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My First Venture To The Showbox

29 Sep

Two days ago, I found out that one of my new favorite bands, Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head had joined the Perez Hilton tour with Ladyhawke and Semi-Precious Weapons, and I was so freaking excited. As much of a twat Perez Hilton is, he puts together a rad tour. Yes, I just said rad.

Rad is common slang of the 80s, and last night made me feel like I’d jumped back into the 80s, with the tweaky intros Perez put together and the synth-heavy music all night.

Well, Semi-Precious Weapons weren’t synth-heavy, but you can see how I felt like I was in the 80s.

I hadn’t heard much of them before last night, and I was pleasantly surprised how much fun I had. They were great openers, bringing the room’s energy up to the highest degree at multiple points, especially during lead singer Justin Tranter’s banter between songs. He sweared profusely, and at one point, he shouted “cunt!” multiple times, because he said he “couldn’t give up saying it.” And of course when he changed his clothes on stage. From one pair of tights and crazy heels to another pair of tights and crazy tights. As my friend Laura said, his junk was everywhere in the tights. It was quite an eyeful. But the music wasn’t bad. It was like heavy 80s glam rock with hints of Chris Crocker. My favorite track was “Magnetic Baby,” but that’s all I can remember really right now. The guitarist was pretty wicked, and the bassist was ridiculously spazmatic. I didn’t know any of the music beforehand, and most of the people there weren’t there to see them, so it wasn’t nearly as energetic had the crowd been full of SPW fans. It was a good way to get the show going though, as a majority of the people at the show were there to see Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head.

They are Seattleites, after all.

And they were technically the reason I drove down to Seattle last night not knowing if there would be tickets. Ida Maria cancelled last week, and they filled in for the remainder of the tour. And I didn’t want to buy tickets for one artist that I wanted to see. But TWO bands that I really wanted to see? That’s worth buying tickets and paying for fucking Seattle parking. I swear to god, I’m never driving when I live in Seattle.

But I will say right now, a friend of mine told me after Bumbershoot that NPSH was way better in smaller venues and that they sucked at Bumbershoot. Now, I don’t agree with the latter statement, but I will verify the first statement. They are SO much better in small clubs. But then again, most bands are. Intimate stages always make everything better. There was this guy standing behind us – I’ll call him Plaid Guy – but he was hilarious. When NPSH were setting up their instruments, he kept shouting at Luke, “Shaun! Shaun!” I tapped him and was like, “I’m pretty sure that’s Luke.” Then he felt all stupid and said, “that’s why he’s not listening to us!” Apparently, Plaid Guy REALLY wanted them to play Bedroom Costume, which wasn’t on the setlist that had already been taped to the floor. So when Claire came out to set up her synth, Plaid Guy yelled, “put a synth here!” And when Claire put her synth right in front of us, he thanked her profusely and was all “I love you!” And almost demanded they play Bedroom Costume. And lo and behold, the third song in, Shaun prefaces the song with, “we’re gonna play this one for those guys over there.” And Plaid Guy went apeshit crazy.

They’re all grainy because I had to use macro close-up for my Coolpix because I didn’t get a pass to bring in my nice camera. Oh well. It was great just the same.

But the best part was during Beard Lust, Shaun said something like “are you guys ready to dance? This guy looks ready!” And they asked people to jump up on stage for a dance off. Or just a big fat dance party. I didn’t feel like tripping over things, and my feet were slightly achey, plus, this way I could get pictures of the dance party.

Yeah, it was pretty sweet.

My mom thought it was weird that I’d seen Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head twice in one month. Sure, Bumbershoot was like 3 weeks ago, but I don’t really care. It was totally worth it, and mom hasn’t been to a show in like…at least ten years. Except the stupid concerts I went to when I was 13, and when she and Dad drove to the Gorge to see the Eagles. Twice. So she has no room to talk. She’s seen the Eagles multiple times, and those concerts cost like a shit ton.

After they finished “Iceage Babeland,” I was fucking BEAT. My feet hurt, I was hungry, I was thirsty. I would have been satisfied going home right then with what we’d already seen, but WAIT! We had yet to see Ladyhawke, the headliner to Perez’s synthtastic tour.

