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Checkmate, Mr. Eko

30 May

Holy smokey dragon thing!
Holy disappearing island!
Holy Oceanic flight 815!

I just finished watching the Lost season finale, and OMG, it was AMAZING.

Really, it was.

There are still about 86 questions that need to be answered, but a lot of the questions that have been raised this year have been answered. We found out how the Oceanic 6 got off the plane, we find out who died, why the other people didn’t get off the island, why the dharma initiative really existed, but I still don’t know how the hell the island moved. It moved. For reals, and now the Oceanic 6 have to lie through their teeth about what happened.

Oh, the btw, Sawyer looks pretty fine emerging from the ocean, shirtless, after jumping out of the helicopter and swimming back to the island. He sure did. But now we don’t know where the island went. I’m so confused. But I’m glad that we still have 2 seasons to clear things up. 2010 will be the end of an era. It’s a miracle that the writers and producers carried it on this long.

Really, it is.

So, tomorrow is my birthday. Actually a half an hour from now exactly. I will be 19 years old, and I’m not really doing anything special, except not working. I don’t have to work tomorrow, and I didn’t yesterday, or monday for that matter. I had 3 days off this week, which was weird. Oh well. I have to close on saturday and sunday, so that will SUCK. Like I said. Oh well.

I shall go, but I will mention the AMAZING House finale that I finally got to see yesterday, after 9 days of waiting. I missed it last monday on Fox and I had to wait until it was available on It was worth the wait. Freaking sweet if you ask me.

I’ll go. I’m done for now.

❤ Abby

Summer days drifting away, to uh, oh the summer nights

28 May

Yes, ’tis summertime. Kind of.

And it’s been a very good summer so far. I went to go see my boyfriend on monday when I didn’t have work, and today I don’t have work either. I have work tomorrow, and I don’t have work on friday.

But that could be because friday is my birthday!

I’m turning 19, and I’m actually excited for my birthday, which is weird, because normally I’m not. I’m going down to Lacey again and Ryan and Kali are going to make me a cake. I didn’t really have a birthday last year because I had paste up, but this year, I’ll actually get to relax on my birthday and have fun and not worry about a deadline.

Speaking on deadlines! I was just watching the season finale of The Paper, MTV’s reality show about high school journalists of the Circuit at Cyress Bay High School in Florida. Up until now, I’ve been skeptical of the show and the Paper, since they’d never won any awards according to the NSPA and JEA websites. I kept thinking to myself, “Outlook would have made a much better show.” Yeah, okay, so we didn’t have nearly as much inner staff drama and bad blood, but we had more interesting things happen and more interesting people. So I was bitter. Yes, I’ll admit it–I would have loved to have been on MTV. I wouldn’t mind being famous. BUT! I finished the finale, with so much more respect for Amanda and Adam and Cassia and the gang, because–OH THERE IS A BECAUSE–they had prior review. They had to bring every issue to the assistant principal to get checked before it was published. That’s why is wasn’t that good of a paper! That’s why they never won anything! I’d been watching these 8 episodes thinking that they just kinda sucked, but they didn’t have the freedom to be awesome. That’s why! They only got to write happy stuff. Happy stuff that made their school look good. Another reason why I have more respect for Amanda–Alex is an incredibly immature douchebag that needs to get over himself. I’d like to meet them, actually. It could be quite interesting, since I’d been watching this show knowing exactly what they were talking about the entire time.

So, yeah. That was a revelation.

I’ll change the subject now. That would be nice.

Work has been AWESOME. I do have 3 days off this week, which is odd, but it’s still fun. I’m learning so much about dogs it’s crazy. I know all these different breeds now, and I know which kind of dog I will get in the future. I might get a Shih Tzu, when it comes to small dogs, I like Shih Tzus. Not so much pomeranians, but maybe a dachshund, since their hair doesn’t really grow. Yesterday was big hairy black dog day. We had 2 retrievers, 2 chow lab mixes, 1 lab newfy mix, and a black standard poodle. And we had a black lab puppy named Chica. She was SO CUTE. Only 12 weeks old, and she was so jumpy, but SO CUTE.

What else do I have to write about? Hmmm, well not being single is very nice. I like it a lot, and it feels really nice to know that someone likes me for me, as more than a friend. I’ve had a lot of friends in my life, but there’s always been something missing, and now there isn’t. I know that feeling now. And it’s wonderful.

And kissing’s wonderful too.

