It’s a Cornucopia of LOVE!

6 Oct

A cornucopia of love and music.

Basically, those two go hand in hand I say.

For some reason, the Potter Puppet Pals video popped into my head today.

Remember these?

Well, some odd years ago, Andrea and I memorized all of this, and another of the videos.

We were weird.

But what was my original point?

Oh right. Music.

That seems to be all I’m writing about these days. Oh well.

Today I was at school and logged onto Facebook to a nice surprise. One of my new favorite bands, Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head – you know, these peeps?>>>>

– well, they just got signed to Warner Bros. I know, crazy right? I had no idea that this was even in the works, and it’s pretty durn awesome. With that news came some more news of a rerelease of Glistening Pleasure in early 2010. Now I wasn’t so psyched about that idea, seeing that I was hoping for a completely new album of stuff, as I’ve listened to Glistening Pleasure a good…500+ times. But on the blog, they did say that there would be at least a couple new ditties on the rerelease of GP. And another reason why I chose a cornucopia of love as this post’s theme came at the sign-off of NPSH’s latest blog entry. This is what they said: “Thanks for sticking through with us for so long! We couldn’t have done it without you. Cheers to a beautiful future together! Love you. Let’s get married.”

I’d gladly accept that proposal, mind you. Anyway, congrats y’all!

Eeek yay!

Moving on. Yesterday, I was informed via twitter that The Morning Benders are touring with Grizzly Bear at the moment, which is SO RAD, and they’re coming to Seattle soon, which is EVEN MORE RAD. But it’s in 10 days. Really? You give me 10 days notice to find someone who likes these bands within my circle of friends. That isn’t necessarily the problem, I just hope the tickets don’t get sold out by the time I find someone to go with me.

I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna see them again. It’s been over a year, and the dudes seem pretty damn down to earth to where I might actually be able to talk to them. Maybe a Popwreckoning interview?

Oh, and I'd like to see them too.

What else?


That’s right. My homies Bret and Jemaine are coming out with a new album on 10/20. Sure, it’s mostly songs from the second season of FoTC, but there are a couple new ones, and most likely these will be different versions than the ones from the show. Either way. New album = possible new tour? Maybe? Who knows. But I found a new version of “Sugalumps” (that R is omitted for a reason), and it’s longer (no pun intended) and mentions chicken soup. Take a listen. Slightly different than the show version, but either way, any FoTC news is good news, unless on of them contracted a terminal illness, or they broke up, or Jemaine decided to have a sex change. That would be the ultimate buzzkill (or boner killer as Libby likes to say). Anxiously awaiting I Told You I Was Freaky! I’m almost to 100 tracks of FoTC on my itunes. The only other ones that I’ve reached over 100 is WAS, the Beatles, Elliott Smith, and George Carlin. I think.

Here’s the new version of “Sugalumps.”

I know there’s something else.

Hmm. Oh. OH!

I don’t know if you’ve heard that Phoenix is releasing a remix EP, pairing up with the likes of Devendra Banhart, Friendly Fires, and um – FUCK YEAH ANIMAL COLLECTIVE. If I could speak any more candidly about how amazing this is – I would say “I JUST CAME.” But I won’t.

Seriously. I just got an orgasm in my brain. But honestly, Phoenix could pair up with anyone and it would work, because every song from Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is KILLER. Phoenix could pair up with Nickelback and it would work. Phoenix could pair up with any of the Cyrus’ and it would still work. We may lose respect for them, but the song would still kick ass. Oh this makes me really excited to do my top 20 albums of 2009. I better start thinking up my list now.

BUT RIGHT NOW. I have found links to THREE of the songs off the new Fences EP, and they all are fantastic, but I didn’t have to tell you that. It’s Phoenix for christ’s sake.

“Love Like A Sunset” – Deakin jam (Animal Collective remix, with Panda Bear vocals and everything. O.O)

“Fences” – Friendly Fires Remix (didn’t think “Fences” could get any more jam-worthy and danceable did you? Well you’ve been proven WRONG my friend!)

“Rome” – Neighbours with Devendra Banhart remix. (Weird combination huh? Well it WORKS BITCHES.)

I didn’t feel like embedding these actual songs into my blog, just linking you to the original MP3s because it’s easier. And I’m lazy.

❤ Abby


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