Her setlist. Plaid Guy grabbed the setlist in front of us too quickly for me to grab it. Oh well. She was still awesome, and she had an adorable guitarist with the strongest prescription glasses I’ve ever seen. I swear to god. Honestly, the crowd was quite a bit smaller for Ladyhawke, mostly because a lot of the NPSH fans had to leave because they had homeroom in the morning. It was an all ages show, after all. The beginning of Ladyhawke’s set was strikingly different than the two previous acts, because people were more just listening to the music and grooving to Ladyhawke’s smooth beats rather dancing their ass off. It was a great vibe, even though I knew people were tired. The songs sounded awesome, and Ladyhawke’s crazy eyes helped. She does make some crazy eyes. Nobody really danced their ass off until she played her last two songs, “Paris is Burning” and “My Delirium.” Those were fun songs.

She’s just so cool.

After the show was over, Laura and I were going to try and get a picture with some of NPSH, but we were tired, and I was afraid that I’d fangirl all over them and be a freak. I feel like I need to meet a band that I like, but am not crazy about first to warm up to meeting actual artists. I really need to get over that if I’m going to a music journalist. Seriously, I can’t get all fangirl-y every time I meet a band, and it’s unprofessional to be like, “can I have your autograph?” or “can I get a picture with you?”

Sheesh. I’m a dork.

BUT I just found the most amazing pictures of NPSH on Flickr. SO JEALOUS of people who get press passes. Literally, I have barely any control over what kind of photos I take with the coolpix.

DUDE. Luke + Shaun = ❤

Seriously. I love them.

I’m done now.

❤ Abby

DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake

28 Sep

This has nothing to do with DC comics. Or chocolate milkshakes. Although I did have a glass of chocolate milk this morning.

Nevermind. I just figured that’s one of the songs I’ve been listening to for the last few days that has the most extraneous title. From Art Brut vs. Satan. It’s been that album, Erasure’s Greatest Hits, La Roux, Boy Kill Boy, Editors, and Phoenix – that haven’t left my ears. And of course Muse. You can’t forget Muse. And I have been listening to AFI, mostly just because I reviewed their new album, “Crash Love,” which isn’t that great, BTW. I reviewed it HERE. Hopefully my La Roux review will be up in the next couple of days. Other than music, I’ve just been at school. And you know that school hasn’t started yet, right?

Yeah. The first issue of the Ledger always takes the most willpower to not procrastinate. We had two separate orientations last week, a freshmen lock-in, and lots of layout. And not the mention the fact that there are 6 of us. For most of last week, there were only three of us, as the other three of us were in Europe somewhere. I wish I could go to Europe. Seriously, if I win the lottery, or somehow get a huge amount of money, I’m putting some of it away to keep me out of debt once I’m off my dad’s medical insurance, and taking the rest of it to go to England, Germany, Scotland, and Sweden. And possibly Italy. But I’m pretty sure there’s a higher ratio of people in the four latter nations that speak English rather than in Italy. I like understanding what people are saying, so Italy’s a question mark at this point. But they do have the best food. Hmm…


OH MY GAWD I ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT PREMIERE WEEK! Holy balls. Okay – monday: Big Bang Theory was AMAZING. Raj + beard = <3. And Leonard + Penny = <3, even if they had awkward sex. How I Met Your Mother was so much awesome, I don't even want to go into it. I'll just say that it made me really happy that new television is back. Speaking of new television, Accidentally on Purpose was pretty cute, as was Jon Foster. Damn, he's adorable. Hopefully people liked it, because I'd like for it to stick around. I'm sick of Two and a Half Men. We need a new and fresh comedy on monday nights. After the laughter came…well, some more laughter and other stuff with Castle! Uh, I was so excited when it go picked up again, because Nathan Fillion always needs to be on television. He's too good just to be on cancelled SciFi shows and internet sing-along blogs. Um. Nothing good on tuesday. Wednesday was GINORMOUS, with new Criminal Minds (Gubler broke his leg!) and CSI:NY (Danny can't walk!), and Top Chef and America's Next Top Model started a couple weeks ago. But I was happy that Ashley on Top Chef was in the top again. I'd really like to go to her restaurant in Seattle one day, but I've heard that she moved to Brooklyn, which is kind of depressing, but whatever. What else?

