Fuck daylight savings

9 Mar

And roundabouts.

I decided to skip my last class today because we were watching Tim Burton’s Big Fish in class. We own the movie, and I would prefer not to cry in class.

Seriously, that movie makes me cry every time I see it, even though I know what fucking happens at the end. They’re tears of sadness, joy, and of the beauty of the story. That sounded kind of pathetic, but I don’t want to cry in front of my peers, or my prof.

You know what pisses me off? Snow. In March. And the dumbass drivers who can’t comprehend snow and driving at the speed limit. It was barely even snowing, and the road didn’t have an ounce on snow on in. And to add on the non-snow paranoia, Sprague Ave. was just demolished this weekend, so people had to stare at the broken off overpass, and slow down to, what…30 MPH! On the highway! Kinda ridiculous. I’d understand if these people were from California or Florida and had never seen a goddamn snowflake and these giant white flakes falling from the sky scared the shit out of them, but these are WASHINGTON drivers. We’ve seen snow. We drive in rain all the time. Big whup! I mean really. Will people learn how to drive, please? I hate asshole drivers and paranoid drivers.

As well as people who don’t know how to work roundabouts. I literally was pulling off the highway at my exit, and there are two different entrances into the roundabout once you get off the highway. Six cars were backed up behind this twat of a driver on the inside lane. Apparently, he was too much of a pussy to pull into the roundabout until the entire thing was clear, so I went into the outside lane, and passed by all these oblivious drivers into the roundabout. I’d already exited from the roundabout before any of the other drivers had entered it.

Ha. I’m skilled.

In lighter news, I just discovered this great comedy duo, called “Hard ‘n’ Phirm.” It’s a playoff of their names, Chris HARDwick and Mike PHIRMan. Haha. They are like a nerdier, American version of Flight of the Conchords. They seriously have a song called “Tribute to Pi.” Between the two of them, they know 180 decimal places of pi.

Innit wicked? Cheers to nerds!

Pi day is in 5 days! I’ll be making a pie. What kind should I make? Chocolate cream? Apple? Pecan? Laura and I made Banana Cream last year and brought it to Ian’s house. At like, 11 o’clock at night.

Here’s a good song by a local Seattle artist that I recently discovered. Say Hi – Hallie and Henry

❤ Abby


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