man, and Maya was half-black, but she’s not coming back now. Sad news.

I’m getting a roommate after all! Miki, the one who just got here this semester, will move in as soon as she can get the paperwork cleared with the resident life people. I’m excited. But I’ll have to get rid of my chair, I’m pretty sure, but we’ll figure it out. I’m excited. I already said that already, didn’t I?

Oh well. I’ll go now.

Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova “Falling Slowly” from “Once” on the Oscars last night.

❤ Abby

I know where the prompt is!

24 Feb

The Shot to the Face film competition–the prompt is at the HCC at Evergreen on friday! I figured it out! So I’ll be at Evergreen two nights in a row, then I’ll go home.

Okay, I just thought I get that out there, since I didn’t know before.

❤ Abby

Shot to the face

23 Feb

Let me explain.

There’s this 72-hour film competition, called Shot to the Face coming up next weekend, and I’m totally gonna do it. It will be me, Laura and Ian as a team. We can win prizes too. I go on friday to get the prompt, wherever it is, not sure yet; monday I turn it in; and the next friday, there will be a showing of all the entries at the Capital Theatre in Olympia. I’m pretty excited. But I’m not sure what the prompt will be, so I can’t think of any ideas ahead of time. But it will fun. Everyone should come when they have the showing of all the movies.

I’m totally gonna do it.

I want a prize.

❤ Abby

Hoops with the fur (with the fur!)

23 Feb

I know that it’s “boots with the fur,” but it’s funnier this way.

That’s such a dumb song. I hate it. Ugh. But they played it twice at homecoming last night.

Uh huh. Yeah.

But last night was SO FUN. Thankfully, I fit into my dress from sophomore and junior year, and I had no problems whatsoever. But, that can’t be said for everyone else. Poor Christina–the zipper on her dress broke, so Aimee had to try to sew her into her dress, but then she and Chris went back to her house to find another dress. However, she ended up not even coming, which was sad.

We went to the Outback for dinner, and I’m pretty sure that our waitress hated us. She actually reminded us of a 18% gratuity. The whole point of a tip is that it’s based on service, and she didn’t deserve 18%. We had 3 Bloomin Onions on one table, 2 things of mashed potatoes, cheese fries, a box of coconut shrimp to go, and 4 tiny ramikins of butter, surrounded by crumbs. We devoured the bread that they brought. But we worked off the hundreds of calories that we consumed during dinner at the dance. I’m pretty sure that we did.

The dance was actually in the Worthington center, not the pavilion, like we thought, and the whole dance floor was in the damn corner of the room. I swear, it was a 5th of the whole room that actually had a dance floor. There were surprisingly more people than I thought would show up, so it made it way more fun. They had two slow songs in a row, which was quite depressing, because now in college, there are more couples than in high school, so there are even more people to accidentally gawk at and feel envious of. Damn it all. But Aimee, Nicole and I ran around and “were wallflowers together!” as Aimee said it.

My knees were sore afterwards. And my feet. And my calves. And my thighs. Yeah, I’m sure that I burned off the Bloomin Onion.

❤ Abby

FAFSA my ASS…fa!

21 Feb

Do you know what the most annoying thing in the entire world is?

Filling out that fucking FAFSA form! Is there no way to say, “same as previous”? Like at the doctor’s office when you fill in the conditions from the last 6 weeks? Really? Do they expect things to change that much so that you have to do EVERYTHING again. No, I’ve never needed food stamps. No, I’ve never been in the armed forces. No, my parents didn’t file for retirement. Just shut up already! Ugh. I’m on, like, question 85, and still only on step 3 out of 7. It’s due in about a week for most schools, and Dad told me that I need to do it, even though we didn’t get any money from FAFSA last year. Why would we need to fill it out now? Because apparently Dad thinks that it determines how much money you can get from loans. Mom and I think he’s totally wrong, but whatever. I’ll do it anyway. But I still need my transcripts from PHS…again…for UW Tacoma. Which, by the way, sounds like a pretty strong possibility right now. I won’t have to pay room and board, and I could live close to home. Definitely not commuting though to downtown Tacoma every day, that’s for sure.

Oh yeah, I’m totally NOT at the MANDATORY floor meeting about sex and alcohol. I really have better things to do…but I guess I’m not doing them right now. But anyways, it’s a waste of my time to go down and listen to things I that I don’t need to worry about, or things that I already know, or can found out pretty goddamn easily. The RA came and banged on my door to let me know, and apparently they’re going to take attendance, but what are they gonna do? Get me in trouble? Ooooohh, I’m so scared of the big, bad RA. It’s just dumb. Every single other floor meeting thing has been dumb too, so why the hell would it change now?

Ugh. I should be doing homework.

Oh, I know, I’ll got look at the lunar eclipse.

❤ Abby


18 Feb

So apparently CBS is airing censored episodes of Dexter in the wake of the lack of new television shows.

Can you say… “what the fuck?”

Dexter is pretty much the most gruesome show on Showtime recently, and they have to cut out all the gross parts to make suitable for basic cable. Why do you ruin television FCC, why? Why do you have to make us so sad?

Ugh. It just makes me nuts, because I really like Dexter. It’s about a sociapathic murderous detective, trying to rid the world of bad people. It’s a pretty simple premise, but with Michael C. Hall playing Dexter, it makes it even better. Some people have said that it’s the best show on television. But now that CBS has brought the Dexter-lite version to the wider public, apart from the dedicated Showtime viewers, it’s lost some of it’s allure. It’s not quite as bad as if The Sopranos was on basic cable, because there’s more swearing on that show than at a lumber yard.

Thank the lord that the writers are back. Two more months…then new Grey’s Anatomy!


❤ Abby