OH FUCK. Thursday. Thursday was the day I was so damn anxious for it was kind of ridiculous. New Office, 30 Rock, SNL Weekend Update Thursday, and Grey's Anatomy. Let me tell you, I'm glad I waited to watch the comedy shows after Grey's Anatomy, because I needed something to suppress my tears, because there were a lot. Literally, there was on-and-off tears for the first hour, and at the end of the second hour, more tears came. I, being a Grey's fangirl, reacted differently had I not been so involved in the characters. It didn't make my mom cry. And to be honest, retrospectively, the premiere was not that good. It should have been just an hour. Two hours was too jumbled, and had too many storylines that had nothing to do with George's death. As my mother said, "ER would have never done that!" referring to a couple scenes that were incredibly disrespectful towards George's memory. Sure, George is a fictional character, but it's not that like it's been 2 seasons and he's dead. He's been there since the beginning, and this is season 6! They should have had one other patient storyline and left all the sexytime drama to next week. It wasn't fair, and it didn't seem to honor George at all. I know it was messy departure for TR Knight, but Shonda could have at least done the character justice in his death. The only character that seemed to speak of him not in this distant manner was Owen, who told George's mom how much of a hero he was, and how he was a great doctor. And Callie was the only one who seemed to react completely appropriately. Yes, I know Izzie just died and woke up again, and she's kind of a nutbag right now, but laughing at the funeral? Gain some tact, Shonda. And Bailey was completely void of emotion that you almost forgot it was Bailey. So I guess I was crying for two reasons – 1: George is actually dead now; and 2: He didn't get a proper sendoff, and as a diehard fan, that hurts.

Okay, enough of Grey's talk. You probably don't care.

Now, onto Saturday Night Live. Wow, this is turning into a tv-centric post. Oh well. I'll just mention a few things – Megan Fox was great, "Arkansas: where being pregnant doesn't even stop you from getting pregnant," and this:

HAHAHA. I frickin’ loved it, but who knows what the FCC will do. But what’s weirder is that we’re on the west coast feed. I’d understand if they missed it in the midst of all the friggins and freakins on the east coast feed, but they have three hours to catch that to bleep it out for our timezone. Sounds like someone at NBC will be getting in trouble, not Jenny Slate, who sadly enough, wasn’t all that funny – and this sketch was her DEBUT. Yeah, way to mess it up. Hopefully she won’t get in too much trouble, as I’d like to give her a second chance. But like always, Kristen Wiig was on top of her game, not even missing a beat after the f-bomb. Love her.

Oh, and guess what starts in three months??? SKINS! I saw some new pictures from the series 4 set, and I’m so anxious. Without True Blood, what else will fulfill the naughty factor for my television viewing other than Skins?

Oh Freddie, you’re so sexy.

Guess what my mom did yesterday? I burned a photo disc with all the pictures from last weekend for my uncle who’s leaving today for california. I told my mom to write his name and what’s on it on the CD. I got home from layout last night, and she told me that she wrote on the silver side. It’s a pink disc. She wrote on the wrong side. The side that the laser reads. Wow. I literally almost pissed my pants I laughed so hard. Then I grabbed her hand to slap it because she’s so dumb sometimes. And the dog got up like I was hurting her. She stared me in the face like, “don’t you touch her!” Millie does that if anyone hits any of us. Or if we dance.

Now back to music, because it’s mah laahf (yay Sookie Southern!) I found out YESTERDAY, that Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head, this band:

is gonna be at the Showbox at the Market tonight with Ladyhawke:

Yes, THAT Ladyhawke. And Semi-Precious Weapons, which I haven’t heard much of, but they aren’t bad. I hate Perez Hilton, but he puts together a killer tour. Apparently, NPSH filled in for Ida Maria last week when she had to leave the tour. That’s why I didn’t hear about this until now, and I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna go. It’s $23 at the door. Hopefully everything goes well and I drive up to Seattle tonight for a dancetastic finale to my summer. How perfect would that be? Go see an awesome show and possibly meet NPSH and Ladyhawke, then start school! And it’s an all-ages show! Which is something the Art Brut show didn’t have, which made me very sad last week. But what DID make me happy was when I mentioned something to Eddie Argos on his twitter page about it, and he tweeted me back! I’m such a fangirl. But I’m okay with that.

I’m just shaking in my boots with excitement!