I guess I’m going to chump out on the Death Cab review for right now. I wish I could have gone to Sasquatch, since Derek and Heidi called me at work from Sasquatch and asked me “Abby! Are you at Sasquatch?” Sadly I said no. I SO wish I could have gone, but I still am going to see We Are Scientists in July at Neumo’s. I’m so excited to see them! Too bad their tour with REM is only in the UK starting in September. That would have been the most amazing show EVER. REM AND WE ARE SCIENTISTS! HELLO????

Oh, I almost forgot to write about last night at Open Mic Night! It was so fun. Spencer’s still a douche, but Libby and Laura got to sing and play, and they sounded amazing. Even though Libby forgot some of the verses in “Hallelujah,” that’s okay, because she sounded good. I just wish I would have brought the video camera. I did bring The Rebel though. Some of the pictures are below. We drank tea and ate hummous and talked to a regular about Laura’s Rosewood guitar, so we felt pretty cool. The guy was looking at Laura’s guitar like it was endangered species–he looked on the inside, knocked on it, and smelled it. “Have you smelled it?” he asked Laura, and she had not, so she did right there. “It smells like Rosemary.”

Pretty weird, I know, but it was cool. Open Mic was good overall even without all the regulars. There was a girl that sang “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey and “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield. She turned 20 yesterday so we all sang to her on the radio. Oh, speaking of Journey–I just watched them on Ellen this morning, and they have a new lead singer, who’s Filipino! It’s so cool, but I bet Steve Perry must feel TERRIBLE.

I think I’m done for now, but here are some pictures.

Singing some “Hallelujah.”

Laura made me laugh in this one.

It’s me and Ryan. ❤

❤ Abby

Good day

17 May

I’ve had a VERY good day. Oh, Laura and I made that video above yesterday. We were totally random. Totally randomly dancing in her car.

But yes, today was pretty much the best day ever, and I can’t describe how I feel right now…at least with words. So I won’t try. If you really wanna know, you can find me and ask me personally. I’d rather not blurt it out to the world via interweb.

❤ Abby

I feel like I should fill you in

16 May

Seriously go to that website, It’s freaking hilarious. Daily webcomics are the shit.

But I’ve been recently informed that my blog has let down some people lately. I know that I’ve been skimping on the entries in the past few weeks, and I apologize to the highest degree. I know how it is when you feel let down by something that you read. It’s like the same thing as a webcomic. If I logged on every day to get my daily laugh, and there was no update for the day, I would be crushed. Or if the weekly sunday secrets on PostSecret were pretty lame, I’d feel pretty lame as well.

So I’m here to make up for my lameness lately.

As most people know by now, I have a boyfriend. Yes, Abby has a boyfriend. And this is the first time that I’ve been able to say that in my entire life, and it feels great. It’s still a little weird to say, because, well…it could be that I’m just not used to saying it quite yet. Ryan has yet to meet many of my friends outside of St. Martins, and I’m very excited for him to meet my best friends. I’m very excited for all of it…whatever may come of it.

So it all started in Japanese class. Really, it did. Randomly, in the middle of class one day, Ryan turned around and told me that I looked nice that day. I had no idea where this came from, and I didn’t really know how to react to that afterwards, but I got to thinking, and that thinking lasted a little while, and it morphed into a little more than thinking. It morphed into acting. And that acting morphed into where we are today. And to think, I almost told Christina not to put my phone number on his door. And to think, all of this happened in the last 3 weeks of my tenure at St. Martins. Something good did come from St. Martins. And I’m very glad for it. Now I’ll actually miss St. Martins. Whoulda thought that? Not me, that’s for sure.

I’m going down to Lacey tomorrow to see Ryan and he’s going to show me his house, the one that he has with his friends, and I’m going to see Miki. I left my DVD remote control in our room. And I miss her. I want to see her one last time before she goes back to Japan. I wish you could see the gift that she made for me. It’s the cutest thing in the world. Apparently it’s a common thing in Japan for people to know everyone’s blood type. On the back of the picture frame thing that she made for me, she gave me all her information, which included her favorite food, favorite color, and her blood type. She’s an O. And she told me that I looked like an O. Could she tell? Is it easy to tell? I don’t know. But they get superstitious about blood type like we get superstitious about zodiac signs.

Speaking of horoscopes!

During the whole pre-boyfriend ordeal with Ryan, I got MANY cryptic horoscopes, like 4 days in a row, they actually made sense. On the day that I found out that he liked me, my horoscope was “something that you have been thinking will be confirmed today”…or something like that. I know–weird.

It was weird. But not like this whole thing isn’t weird right off the bat. I do feel a little weird, having people grill me all the time. I’ve had to tell the story about 6 times. I’d rather not give all the cheesetastic dorky details on this thing, because you miss the many nuances of my storytelling ability through this mere blog. Although, you do get some things that you wouldn’t get with my speech, genuine coherence…at least I think so.

