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Sending off 2008

31 Dec

I’ll be posting later right before Laura’s party, but this is the first part to my two-parter send off.

First of all – the final song of ’08.

We Are Scientists – New Me

So, it’s kind of fitting for the new year, but the other couple songs that I tried to upload wouldn’t work because Mediafire said that they had viruses. Oh well. My mac isn’t affected…bahahaha.

I’ll be back later.

❤ Abby

Do you know what’s annoying?

30 Dec

When you’re sitting in a nice cozy coffee shop and every person who walks out the door leaves the door wide open.

There’s a breeze, people!

I may be dressed warm, but it’s awkward to have one leg being the only thing that’s cold on my body.

And you may be saying “Abby, then why don’t you get up and close the door? You’re being lazy.”

Why, yes I am. And if I do, someone else will just leave the door open, and I’m on a roll with my novel. Although currently I’m pausing to rant for two minutes.

I’m waiting and novelling at Bert’s until Libby gets out of volleyball practice at TCC at 7. We went shopping today, because Libby and I had Christmas money, and I needed to get out of the house. I couldn’t believe how fucking crowded Hot Topic was. And it was filled with all tiny chicks. A whole shitload of Twilighters. It was weird. Normally, it’s not empty, but it’s not that crowded. The checkout guy was really friendly though. In fact, with how dark and noisy it is in Hot Topic, they have the nicest workers. Our checkout guy called himself the Hot Topic Samurai, and he had a tiny ponytail on top of his head, which was also wrapped in a headband. And he was Asian.

It’s always fun eavesdropping on tweens when they come into Bert’s, because they have the funniest conversations…and…OMG, one of them just read my mind. “Can we close the door? It’s kind of cold.”


And the barista is quite cute. He just got one of the tweens her hot chocolate. I love how they aren’t even old enough to need coffee. They will. Very soon.

I think I’ll go back to novelling a little before I try to go find TCC again to pick up Libby at 7 o’clock.

I am going to finish this novel. I promise. This year. 2009 will be good. 2009 will be a successful year.

(Oh, and I already technically had my download today, since I posted at like 2:30 this morning as I was attempting to teach my mother coding. Most. Useless. Idea. Ever.)

(And one more thing – I watched “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” today, and it’s fucking hilarious. I totally didn’t expect to see Jason Segel’s cock that many times.)

❤ Abby

From my (not new) but improved Mac

30 Dec

So I FINALLY bought OSX today, and it’s quite fantastic. If only I had my external hard drive right now as well, fore that would make Izzie UNSTOPPABLE! Okay, maybe I’m over exaggerating, but still, it’s exciting. I’d like to see how Boot Camp works, but I’d much prefer borrowing someone else’s copy of Windows rather than trying to find a huge-ass torrent of it, besides, the ones that I’ve tried haven’t finished, in about 3 days, which is obnoxious.

You know what else is obnoxious? Your mother trying to learn how to manage a blog. I mean, honestly? Both she and I are impatient people, and when we don’t know how to do something, oh boy, people know it. She gets frustrated easily, and I get frustrated easily. So naturally, it’s a frustrating experience trying to explain to her how to insert photos into a blog post. And for some stupid reason, a friend of hers got her into using Typepad, which doesn’t fucking use HTML, it’s like old school Microsoft Word-like shit. So it makes me feel like a smartass when I try to tell her things that to me, are quite obvious – but to her – they are a foreign language.

Recently, technology has been good to me, so I’m getting more hopeful that I’ll have a good year. It’s often a theme in my life – if my computer goes kaput, then my issues got way up – if my ipod phone doesn’t die, then my life is in a completely zen-like state. We got the Wii finally working – I can play Smash Bros. whenever I want to get out any anger, or Wii boxing.

I just hope that 2009 turns out to be a better year for just about…everything. Especially for the grocery stores. Last night when I went to Albertson’s for spaghetti fixins, they were literally out of ground turkey. Just plain old ground turkey. They had ground turkey breast, which has about as much moisture as toast, so I got the pre-italian seasoned turkey, which tasted a little funny when we put it in the spaghetti, but it was better than toast.

I totally missed my download yesterday, sorry.

Oh, and I’m finally done with PETCO…YES!

Oxford Collapse – Please visit your national parks

❤ Abby

I hate my dog sometimes

27 Dec

I swear, I’m surprised that my eardrums aren’t blown. I took Millie for a bath tonight, and she was a little better than before with the hose and blow dryer, but for some stupid reason, she just kept fucking barking. I couldn’t get her nails cut, she jumped on me multiple times, and I had to leave early because I thought she was going to have a spaz attack. And now she’s all chill. Ugh.

I pretty much had a bad day, except two things – Blackberry activated and well…I saw someone at work today.

Girl Talk – Doesn’t Really Matter

❤ Abby

Happy Christmas!

26 Dec

Sufjan Stevens: Come on, let’s boogey to the elf dance!

Sorry I waited until the end of the day to post my Christmas song. I was not at home all day. I literally got home from Gary’s at 1:30 and left for Grandma Louise and Dave’s at 2 to get there before our cousins left at 3.

I won’t be too talkative this weekend, fore tomorrow we’ll be setting up my new cell phone, and then working, and saturday Libby and I will be setting up the Wii while the parentals are at my aunt and uncle’s crab feed.

But sunday will be my last work day, so there will be more time for me to novel. Yay!

❤ Abby

Download of the day

24 Dec

So, since I figured out how to use Mediafire, I decided to do a download of the day, just cause.

Tomorrow’s Christmas Eve, and I’m UBER excited.

Boy Kill Boy- Suzie
This band is one my favorite new UK finds of the year. I’ll be posting a lot of UK bands, because they rock more than most American bands.

❤ Abby

Good song…testing this filesharing website

22 Dec

The Morning Benders-Loose Change

I’ll be using this site more often now to spread my lovely findings…for your benefits.

❤ Abby