Now I think I’m done. See, I told you this one would be random. Yay tangents!

Oh, and listen to this badass Neighbours remix of Rome by Phoenix, featuring Devendra Banhart

❤ Abby

Ah need to get mah hayerr did

23 Sep

Not sure why I was just speaking in Sookie Stackhouse Southern, but I felt like saying something more interesting that “my hair looks like shit,” and I miss True Blood already.

But right now I REALLY need to get my hair done. I seriously haven’t had a professional cut or color my hair in…well…two years in January. Libby’s been cutting it and she and I have been coloring it. I’m cheap, okay. Sue me.

I love my red hair. I do. It’s different and awesome and makes me stand out, but I’m lazy. Back when I went red, I was still puffy and bulgy from the prednisone, and I needed something to distract from my huge face. But now my face isn’t huge anymore. And I don’t like grow out. And I’m cheap. So I figure if I can get back to my natural color, I won’t have to worry about nasty grow out that makes me look cheap. (I never said I wanted to look cheap, I said I was cheap.)

But my dishwater blonde roots are about an inch right now, not such a good look. Really, I was walking by the copy center at UWT today, and noticed my glowing side part in my reflection. My dishwater blonde almost looks gray. Seriously. I don’t have the brightest or most vibrant shade of blonde, so even the faded red looks so ridiculously saturated against my natural color.

For the past few weeks while my roots grew, I’ve been trying to figure out what path to take to get back to my natural color without turning orange. Wigs and the Natalie Portman look were out of the question right off the bat, so that left color. I thought about stripping the color, but I’ve dyed it so many times that the orange would inevitably happen. Today, I gave into the idea of highlighting over time. At first, I was worried that the red grow out would still look wonky and incredibly tacky, but then I realized that if we do lots of highlights on top, basically covering up the roots with the first set of highlights, it might work. I think it might actually look kinda cool, like a tone on tone blonde red thing, but not too drastic like the highlights emo kids get. I’m just tired of my hair. That is the one thing in my life that I can stand changing a lot – my look. Not that it’s that important, but it’s easy to change. And just as easy to change back. Unfortunately, the red isn’t quite as easy to change back from than if I was a natural brunette and went blonde.

Oh, and btw.

This isn’t the haircolor I want. It’s the haircut I want.
Egyptian Theater
I don’t know where I came upon a picture of this girl, because I don’t watch Soap Operas, but I think I typed in random search words and her picture came up. But do you think this haircut will work?

I don’t want to have straight hair, because it’s a bitch to manage and too time consuming to straighten. My hair is naturally big and wavy. The way I wear it now – that’s how I manage it.

But I’m diggin the cut, I just need to buy a smoothing creme and a curl activator.

Hopefully this will work.

Oh, and my headline reminded me of this. Hehe.

❤ Abby

Neil Patrick Harris is the HBIC

21 Sep

So…when it came to the awards themselves last night, I was quite disappointed – except for Kristin Chenoweth winning for Best Supporting Actress for Pushing Daisies. My dearly departed show got some recognition.

And Kristin looked fierce in her mirrored mini. LOVE HER.

For the most part, everything was very lackluster, semi-expected. Alec Baldwin won for 30 Rock, Glenn Close won for Damages, Brian Cranston won for Breaking Bad, The Daily Show and the Amazing Race won (I was hoping for Project Runway or Top Chef). Blah-dee-blah Toni Collette was the only newcomer to the awards, with a win for Lead Actress in a comedy series for her Showtime series United States of Tara.

She looked quite nice too.

Even though Alec Baldwin beat out Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper) and Jemaine Clement, he deserved it – because he’s freaking Alec Baldwin. But the only award I was actually mad about was Supporting Actor in a comedy series. First of all, Michael Urie wasn’t even nominated, which is WRONG. And second, Jon Cryer won. Neil Patrick should have been a shoo-in. He and Jon Cryer actually had a funny bit of banter when Jon was in the press room.

“How does it feel, Jon?”

“Oh, it feels great Neil.”

It went on longer than that, but I can’t remember exactly what they said.

But he was a damn good host, kicking the night off with a great opening number urging us all to not change the channel. Overall, the awards this year were much better than last year when all the reality hosts hosted the Emmys. They kinda sucked. And Jeff Probst actually made a joke of it when he accepted his award for best reality host. “This is how you host the Emmys,” he told NPH as he pointed his award to him.

