FAFSA my ASS…fa!

21 Feb

Do you know what the most annoying thing in the entire world is?

Filling out that fucking FAFSA form! Is there no way to say, “same as previous”? Like at the doctor’s office when you fill in the conditions from the last 6 weeks? Really? Do they expect things to change that much so that you have to do EVERYTHING again. No, I’ve never needed food stamps. No, I’ve never been in the armed forces. No, my parents didn’t file for retirement. Just shut up already! Ugh. I’m on, like, question 85, and still only on step 3 out of 7. It’s due in about a week for most schools, and Dad told me that I need to do it, even though we didn’t get any money from FAFSA last year. Why would we need to fill it out now? Because apparently Dad thinks that it determines how much money you can get from loans. Mom and I think he’s totally wrong, but whatever. I’ll do it anyway. But I still need my transcripts from PHS…again…for UW Tacoma. Which, by the way, sounds like a pretty strong possibility right now. I won’t have to pay room and board, and I could live close to home. Definitely not commuting though to downtown Tacoma every day, that’s for sure.

Oh yeah, I’m totally NOT at the MANDATORY floor meeting about sex and alcohol. I really have better things to do…but I guess I’m not doing them right now. But anyways, it’s a waste of my time to go down and listen to things I that I don’t need to worry about, or things that I already know, or can found out pretty goddamn easily. The RA came and banged on my door to let me know, and apparently they’re going to take attendance, but what are they gonna do? Get me in trouble? Ooooohh, I’m so scared of the big, bad RA. It’s just dumb. Every single other floor meeting thing has been dumb too, so why the hell would it change now?

Ugh. I should be doing homework.

Oh, I know, I’ll got look at the lunar eclipse.

❤ Abby


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