18 Feb

So apparently CBS is airing censored episodes of Dexter in the wake of the lack of new television shows.

Can you say… “what the fuck?”

Dexter is pretty much the most gruesome show on Showtime recently, and they have to cut out all the gross parts to make suitable for basic cable. Why do you ruin television FCC, why? Why do you have to make us so sad?

Ugh. It just makes me nuts, because I really like Dexter. It’s about a sociapathic murderous detective, trying to rid the world of bad people. It’s a pretty simple premise, but with Michael C. Hall playing Dexter, it makes it even better. Some people have said that it’s the best show on television. But now that CBS has brought the Dexter-lite version to the wider public, apart from the dedicated Showtime viewers, it’s lost some of it’s allure. It’s not quite as bad as if The Sopranos was on basic cable, because there’s more swearing on that show than at a lumber yard.

Thank the lord that the writers are back. Two more months…then new Grey’s Anatomy!


❤ Abby


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