I especially loved when Dr. Horrible hijacked the Emmys during the explanation of the Emmy voting procedure. Nice touch.

I was a bit saddened that Flight of the Conchords and Saturday Night Live didn’t win any team awards, but I did dig that the Emmy voters chose Tina Fey and Justin Timberlake to win Guest Actor awards for SNL. I mean, no one can beat Tina’s Sarah Palin.

The In Memoriam portion of the show made both Mom and I tear up, because there were so many people on that list – Bea Arthur, Patrick Swayze, Farrah Fawcett, Walter Cronkite, and Michael Jackson, among many others. And Sarah McLaughlin singing along with it made it even sadder. But it was one of the best moments of the entire broadcast.

Grey’s Anatomy didn’t win anything – again. Neither did the Office. Basically Mad Men and 30 Rock won EVERYTHING. And rightly so, as they were nominated the most. I was keeping my fingers crossed for Lost to win over Mad Men, but I really need to watch that show. I’ll have to download the first season, because I can’t go on being the TV fanatic that I am without watching the Emmy-winning drama series two years in a row. But I was SO EXCITED that Michael Emerson won for Supporting Actor for Lost. I mean, he’s the creepiest character on television. How could he NOT win?

Now to the fashion. I musn’t leave it out.

Heidi looked so freaking fierce at 8 months pregnant it was ridiculous.

Not too school-bussy, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s dress popped against the red carpet.

Sigourney Weaver is 59 years old. Seriously.

I looooooved the neckline here on Ginnifer Goodwin. I wish I could wear a neckline like that.

It’s almost uncanny how much Angela (from the Office) does NOT dress like Angela Kinsey. And this dress made her look much taller than she is. Stunning.

Damnit, woman. You’re the same age as my mom for crying out loud. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, how come you’re so fabulous?

Kaley Cuoco looked so glamorous, and up on stage with her nerdtastic co-stars, it was perfect.

I already mentioned how great Kristin Chenoweth, NPH and Toni Collette looked, so now I’ll mention the fashion that was less than stellar.

Kristen Wiig looks awesome, but the dress looks like it belongs in the Empire Strikes Back.

What the hell Leighton? How come you looked fashion-forward at the VMAs last weekend, but looked old and drab with way too dark lipstick at the Emmys. Just because you’re not surrounded by tweens doesn’t mean you have to dress like you’re 50.

Because Padma has a perfect body, I wouldn’t have a problem with the dress if it didn’t have that wonky patch of red flowers on her hip.

Ack. What and WHO is that?

Not the time, not the place. And besides, it’s basically a sheet wrapped around her torso.

Your husband outdid you, Kyra. This mauve, flower-appliqued dress made you look old.

Jeanne Tripplehorn’s dress was terribly unflattering on her figure, and a bad shape plus tons of sequins equals just bad.

And I forgot to say how ridiculous Patricia Arquette looked.

This post was kind of jumbled, but I’m sick and my head isn’t completely clear.

❤ Abby

nickelback makes baby jesus cry

17 Sep

When I was a young lass, I’ll admit I enjoyed “How You Remind Me.” And perhaps the song “Hero” from the first Spiderman soundtrack. But then again, I used to wear skirts over jeans and couldn’t eat green vegetables without hollandaise sauce. Now I know better – steamed broccoli is delicious, skirts over jeans look utterly ridiculous, and Nickelback sucks major ass.

I’ve avoided this subject long enough, because I made myself not change the radio station when a Nickelback song came on today while I was driving home. The song was called “If Today Was Your Last Day.” Now, it sounds like a perfectly acceptable idea for a song. Living your life to the fullest, telling everyone that you love them, and bungee jumping – if that’s what you care to do before you die. But in song form, you’d figure a band would bring new ideas to the subject, eloquently and creatively addressing “your last day.”


These are some of the lyrics. Seriously.

“Against the grain should be a way of life
What’s worth the price is always worth the fight
Every second counts ’cause there’s no second try
So live like you’re never living twice
Don’t take the free ride in your own life”
–“If Today Was Your Last Day”

Could they have included any more cliches in one stanza? They might as well have sang “carpe diem” if that’s the direction they were going.

