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shitty ol’ case of the tuesdays

16 Feb

I’m serious. The only thing that went my today was when I checked my bank account and had $600 instead of $300 in my savings.

I parked in Cragle lot today, which is the last time I park there on a weekday, I swear. After the Ledger meeting, I went out to get the unpaid parking ticket out of my car so I could go pay it.


So already pissed, I grabbed the second one from under my windshield wiper and the first one out of my glove box, and went upstairs to the cashier to pay both of them. I stood there for a few minutes while the lady punched in a bunch of numbers, and then told me that my card was declined.


I needed to move money from my savings to checking. Tuesday didn’t like me today. Not at all.

And what made matters worse was that neither We Are Scientists NOR Arcade Fire were on the Sasquatch lineup. It’s a good lineup, don’t get me wrong, but Sasquatch NEEDS WAS.

Here’s the full lineup (I’m especially excited for bolded): My Morning Jacket, Pavement, Massive Attack, Ween, Vampire Weekend, MGMT, Band of Horses, The National, LCD Soundsystem, Tegan & Sara, Broken Social Scene, Passion Pit, She & Him, Public Enemy, Nada Surf, The New Pornographers, The xx, Dirty Projectors, OK GO, Drive By Truckers, Kid Cudi, Deadmau5, The Long Winters, Minus the Bear, The Mountain Goats, Quasi, Camera Obscura, Fruit Bats, Brother Ali, Midlake, Dr. Dog, The Hold Steady, Caribou, Simian Mobile Disco, City & Colour, No Age, The Temper Trap, VEtiver, Miike Snow, Portugal. The Man, Telekinesis, The Middle East, Mayer Hawthorne, Why?, Girls, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes, Wale, The Lonely Forest, Japandroids, Boys Noize, YACHT, Laura Marling, Patrick Watson, Freelance Whales, Past Lives, Cymbals Eat Guitars, The Low Anthem, The Very Best, Phantogram, Neon Indian, Hudson Mohawke, Nurses, The Tallest Man On Earth, Fresh Espresso, Mumford & Sons, Jets Overhead, Tune-Yards, Shabazz Palaces, Fool’s Gold, Morning Teleportation, Z-Trip, Dam Funk, Local Natives, Avi Buffalo, Booka Shad, A-Trak, Yes Giantess, Craig Robinson, Rob Riggle, Garfunkel & Oates, Luke Burbank.

So last night was a super long and stressful one, making it harder for me to get to sleep, on top of the abdominal pains I was having. I sat in front of the computer, my heart race quickening every time Atlas Sound stopped playing a song (I was watching a live stream of the launch party at the Crocodile, ’cause it was 21+), and I was refreshing my twitter feed five times a minute. I swear. And then I almost pissed myself when some dude started posting fake headliners, like the Pixies, Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine. I was thinking, “oh god this kind of makes sense, but what is it, 1995?” Cause Soundgarden’s making a new album and Rage had that whole Christmas single surge in the UK this year. Those soon turned out to be fake, even though dumbass people kept RTing it. Dumbasses.

The lineup’s good. I’ll admit. It needs more and better comedians. And WAS, but I’m super stoked for seeing Vampire Weekend again, because it was what…20 minutes at Deck the Hall Ball and all my pictures were shit.

Hopefully this video works. It’s one of the only things that made me happy today. The third person in. CHECK IT.

Hopefully more will be added to that list soon. There’s about 15 less artists than there was on the final lineup last year. But get your tickets on the 20th. Seriously. I don’t have to *most likely* but you do. I want to camp with someone other than just my sister.

❤ Abby

I’m pretty sure I needed to pay my parking ticket today. Oops.

15 Feb

^^^Completely unrelated^^^

Today was Valentine’s Day. Blech. I hate how some people abbreviate it to V-day. It makes it sound like “Virgin Day” or “Vagina Day.” It’s just a lame day. It had a lame color scheme, and makes all us singles feel lame about being single. We’re the ones who don’t have to spend money on dinner and gifts, so who got the short end of the stick here? My mom’s friend had the hardest time finding reservations for dinner tonight because – not only is it Valentine’s Day, but it was their anniversary. That sucks for two reasons – you can’t get reservations, and it’s cliche. Valentine’s Day is just one big fat cliche.

So Happy Singles Awareness Day everyone who didn’t have to buy a teddy bear and chocolates and jewelry and some other random cheesy gift. But bravo if you came up with some really creative to do for your significant other.

Totally not the point of this post either.

The Sasquatch Lineup is being announced tomorrow night. Too bad the launch party at the Crocodile is 21+, cause that would be a cool place to be tomorrow. Soon after, applications for press passes will be online, and I’ll be able to shoot my first festival. For my 21st birthday. I’ve said this possibly way too many times, and I’m guessing that you’re getting tired of me mentioning it.

