Hoops with the fur (with the fur!)

23 Feb

I know that it’s “boots with the fur,” but it’s funnier this way.

That’s such a dumb song. I hate it. Ugh. But they played it twice at homecoming last night.

Uh huh. Yeah.

But last night was SO FUN. Thankfully, I fit into my dress from sophomore and junior year, and I had no problems whatsoever. But, that can’t be said for everyone else. Poor Christina–the zipper on her dress broke, so Aimee had to try to sew her into her dress, but then she and Chris went back to her house to find another dress. However, she ended up not even coming, which was sad.

We went to the Outback for dinner, and I’m pretty sure that our waitress hated us. She actually reminded us of a 18% gratuity. The whole point of a tip is that it’s based on service, and she didn’t deserve 18%. We had 3 Bloomin Onions on one table, 2 things of mashed potatoes, cheese fries, a box of coconut shrimp to go, and 4 tiny ramikins of butter, surrounded by crumbs. We devoured the bread that they brought. But we worked off the hundreds of calories that we consumed during dinner at the dance. I’m pretty sure that we did.

The dance was actually in the Worthington center, not the pavilion, like we thought, and the whole dance floor was in the damn corner of the room. I swear, it was a 5th of the whole room that actually had a dance floor. There were surprisingly more people than I thought would show up, so it made it way more fun. They had two slow songs in a row, which was quite depressing, because now in college, there are more couples than in high school, so there are even more people to accidentally gawk at and feel envious of. Damn it all. But Aimee, Nicole and I ran around and “were wallflowers together!” as Aimee said it.

My knees were sore afterwards. And my feet. And my calves. And my thighs. Yeah, I’m sure that I burned off the Bloomin Onion.

❤ Abby


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