I think I can truly say that those are some of the worst lyrics I’ve ever heard. At least “do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips” is creative. It’s retarded, but you’ve never heard someone say that before 3OH!3 sang it. Nickelback just sucks on all levels.

First of all – all the songs sound the same. Go HERE. It proves my point. There’s no hook, nothing original, nothing worth remembering, and surely nothing worth covering. At least seriously. WAS did a cover of “Rockstar,” but they did it to be ironic. And for some reason, Nickelback has slowly morphed from a late-90s pussy rock band to a late 00s douche rock band. My dad, bless his heart, actually purchased a Nickelback album a few years back – and it was the one with the dirty sexist song “Figured You Out.”

“I love your lack of self-respect
While you’re passed out on a deck.
I love my hands around your neck.”

Really? That’s disgusting. Way to fail, Nickelback.

And again, with “Animals.”

“You’re beside me on the seat
Got your hand between my knees
And you control how fast we go by just how hard you wanna squeeze
It’s hard to steer when you’re breathing in my ear
But I got both hands on the wheel while you got both hands on my gears
By now, no doubt that we were heading south
I guess nobody ever taught her not to speak with a full mouth
‘Cause this was it, like flicking on a switch
It felt so good I almost drove into the ditch”

I don’t necessarily have a problem with sexual metaphors. Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop” is outrageously blatant, but the analogies aren’t LAME. Who compares their member to gears?

Nickelback doesn’t even try to look the part anymore. At least Chad Kroeger used to have the blonde jesus/curly Cobain look back in 2001. Now in all their videos, they’re rocking tight shirts and straightened, groomed coifs. What kind of rock band is that? They look more like a country group than anything else. And I’m sure with how shallow the lyrics are – they would appeal to country fans more than rocks fans. As well as naive tweens who wouldn’t know Joe Perry even if he performed on the VMAs with Katy Perry. Oh right, he did. No 13-year-olds, Joe Perry isn’t Katy’s dad or uncle – he’s in fucking AEROSMITH.

But back to Nickelback. They’re the epitome of prepackaged, commercialized radio “rock.” It’s sad that they are the picture of what is palatable to the American mainstream. Are they even remotely popular around the world? I don’t know, but from how long they’ve been around in America, it shows that people are still buying their records. What’s the point? It’s the same shit that was on the last album. On their Wikipedia page, the genres listed are: hard rock (LOL), post-grunge (such a vague genre, but I guess it fits, because Creed is listed as post-grunge, and they suck even harder), alternative rock (no, Weezer is alternative rock. WAS is alternative rock. Nickelback is NOT alternative), and alternative metal (Tool is alt metal. Fuck you, Wikipedia.)

I feel like Wikipedia shouldn’t sugarcoat it and just describe Nickelback like they are – douche rock, commercial crap, prepackaged rock.

I know I’m not going to convince every fan that Nickelback are the Dukes of Suckingham, but I’m okay with that. Just as long as I find each and every one of them and stifle their record-buying abilities in some way, we will have won. If no one spends money on the crap, Nickelback will eventually go away into the oblivion that Creed currently rules.

Won’t that be nice?

❤ Abby

Leave it to Lady Gaga to DIE on stage

14 Sep

I figured since I’m SUCH a music fan, I may as well write about the VMAs last night, even though MTV has ruined so many things over the last few years.

But I must admit, bravo MTV, bravo. Last night’s awards show was awesome. It had scandal, a sexy host, some funny bits, and the performances – OH THE PERFORMANCES!

I’ll start with the scandal, because it is, of course, what everyone is talking about. This is the first and only time I can say that I was “on Taylor Swift’s side.” I don’t enjoy her music. She can’t sing live for shit, and I just don’t dig country. But she’s adorable, she writes her own songs, and she’s for sure a better role models for teenagers than Miley Cyrus who dances on poles in daisy dukes. So even I was disgusted when she went up to accept her award for Best Female Video and thank everyone, and lo and behold, here comes the duke of douchebags, Kanye West.

“Taylor, I’m happy for you, you can finish in a minute, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of ALL TIME!” And he hands her back her mic and they show Beyonce in the audience like “what the fuck is he doing? Good god I’m so much classier than he is.” Awkward pause, then cut to Tracy Morgan and Eminem’s Best New Artist bit, laugh laugh laugh, commercial, come back to Russell Brand’s sexy ass trying to keep the show going after Kanye’s head exploded with so much douche.

