the ‘oughts? really?

29 Dec

Three days left of 2009.

I sure wish I could see THIS on NYE.

I’m writing this to procrastinate on my album review. Which is weird, because I love writing album reviews. And I should be really really REALLY excited about writing this one because once I turn this one in, I get the new Spoon album. And I’m SUPER psyched about Transference.

Bah. I’d lived through two full decades. Good lord.

And by the way, the “oughts” are a ridiculous way of referring to this decade. I know there’s no number we can attribute to it, but I figure, if we wait long enough, the phrase will come about. There’s no need for it now. I think we should just call it the angsty years. You have to admit, it wasn’t just because I was teen during this decade, but this country, the media, entertainment, people, were all angsty.

I wish this chair I was sitting in was taller. I feel really short right now. And it’s uncomfortable to lay my arms on the edge of my desk. And I’m using my desk now. I need to improve my posture, and sitting with my laptop literally in my lap was slowly giving me hunchback. Plus, I can use my mouse again. There’s no point in having a mouse if you’re not going to use it. AND – if I make an effort to keep my laptop in my room, it will deter my sister from taking it all the time. It won’t be readily available to her.

Our new blu-ray player is so loud. Mom and Dad are watching Inglourious Basterds downstairs and I can feel the bass in my feet, and I’m on the third floor.

Wow, this is the epitome of a tangent post. I’m like Virginia Woolf, but hopefully not as bipolar and annoying. I’m not all “ooo look over there let’s write about those irrelevant bystanders because they have pretty clothes and shiny jewelry….wait, BIRD!”

Seriously. I mailed out Mrs. Dalloway on Christmas Eve, and I couldn’t have been more happy to mail that SOB off. I mean, it was a pretty book, but in this case, you really CAN’T read a book by it’s cover. It needed to be covered with a bunch of random crap.

We had my grandfather’s surprise 80th birthday party yesterday, and it was actually really fun. I don’t mind hanging out with old people, and it honestly wasn’t all old people. There were maybe 4 other people who were as old at Grandpa. 90-year-old Uncle Don wasn’t there, so Grandpa was the deafest person there. The best part of yesterday was Grandma’s old friend Sarah, who taught her to make bee balm, and her sons Caleb and Levi came. And Mom was pretty sure she hadn’t seen them in at least ten years. Possibly 20. All I can remember of Sarah was the stories Grandma would tell me about her bee balm and soaps and her pet quail, Opie. Caleb and Levi were the ringbearers in my parents’ wedding. Caleb was also one of the pallbearers are my grandma’s funeral. Mom said told them that they were Grandma’s “practice grandkids,” since they were 7 and 9 when I was born. It almost made Mom cry when Caleb said that “Elaine didn’t need any practice.”

I miss her.

Well, I’m gonna go actually work on my “homework” so I can get my hands on the new Spoon. See ya later “oughts.” Christ that’s a stupid name.

❤ Abby


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