Glistening Pleasure

29 Sep

I’m not speaking in euphemisms, it’s just the title of the album that I’m listening to right now. The artist–Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head. Yes, that’s what they’re called, and it’s awesome. You should look them up. They are a mixture of Of Montreal, Fleet Foxes and CSS. It’s poppy electro. Yes, and one of the songs if called “Sophisticated Side Ponytail.” Seriously.

Anyway, that wasn’t my point. My point was that I finally spoke to someone new today at school. The first couple days have been, eh, I mean, my classes are pretty cool, and they are all things that I am interested in and can stay focused on. But I haven’t really made any real friends yet. I’m starting to think that I should have gone to orientation. But no matter. I found people that I have something in common with–the Ledger staff! They had an activities fair today and I ran into the news editor outside their newsroom today, so he directed me to go to the activities fair. So I did, and guess what? They have positions open for opinions editor and page designer. Hello???? Could those be more of my fortes? They didn’t call me the InDesgin guru for nothing. It makes me very happy, but what makes me sad is the fact that they work on the weekends on it. Not only was I trying to avoid driving over the bridge every day of the week, but I work on the weekends. And those are the only days that I can work. I like my work. I don’t want to quit.


But I want to be apart of the newspaper. I don’t know how much I’d get paid. Damnit. This is difficult. I can’t very well get a job for the weekdays, because then I’d have no time. Crap. I have to think.

I just so glad that I met some people that I could possibly hang out with. People that I have something in common with and can talk to. Unlike Mekao, who followed me to school as well.


❤ Abby

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