Thankfully, Kanye was “escorted” out of the theater after the incident. But that’s the nice way of saying that the producers kicked him and his bald-ass famewhore girlfriend out of Radio City Music Hall.

I mean, look at these whores.


And I LOVED it whenever they announced Kanye as a nominee for anything after that, people booed. You don’t hear a lot of booing from MTV audiences, because god knows they aren’t critical of anything really, but it was fantastic. I actually booed on my couch at home. And I again clapped when Beyonce, the queen that she is, won the award for video of the year, and she brought Taylor back out to have her moment. It was so classy.

I’m just excited to see Kanye on Leno’s new show tonight, because it will be so AWKWARD. Haha, Kanye, you just lost SO many fans.

I’ll just reiterate how HOT Russell Brand looked last night. He lost the nest on the back of his head, and traded it for a top hat. In fact, he probably lent the nest to Gaga. Nevermind.

Again, I clapped after the Michael tribute. Sure, Madonna’s speech was a little weird, bringing the attention back to her in some weird way, but the mashup of all the videos and the dancers and when Janet came out and danced right next to the video of her brother, it was very cool, and very much like how MTV used to be.

Honestly, last night’s awards reminded me of back in the early 2000s before the VMAs started to suck. Having the Michael tribute open the show was the only way to do him justice after the BET Awards utterly failed at remembering him earlier this summer. Way to go, MTV. Way to go.

Something just dawned on me, I was looking through pictures from the VMAs, and do these two dresses look similar to you? >>>

Ouch. I mean, the dress is fierce, but that really sucks for both of them.

Sorry, I got sidetracked for a minute. Mom really liked the Eminem/Tracy Morgan bits about the best new artist award. But really, you put Tracy Morgan with anyone, and it’s funny. But I just love him Eminem seemed so earnest – it was hilarious. And for sure, the right person won. HELLO GAGA. And at the end – this was awesome – she ended with “this is for god and the gays!”

Eminem’s face is priceless in that picture.

How could she not win after a performance like that. Leave it to Lady Gaga to die on stage. It was fantastic. And I know some people think she’s a freak, but come on, really? If she wasn’t talented, sure you can say that. But she is so talented. And I generally don’t like pop music, but I would love to see her live. Her mashup of Poker Face and Paparazzi was one of multiple great performances of the night.

Let’s see, you’ve got Gaga.
Then Beyonce.
Green Day.
Taylor Swift (even though she was lip-syncing).
Jay-Z with Alicia Keys.
Katy Perry’s really doesn’t count because she was introducing Russell with a Queen cover.

They were all awesome and creative. Pink on a trapeze, Taylor Swift dancing in the Subway, Jay-Z and Alicia’s tribute to NYC two days after the 9/11 anniversary, Billy Joe crowd-surfed during Green Day’s performance, Beyonce had a ton of ladies doing the single ladies dance, and then there’s just Muse. You don’t even need a qualifier of why they’re awesome. But I was so pleased with the performances, like it’s kind of ridiculous how much I enjoyed it. There was no Miley to be found, people weren’t ogling over Coldplay like they did at the Grammys, and Matt & Kim won for Breakthrough Video for “Lessons Learned!”

What I loved about the Muse performance was that it wasn’t in Radio City, it was in the Walter Kerr theater across the street, a smaller theater, which meant that it was more intimate for the people watching, and those people were genuinely Muse fans, not just people who came to the VMAs to see everyone else. And at this point, I’m not so mad at Muse for possibly being on the New Moon soundtrack, because if that means they tour here more, I’m happy. Sure, I wish it was for a better movie, but at this point I’ve given up caring so much.

But I did hear the new Death Cab song “Meet Me On the Equinox,” and guess what? It’s not that good. I actually feel kind of vindicated.

It was so hilarious when Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson came up on stage to introduce the “extended trailer” for New Moon. All the little chickies in the audience jizzed in their pants, and screamed their faces off. And to honest, Taylor almost looked better than RPattz last night. And Kristen’s mullet is ridiculous. And RPattz was totally drunk. He was slurring his words, whatever small amount of words he had to say.