But my computer’s getting a little slow…I think Izzie’s sleepy, so I should give her a nap. I hope this has satisfied your craving. I’m truly sorry for the lack of awesomeness. I’ll be back in a couple days with my official review of Death Cab’s new album–Narrow Stairs. Because I just have to. It’s too awesome not to.

Oh, and We Are Scientists are coming to Seattle in July. On July 9th, to be exact. If you love WAS as much as I do, please let me know, for I need someone to come with me to bask in their sheer awe-inspiring live experience.


❤ Abby

I now know the definition of bad timing

14 May

Day #4…I think.

So yeah, I’ve had a pretty exciting last couple days. I need to not explain, for it is too personal to give all the details on this mere blog.

Okay, so…I have a boyfriend. And it’s pretty much the happiest I’ve been in a long time. But what sucks IS—-

I HAVE A MASSIVE FINAL TOMORROW! AND I’M NOT PREPARED IN THE LEAST! History sucks. Really, it does, and I shouldn’t be wasting my time on my blog right now, but I forgot yesterday, kind of, and I needed to fill my “fans” if, that is, if I had any fans. Who knows?

AND–another thing about bad timing, we have 3 days left of school. 3 days and I have to go back home. 3 days and I’m done with St. Martins. At first, about a month ago, I was ECSTATIC to be leaving, but now, it’s a lot more bittersweet. I honestly wish I had another month here. BUT! Oh, there is a BUT! Miki is still here for a month after me, and Christina has come up with a proposition, to come visit her often and stay with her on the weekends when I’m not working and I’m able to come down here as much as I want. Besides, I’ll be saving MASSIVE amounts of gas with my current job, seeing that it’s only 2 minutes away from my house.

So yeah, I love life right now. Most things are right with the world. There are still a few things now that aren’t right yet. Obama isn’t the nominee yet. Bush is still president…hmmm, what else is wrong? Oh, my beloved Outlook is losing the best adviser ever! I’m very happy for Derek, for taking charge of his life, but I’m still very sad for next year’s Outlookers because they won’t get to know him. Sad news.

So there’s sad news….and really REALLY good news.


❤ Abby

Narrow Stairs and Nail Clippers

14 May

I’m sorry that I haven’t written in about a week, but it seems like it’s been much longer, but oh well. I started work on friday. And it’s so fun. I get to put lotion on my hands constantly during the day when I’m not washing a dog, but I don’t have to deal with people as much, and I don’t actually have to deal with money. No money, no problem, I say. I do know now what kinds of dogs I definitely don’t want when I get older. I don’t want a black lab. They are not easy dogs to deal with. Beagles are good. Springer and Cocker Spaniels are good to deal with. Shih tzus are probably the only SMALL dogs that I could handle. Dachshunds and Pomeranians are too jumpy for me. Shih tzus are jumpy, but they’re cute and easy to handle.

Okay, what else?

Oh, the people that I work with are awesome. They’re so laid back, excluding one person, but it’s very easy to get along with my co-workers. And I like dealing with the dogs, so it’s a good job.

The other thing that my headline refers to today is the new Death Cab for Cutie album. OMG it’s so amazing. It was released in stores yesterday, and I downloaded it last night when I saw that Death Cab was going to be on David Letterman. I completely forgot that “Narrow Stairs” came out yesterday, and thank god they were Letterman last night. I would have gone on for another week without listening to it. But the new album is so good. It’s way better than “Plans.” I’m not sure if I could saw that it’s better than “Transatlanticism,” but it’s different. I think they’re on the same level of awesomeness, but on different sides of the spectrum of differentness. I know, I just used ridiculous words, but Blogger didn’t underline “differentness” for being a misspelled word. So it IS a word. Ha!

I should go. I start work in just over an hour, and I have to take a shower still. I close again tonight. Tomorrow and friday I have my days off this week. YAY!

❤ Abby

Life is good

9 May

So it’s officially the end of the first official day of summer break…and I wish I could have gotten more accomplished, but hey, I had work training today.

I should have updated daily the last few days of school, but those last few days were the best few days of school I’ve had all year. Honestly. They were amazing. And I’m not afraid to say it. And life is still amazing. Yes. It is swell. I start work tomorrow, and I will come home wet dog-y. I will smell like wet dog permanently for the rest of the summer. But next thursday and friday I have no work. I have work 8 hours a day, but I get two days off a week. Yay!

I should get to sleep, but I will blog more often. I promise, for now I have no grades to worry about for 4.5 months.

My birthday’s in 3 weeks! Yay!

❤ Abby