I love not having tests

10 Dec

Finals week is so much less nerve-wracking now that I don’t have any tests, and I only have 3 classes to worry about. I turned in one final last thursday, one yesterday, and my paper for Crit. Appr. to Mass Comm. is due tomorrow. Not sure what time it’s due, or where I’m supposed to turn it in, but I know I’m basically done with it. My mom is still going to proofread it, because she’s good at that stuff. I’m good at it too, but not with my own papers. I get too narcissistic when I’m working on my own paper, and I tend to think that I’m done after a first draft without proofreading it because I’m just that good.

That’s what’s nice about having theory-based classes, because there’s not a lot of shit to memorize, but lots of shit to think about. In a way, these classes require people to pull stuff out of their asses. That’s not a bad thing. I like writing. I don’t like memorizing.

Thank goodness that my last final is due tomorrow though, because I’m so anxious to start making some more money at work before I quit. And I need to look for a new job. I should probably start doing that. Might be a good idea. But by this time in 2 weeks, I will hopefully have had an interview for a new job. And in a month, I’ll hopefully be employed at a new job, apart from the Ledger. That’s part of the reason why I need a new job. Petco’s shifts take up most of the day, and I can’t very well do Ledger on the days I work, and I don’t want to work just two days a week. It’s annoying to maneuver right now. I really don’t like it.

One more thing–I’m in love with Gary’s new puppy, Lucy. She was here all day yesterday while Gary was at the doctor. And I’ll be at his house tomorrow to help watch her while he moves furniture around. Hopefully, this will become a normal thing. Love puppies. I think I like them more than babies. I just couldn’t believe that my dog–Millie, my dog–the stubborn, lazy, loud, obnoxious old dog–didn’t try to eat her. She was so good with her. She did growl at her a couple times, at one point when Lucy went downstairs to eat her food, which is understandable on Millie’s part. And I could tell that she was getting annoyed at Lucy running after her all the time and swatting at her face and biting her tail, but it was cute anyway.

Oh, and you HAVE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO. It’s the funniest video I’ve seen since “Dick in a box.”

❤ Abby


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