And the Oscar goes to…

25 Feb

Everyone but Johnny Depp.

Yes, it made me sad, but it made me want to see the other movies even more. No country for old men–totally love the Coen brothers, so I totally wanna see it; There Will be Blood–I’ll rent it when it comes out; Michael Clayton–it’s freaking George Clooney, so duh!

I was actually happy with the Awards last night. They obviously weren’t as good as previous years, because the writers had, what, 8 days to put it all together. So there were a crapload of montages. I mean, almost every big award had a montage to go with it. But for 8 days’ work, I’d be proud of what I did. Jon Stewart was surprisingly nice, giving Marketa Irglova a second chance to thank people after the mic cut her off when she and Glen Hansard accepted their award for best original song. I swear, it was the sweetest thing to see her go up there and talk about independent musicians staying hopeful that they can do whatever they want. She’s only 19, and she’s already won an Oscar for best original song. I’d be pretty damn proud of myself.

My favorite part of the night had to come from Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill, as Dame Judi Dench and Halle Berry fill-ins. They must have come up with that witty banter on their own, because it was so not like the rest of the presenters.

But like I said earlier, Jon was great. And he had some of his own jabs. The best one, I think, was “Angelina couldn’t be with us tonight. It’s hard to get 17 babysitters on Oscar night.” I love Jon Stewart.

Probably the biggest shockers were the lack of awards for Atonement–just one, and the winner for best actree–Marion Cotillard, for La Vie En Rose. In fact, all of the winners in the big categories were foreigners. Tilda Swinton and Daniel Day Lewis are from England, Cotillard from France, and Javier Bardem from Spain. There was no hometown love from the Academy this year.

Oh, and I don’t think I even mentioned anything about SNL this weekend. Yay! It’s back! But one person was M.I.A.–MAYA RUDOLPH! They were going through the cast members and they went from Amy Poehler to Jason Sudeikis. No Rudolph in sight. It made me very sad. But there is a new girl, I think that her name is Kacey or something. Having Tina back was so great. When she did women’s news, it was priceless. “Bitch is the new black!” Oh, speaking of black, Fred Armisan is the new Barack Obama in the cast. I don’t know if it’s me, but is it weird that the only choice for Barack was a white guy? The only black cast member on SNL now is Kenan, who’s quite a large man, and Maya was half-black, but she’s not coming back now. Sad news.

I’m getting a roommate after all! Miki, the one who just got here this semester, will move in as soon as she can get the paperwork cleared with the resident life people. I’m excited. But I’ll have to get rid of my chair, I’m pretty sure, but we’ll figure it out. I’m excited. I already said that already, didn’t I?

Oh well. I’ll go now.

Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova “Falling Slowly” from “Once” on the Oscars last night.

❤ Abby


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