If these artists showed up to Sasquatch, it would be a dream come true.


I will cry if this happens. And if it doesn’t.


Funeral=Greatest album of the decade. Nuff said.


I never loved Dave Grohl him as much as WAS, but I’ve loved him for much longer, so it’s almost an equal total amount of love. And fucking John Paul Jones. I mean, you don’t get much more legendary than Zeppelin. If I got to shoot them, good lord that would be cool.


Big Echo is so amazing, and their Seattle show in April is 21+, and I’m heartbroken. I’ve seen them twice now as openers, and I would really like to see a show that’s just them. Festival would be cool too. And SXSW is hella expensive and not gonna happen this year.


Thank you Susie for getting me into this band by proxy. They’re great. And again, SXSW has foiled me. But they aren’t going to be at Coachella, so it would be logical to hit up Sasquatch, even though they have a Seattle show like 2 weeks before Sasquatch.


I’m pretty sure this isn’t happening because May is when Thomas’ baby is due, but it would phenomenal to see them again, because they’re Phenomenal.


I haven’t gotten to see them yet, and they have a new album coming out this year, so it would be only fitting. And there’s a break in the tour schedule that would naturally fit Sasquatch.


Twenty. Freaking. Minutes. At Deck the Hall Ball, and I got sucky pictures of them, so I’d love to have a second chance at shooting them. And have more time with them than twenty minutes. Seriously.


New album this year. Sasquatch is just your crowd guys. Come on.


How great would they be in the Rumpus Room?


I have no idea who mentioned the possibility of Panda, because AnCo was there last year, so it most likely won’t happen. But hey, you can dream, right?

I can’t think if any other bands that would blow my mind right now that have any possibility of going, but it hopefully I will get a nice surprise tomorrow night.


❤ Abby

Good ‘ol case of the mondays

18 Jan

Today’s the first day I haven’t been at school since last sunday. Seriously. Class every day this week, and then Ledger this weekend. I mean Jesus Christ, my week has consisted of class, driving, working out, laying out pages, making the most of my last week with Laura for an indefinite amount of time, and watching Doctor Who.

A lot of Doctor Who.

And I can say I’ve spent more time in the Ledger office in one weekend than I ever had. On Saturday after dropping Laura off at the airport at 7:30 for her 9:05 flight to Jersey, her parents dropped me off at school so I wouldn’t have to drive back to school later. So naturally, I had to sleep. Four hours of sleep doesn’t really work well for a layout day. So I dragged a chair in the office and slept on and off for 3 some odd hours with the end of series 3 of Doctor Who playing while I half-slept. I figured I wouldn’t skip those even though I watched them out of order 2 weeks ago. And I love Captain Jack. He’s awesome.

But after that, I didn’t leave school until about 10 when we left to go watch Youth in Revolt at the Lakewood theater. I didn’t pay for it last month, so I thought I might as well since I liked it so much. But that meant being awake for oh – 21 hours, cause when I got home I watched SNL and fell asleep in the couch. It was an interesting day to say the least. My best friend flew across the country, and I slept in the office.


Sorry, I’m kind of distracted. I’m in the middle of watching both series 4 of Doctor Who and the BBC mini-series Blackpool. I’d like to thank all my friends from across the pond for fueling the fire that is David Tennant as a distraction from both good and bad things. I did need distracting this week after Laura told me she was leaving, but I also didn’t need distracting from my school work. But I have to say, he’s a damn awesome distraction. I haven’t even watched thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy episode yet. I’ve been THAT off this week.

(Posted on the WAS board)

Hopefully once I finish with series 4, I can get back into the swing of things. School. Classes. Homework. Just as long as none of my other friends just up and leave, I think I’ll be good. Please, don’t leave. I think I’ll go mad. Stay here. It’s less complicated.

At least this week is going to end WONDERFULLY. Seeing Phoenix on Saturday. Yeah, the same Phoenix I saw just over a month ago, seeing them again. YES.

(And btw, I declared my major this week. So that was one thing I took care of that I said I was going to take care of.)

♫ Yours, Abigail ♫

the ‘oughts? really?

29 Dec

Three days left of 2009.

I sure wish I could see THIS on NYE.

I’m writing this to procrastinate on my album review. Which is weird, because I love writing album reviews. And I should be really really REALLY excited about writing this one because once I turn this one in, I get the new Spoon album. And I’m SUPER psyched about Transference.

Bah. I’d lived through two full decades. Good lord.

