I take back that statement

9 Nov

The one I wrote yesterday. I honestly find it incredibly ironic that I wrote that blog last night about my job, because today my job made me very, very mad. Very mad. It was not a problem with a dog, quite the contrary. I had great dogs today and I it wasn’t such a busy day. In theory, it was a good day. But theory is not the point here. My job is heavy in relationships. We have to get along to work together, because we literally work TOGETHER.

Today was not a day where togetherness was the point. It basically everyone vs. my boss. Well, one of my co-workers was kind of out of the loop, since she was the one who needed to get canned, but no. Nope, we were all against my boss, because this was the last straw.

The facts were these.

Every night, the person closing the shop has to add up all of our fucking numbers and record them on this damn board in the back room to keep track of stuff (mind you, all this shit is kept track of on the computer as well). So some of us have more important things to do, or aren’t particularly good at math, so it’s a lot to expect of some people to have to add up all those numbers, not to mention the fact that they were never told to do the board at night. My boss is terribly at a lot of things. She can’t spell, she can’t do math very well, she can’t communicate, she can’t deal with her own problems without being a bitch to everyone, and she can’t take responsibility for mistakes she made, so she blames it on everyone else.

So yeah, I’m pissed.

Two of my co-workers…ah, screw it. Roger and Lori were never told that they need to do the board at a certain time and now that they haven’t done it, they got in trouble. And the fact that neither of them SOLICIT DAMN DOG BATHS also contributed to the fucking EPN (Employee Performance Notification). When you get two EPNs you get fired. Lori has never an EPN. Roger had one in the past about attendance or something. But this was going over the line in this stupid policy debate. I say, if it isn’t hurting anyone, breaking any laws, or decreasing our efficiency by a hell of a lot, then there’s no reason to FIRE SOMEONE.

Yeah, fire someone.

Roger might get fired. But our store managers didn’t have enough balls to tell him if he would or not. They say it’s not up to them. It’s all up to corporate. Seriously? This time of year, firing any groomer would be the worst decision they could make. Who they need to fire is Annette, who’s gotten away with way more than she should have. She decreases efficiency, she’s not good with customer service, and she can’t work the computer. Roger, on the other hand, gets tons of request dogs, makes lots of money for the store, and is excellent with customer service. What the fuck are they thinking?

Ugh, this just makes me so mad. If Lori decided to quit because of this and if they fire Roger, I seriously think that I’ll quit. It’s not right, and they’re a big part of why I wanted to keep my job so much. Without Lori and Roger there, it’s not as fun. It’s not a very enjoyable day at work. Their attitude counteracted Mary’s attitude. Without them there, her bad attitude would overpower our shop.

I really hope that this all blows over and our management decides to gain some balls and choose people before policy.

Corporate policy is the most bullshit system ever.

❤ Abby


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