“I am We are scientists! I got the face, I got the voice, I could play the drums if necessary.”

28 Feb

I just recently rediscovered We Are Scientists–Keith Murray, lead singer, and the dorkiest, yet sexiest musician on my rock radar these days; and Chris Cain, the cleverest, and also dorky bassist. Somehow, WAS and The Lonely Island overlapped in some oddly coincidental online streaming video searches.

You see, Akiva Shaffer, one of “The Dudes” or “The Lonely Island,” directly WAS’s new video for “After Hours,” and my stumbled upon their Youtube profile and saw a few WAS videos. Who knew?

But back to what I was saying–I LUUURRRRVVEEE WAS (We are scientists, in case you hadn’t caught on yet). Their 2005 album, With Love and Squalor was pretty much the most catchy album I’ve heard in a long time, and one of the first albums that I downloaded fully illegally. They came on tour last year with Art Brut and the Spinto Band to Seattle for one show at the Showbox, I think, but I didn’t end up going. Sad news.

But their new album, Brain Thrust Mastery, comes out on UK release on March 17, but I have no idea when it will be release in the US. Oh well, I’ll just get it off of Torrents (hehe, I’m bad). But the most annoying thing in the world now for me is not being able to have the album that I want RIGHT NOW. Before I discovered the many illegal nuances of the World Wide Web, I had to wait for money, or for my mom’s permission to use her credit card on itunes. However, now I have access to almost any album that I want, because of my millions of internet peers. Before I discovered Torrents, I couldn’t find certain records easily, because the Target music selection sucks, and Borders is hella expensive. Now I can easily find the most obscure album I want. I love it.

But since WAS is moderately Indie, they don’t have people begging for pre-release previews, so the albums don’t get leaked online before major release. I guess listening to independent artists has it’s perks and downsides. You can’t get leaked albums easily, but once they do come out, you can find them pretty damn easily online. Also, if you do somehow find them in a Borders, they’ll be way cheaper than, say, the new Mariah Carey CD. Eh, I don’t really like calling them CDs, even though they are. But to tell you the truth, I haven’t bought a CD since September, when I came across this small buy and sell record store between the Bubble Tea cafe and Fred Meyer in Lacey. I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called. Oh well.

You’re probably wondering where the hell my headline came from. Well, it’s from an interview that NME did with Keith last year the VFestival.

Here, watch parts 1 & 2.

Isn’t he just delightful?

And quite delicious.


Oh, and you should watch all the episodes of “The ‘BU” on Lonely Island’s youtube profile.

❤ Abby


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