And by the way, the “oughts” are a ridiculous way of referring to this decade. I know there’s no number we can attribute to it, but I figure, if we wait long enough, the phrase will come about. There’s no need for it now. I think we should just call it the angsty years. You have to admit, it wasn’t just because I was teen during this decade, but this country, the media, entertainment, people, were all angsty.

I wish this chair I was sitting in was taller. I feel really short right now. And it’s uncomfortable to lay my arms on the edge of my desk. And I’m using my desk now. I need to improve my posture, and sitting with my laptop literally in my lap was slowly giving me hunchback. Plus, I can use my mouse again. There’s no point in having a mouse if you’re not going to use it. AND – if I make an effort to keep my laptop in my room, it will deter my sister from taking it all the time. It won’t be readily available to her.

Our new blu-ray player is so loud. Mom and Dad are watching Inglourious Basterds downstairs and I can feel the bass in my feet, and I’m on the third floor.

Wow, this is the epitome of a tangent post. I’m like Virginia Woolf, but hopefully not as bipolar and annoying. I’m not all “ooo look over there let’s write about those irrelevant bystanders because they have pretty clothes and shiny jewelry….wait, BIRD!”

Seriously. I mailed out Mrs. Dalloway on Christmas Eve, and I couldn’t have been more happy to mail that SOB off. I mean, it was a pretty book, but in this case, you really CAN’T read a book by it’s cover. It needed to be covered with a bunch of random crap.

We had my grandfather’s surprise 80th birthday party yesterday, and it was actually really fun. I don’t mind hanging out with old people, and it honestly wasn’t all old people. There were maybe 4 other people who were as old at Grandpa. 90-year-old Uncle Don wasn’t there, so Grandpa was the deafest person there. The best part of yesterday was Grandma’s old friend Sarah, who taught her to make bee balm, and her sons Caleb and Levi came. And Mom was pretty sure she hadn’t seen them in at least ten years. Possibly 20. All I can remember of Sarah was the stories Grandma would tell me about her bee balm and soaps and her pet quail, Opie. Caleb and Levi were the ringbearers in my parents’ wedding. Caleb was also one of the pallbearers are my grandma’s funeral. Mom said told them that they were Grandma’s “practice grandkids,” since they were 7 and 9 when I was born. It almost made Mom cry when Caleb said that “Elaine didn’t need any practice.”

I miss her.

Well, I’m gonna go actually work on my “homework” so I can get my hands on the new Spoon. See ya later “oughts.” Christ that’s a stupid name.

❤ Abby

We’re living in Canned Heat

30 Jul

In that we can’t escape it.

This butter was left out for a few hours last night in our kitchen. Seriously. It was cold in the refrigerator before we put it in the bowl.

It’s making my mother, my uncle, and myself incredibly claustrophobic. Today isn’t nearly as bad as yesterday, and the day before that, but it’s still frustrating and at times – scary.

It was at least 101 in GH yesterday. Triple fucking digits. I mean, seriously. With over 70% humidity. I could literally FEEL the heat. The moisture in the air made the heat even more unbearable. Mom, Libby and I even took a drive up to Port Gamble where the weather was a good 30 degrees cooler, and wind. Then we took a drive over to Point No Point in Hansville, where we spent a whole lot of our childhood. I gotta tell you, it’s the saddest thing to see something that was such a big part of my youth go to waste. Vic, the guy who has run the place since my parents used to go there when they were teens, let the state buy Point No Point, and hire him to “run it.” Really, all they are doing is paying him to live there. He’s doing nothing. The boat launch in nonexistent, only a few rails still jetting out of the water, and a lone dock attached to nothing, so no one can actually stand on it. The boat house is deserted, the gate is always closed, even though it says “public beach,” and it is unrecognizable from what it was when I was a kid. The cabins next to the lawn are dilapidated, with the foundations falling apart to where no one can take a step in without crashing through the floorboards.

It’s shameful, and disgusting that the state legislature let that happen to such a nice place.

I took some pics to show how much Vic let it go.

Here’ the lonely dock.

What’s left of the boat launch.

Those flower beds used to be herring bins.

The cabin.

The cabin’s foundation.

Public access my ass.

It’s really sad.

And it’s really hot. I’m just excited that I’m getting my lens in a little over a week. I’m bidding on some old polaroid film since I found an old Polaroid camera at the Goodwill the other day for $4. It’s pretty awesome.

I’m watching Tyler Florence, and he’s making slopping joes and butternut squash chips with Parmesan cheese, so I’m gonna go now.

❤ Abby

007 may not be back next season

15 May

I knew all along that T.R. Knight might not be coming back to Grey’s Anatomy, but I didn’t think that his exit would be this emotional. I knew all along that Izzie might die all along, but it didn’t hit me until tonight.

