You know what movie was actually really lame?

17 Feb


Yeah, I luuuurrrvve Jamie Bell, but Hayden Christensen’s lack of talent just can’t be overshot by lots of pretty locales and big-name stars. Shoot, Diane Lane and Samuel L. Jackson were in this movie. And Rachel Bilson, who looked rather emaciated, didn’t even have a character. AnnaSophia Robb, who played Bilson’s character, just younger, did a better job at developing a character. I mean, both the younger versions were better than the older versions.

The whole story seemed pretty engaging. A young boy David (Christensen) finds that he has special powers to jump to anywhere he wants, and leaves his somewhat broken home, until 8 years later when he comes back home, escaping self-proclaimed jumper killers. He rekindles his childhood crush with Millie (Bilson), and takes her to Rome. Yeah, sounds all a little far-fetched to me. Then the rest of the movie goes with Jackson’s character, Roland, and his fellow killers chase after David and Griffin, played by Bell. Basically, that’s the whole movie. Seriously. But the worst part was the ending. It’s obviously leaning towards a sequel, but I think that the filmmakers were way too ambitious in ending the movie that unfinished. Because of the lame ending, people won’t come back to see the next one, so it would have been pointless.

But like I said before, Jamie Bell is just too good of an actor to let one lame movie bring him down. He still was fun to watch, even if the rest was just boring. I guess that because I’m a girl, I liked him more than most people, but Christensen is plenty good-looking, but I still think that he was still lame.

Ugh, and the camera work was incredibly annoying. I never saw any of the Bourne movies, but if that’s how they were shot, I wouldn’t have liked them. Doug Liman, who did Jumper, made all the Bourne movies, but this one didn’t live up the the reputation of his huge trilogy.

Speaking of trilogy, Liman shouldn’t try for another trilogy. Some movies just can’t carry sequels. They’re just being greedy, trying to squeeze as much money from the box office as possible. I’m guessing that the real ending could be really cool, but it would have been much better as just ONE movie. Movies with sequels should be able to sustain their own stories.

And I’m sorry to say the “Jumper” desperately needs the next film or two to make it sustainable to any stretch of the imagination.

❤ Abby


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