And I’m not sure whether or not that dress is working on Kristen. She needs more boobs and less mullet. And christ is she pale. Taylor looks like a completely different color palette standing next to those two translucent “lovers” as the gossip mags are calling them. Blech.

But I will say, this second movie looks way more entertaining than the first one. I’m guessing there will be less longing stares and bad makeup. I’ll probably go see it just for the laughs.

I think I’m done now. I think I’ll go listen to more Muse. <3<3<3

❤ Abby

The Summer is Over and I doubt i’ll be seeing you around

12 Sep

Today is an average day. Mom has work. Libby has a birthday party to go to. All my friends are at their job. I’m dog-sitting, and I at least one television is on at all times.

It’s September 12th. Just over two weeks until school starts, and this summer is not quite over. Contrary to my headline – a lyric from “Summer, Man” off Taking Back Sunday’s new album, “New Again.” But I figure since I’ve had so many things to write about lately, I’d take a day to write just to write.

But I must mention first that my three-part coverage of Bumbershoot is now online at Popwreckoning. They are underneath the featured stories in the slideshow on the top of the page. It’s pretty cool. You should read them, and tell all your peeps to start reading Popwreckoning instead of Pitchfork. If you like reading that kinda stuff.

It’s been a pretty lazy week since Bumbershoot last weekend, and I’m just fine with that. I’ve just been listening to music non-stop. Mostly Franz Ferdinand and Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head. And now after Muse’s album, “The Resistance” leaked two days ago, lots of Muse.

Now I have an idea of what to write about. I’ll make a list of my top songs of the summer. I’ve been really anxious to make the “Best of” list of 2009, but it’s still only September, and there are three months left for some band to release their opus.

10. Letters from the Sky – Civil Twilight
This song was in the 3rd to the last episode of “Harper’s Island,” CBS’ murder mystery miniseries, and Mom thought at first listen that it was U2, but this band from Cape Town is really good.

9. Sink Into Me – Taking Back Sunday
TBS’ new album isn’t bad. It’s really different from their previous albums, which is probably why the title fits so well. But I’m freaking obsessed with this song, and the video of course, because Adam Lazzara has such fabulous hair in the video.

8. Bulletproof – La Roux
I saw her perform on Alexa Chung’s show, and saw pictures from Coachella and All Points West and other things, and was curious. Then Popwreckoning had a remix monday with this song, and I listened to the remixes OVER AND OVER again. It’s a really good dancefloor hit.

7. Ghosts Under Rocks – Ra Ra Riot
And older album, but I discovered them through one of my WAS buddies, can’t quite remember who, and then saw them on the lineup for Sasquatch. Sadly, I didn’t get to see them, but I downloaded the album anyway. I freaking love this song, and especially love to sing along.

6. The Rake’s Song – The Decemberists
This is the only song on the Hazards of Love that can stand along by itself without getting people confused. And it’s hilarious, yet still musically outstanding. Colin Meloy, right now I like you way more than Ben Gibbard. Right now, Death Cab and I aren’t getting along too well. Nevermind.

5. Beard Lust – Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head
Gah, I want to see them again! Sorry. I downloaded this one last year, but I didn’t start obsessively playing it until a few weeks ago when I was gearing up for Bumbershoot. And this song is do ridiculous but awesome at the same time.

4. Crying Lightning – Arctic Monkeys
It’s taken me awhile to warm up to Humbug, but even before I loved all the songs, I loved Crying Lightning from the beginning. Alex sounds so grown up. But then again, all English people sound more mature than Americans, no matter if they’re singing or they’re talking. The accent adds esteem.

3. Bite Hard – Franz Ferdinand
I fucking love them. And right about now, I’m a little sick of hearing No You Girls, even though it’s amazing. And Bite Hard was so good live, and had so much energy after the slow intro. I want to see them again. D:

2. I Don’t Bite (Carol) – We Are Scientists
Not technically on a CD yet, but hopefully Keith, Chris, Max and Andy have recorded it. Holy crap it makes me anxious for the new album. Thank god someone recorded the new songs from All Points West. Live is always better anyway.

1. Brothersport – Animal Collective
Well that was obvious. Saw them at Sasquatch, had brain orgasm, fell in love, listened to over and over and over and over again, danced alone in my car.

I’m done now. Watching Glee. LOVE IT.

❤ Abby