My take on the matter

28 Sep

Well, I’d like to talk about my first days of school, because I completely forgot to do that on thursday after classes, but there’s way too much to talk about that’s more important. I’ll have another one about school. No sense in confusing people.

So, the debate.

Yes, I’m discussing the debate.

Deal with it.

And listen please. I watch the news and read up on this shit enough that I know what the fuck I’m talking about. And you should too. If I find out that you aren’t voting in just over a month, don’t bother complaining about the candidates, because you have no business having an opinion, since you obviously don’t care enough to vote. Yeah, I get pretty pissed when people don’t care.

And this is nothing against Hillary supporters. I love Hillary, sure. I would have voted for either Hillary or Obama. Shit, I would have voted for any democrat if they were up against McCain. Probably the only republican I would have even considered voting for would be Ron Paul, but probably only if he was running again Kucinich. That little man just kinda erks me.

But back to my point. If you have one main point of interest, and both people don’t run with it, don’t just skip voting altogether. It does no good. It serves no purpose, and it doesn’t fucking further your cause. Damnit, think about someone other than yourself and consider the candidates’ platforms as a whole. Consider all the issues, and make an educated decision, even if they don’t exactly agree with you. What the fuck is best for the country may not be the best for you at that very given moment.

I started a little off-topic. Oh well.

What’s so great about my family is this–most families that watch a lot of TV always make sure that Oprah or Dr. Phil is recorded. Not us. My mom called me at work to make sure that my sister recorded the debate. We’re that dedicated to this election. I just wish I could have gone to Denver. I think it’s pivotal that we watch the debates. I think it’s important that we hear the debates, but in this case especially, watching it changed everything.

I think that Chris Matthews put it best when he called McCain a grouchy troll. Seriously. A troll. That’s the core difference between democrats and republicans–their attitude. Barack Obama was respectful, level-headed, calm, and he had tact. McCain was aloof, disrespectful and acted like he had a fucking silver spoon in his mouth. Multiple times Obama started his statements with “John is right,” and people will say that it looked weak, but they’re wrong. If Barack agreed with John on certain issues, then he wasn’t about to disagree for just the sake of argument. But what Barack did was point out where they are similar, but then he went on to say why the full extent of John’s plan was the wrong one. Their views of the core issues didn’t differ all that much, especially in this first debate. It was supposed to be on foreign policy, but it ended up being a lot about the economic crisis. But with Obama’s coolhead came McCain’s smarmy trollface.

More than once you can see that McCain smirked at Obama’s remarks. He didn’t take him seriously and said on many occasions, “Senator Obama doesn’t seem to understand,” like his ideas are sheerly preposterous. He disgusts me in every way shape and form. He is the epitome of what I’d like to call a douchebag.

Oh my god. I’m watching Tina Fey as Sarah Palin yet again on SNL. I think I’m done bitching for now.

Needless to say, Obama helped his cause, McCain didn’t do jack shit.

Go vote!!!!!!!!

(Unless you’re voting McCain)

❤ Abby

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