It hit me in a big way, with a constant stream of tears from 9-11 p.m. Okay, I didn’t start the finale out with tears, but when Alex was first telling Izzie to tear up the DNR form, I cried a little. But seriously, the last 45 minutes, my heart was racing and I couldn’t sit still.

As soon as John Doe looked at Meredith that first time – I knew it was George. I just knew it. At first, we maybe thought it was her Dad, but then I saw his hair, and I absolutely knew it was George. George’s wonderful face. Ruined. But he was a hero. He was a hero the day he decided to got to Iraq and be a hero. I’ll have to admit, if Shonda was planning this all along for George’s exit, it’s a pretty grandiose way to go.

What was so tragic was how they were talking about George going away to Iraq right as he was on the table, and Meredith drilled a burr-hole into his skull to keep his brain from swelling, and he stepped in front of a bus to save a girl.

He’s the tragic hero.

Izzie, on the other hand, was expected to die. I figured knew this episode would be all emotional and melodrama-y, but it was still uber sad. It’s been a long time coming, and I just don’t think it would be fair to kill her now after all the shit she and Alex has gone through, and all the times Derek has saved her life. But to be honest, I’d be happier if she was the one to die and George didn’t. But I know that is highly unlikely, because it’s not like he can come back as the same George – I mean, the truck turned him into meatloaf. It wouldn’t be the same.

I watched an episode from season 2 for a homework assignment for my TV studies class, and it brought back such fond memories from when George was an inexpendable character, worthy of more than 5 minutes on screen. It’s been a tough couple seasons, and now I have to wait until September to find out the fate of George and Izzie.

I haven’t cried this much during television in…I don’t think ever. But then again, I’m menstrual. And George has been my favorite character from the beginning. Shonda can’t kill my George.

The ending was even sadder than when Denny died for sure – when George wrote “007” in Meredith’s hand, and she finally realized it, and ran down the hall screaming “it’s George! John Doe is George!” Izzie stepping into the elevator, going up to the next floor, and the doors opening to George in his army uniform, haircut and all. And I cried even more. I couldn’t control myself. I was basically hyperventilating. I’ve never missed an episode. I own the first three seasons. These characters have become my TV friends, like Dr. Carter became Mom’s TV friend on ER.

I have to stop thinking about it, or I’ll start tearing up again. That Greg Laswell song at the end was pretty damn good though. I think I’ll go and download it now.

Green Day’s album comes out tomorrow. And Sasquatch is in nine days. I have plenty to look forward to.

❤ Abby

Fuck daylight savings

9 Mar

And roundabouts.

I decided to skip my last class today because we were watching Tim Burton’s Big Fish in class. We own the movie, and I would prefer not to cry in class.

Seriously, that movie makes me cry every time I see it, even though I know what fucking happens at the end. They’re tears of sadness, joy, and of the beauty of the story. That sounded kind of pathetic, but I don’t want to cry in front of my peers, or my prof.

You know what pisses me off? Snow. In March. And the dumbass drivers who can’t comprehend snow and driving at the speed limit. It was barely even snowing, and the road didn’t have an ounce on snow on in. And to add on the non-snow paranoia, Sprague Ave. was just demolished this weekend, so people had to stare at the broken off overpass, and slow down to, what…30 MPH! On the highway! Kinda ridiculous. I’d understand if these people were from California or Florida and had never seen a goddamn snowflake and these giant white flakes falling from the sky scared the shit out of them, but these are WASHINGTON drivers. We’ve seen snow. We drive in rain all the time. Big whup! I mean really. Will people learn how to drive, please? I hate asshole drivers and paranoid drivers.

As well as people who don’t know how to work roundabouts. I literally was pulling off the highway at my exit, and there are two different entrances into the roundabout once you get off the highway. Six cars were backed up behind this twat of a driver on the inside lane. Apparently, he was too much of a pussy to pull into the roundabout until the entire thing was clear, so I went into the outside lane, and passed by all these oblivious drivers into the roundabout. I’d already exited from the roundabout before any of the other drivers had entered it.

Ha. I’m skilled.

In lighter news, I just discovered this great comedy duo, called “Hard ‘n’ Phirm.” It’s a playoff of their names, Chris HARDwick and Mike PHIRMan. Haha. They are like a nerdier, American version of Flight of the Conchords. They seriously have a song called “Tribute to Pi.” Between the two of them, they know 180 decimal places of pi.

Innit wicked? Cheers to nerds!

Pi day is in 5 days! I’ll be making a pie. What kind should I make? Chocolate cream? Apple? Pecan? Laura and I made Banana Cream last year and brought it to Ian’s house. At like, 11 o’clock at night.

Here’s a good song by a local Seattle artist that I recently discovered. Say Hi – Hallie and Henry

❤ Abby