So, now come the Villains

23 Sep

There is only one word to describe how the premiere of Heroes: volume 3 started:


I think that if Heroes is able to sustain the concept and keep the story going, it could surpass Lost in innovation…I think. And if you think about it, nobody thought that Lost would last this long, and it’s been 4 fucking years. Four years of a magic island.

And it’s been two years of people with superpowers, and there’s plenty more shit that can go down. Let me tell ya, the shit that went down tonight was AWESOME.

First of all, Peter shot Nathan from the FUCKING FUTURE! I mean, HOLY PSYCHOPATHIC VILLAINS BATMAN! Peter messed with time. He messed with what was supposed to happen, and now it’s all a huge clusterfuck of catastrophic proportions. Mohinder figured out how the virus worked, and injected himself, in turn, giving him super senses and super strength. And apparently, a super boner as well.

In other words, Mohinder got some…powers…and some sex. Maya’s sex to be exact.

Parkman’s in the middle of fucking Africa listening to a turtle’s thoughts, drinking water from roots. Clare finally got Sylarized, and now she can’t feel the pain. And she jumped in from of a train, just in time for Peter to save her.

All the while, I was wondering, WHERE’S WES? Where’s Clare’s hottie McFlyboy? I liked him, and he had a backstory. Why did he go away? Sad.

Hmm, what else? Oh, Hiro got ONE job from his father, to not open this safe. But he opened it, and lost what was inside it. Great job Hiro. So he may very well be responsible for the end of the world. If Ando doesn’t kill him first. Yeah, Hiro saw the future, and Ando apparently kills him. So that sucks.

Nikki apparently has another alter-ego, a campaign adviser/slutty mcwhore–and her name is Tracy Strauss.

Wait, where the fuck is Micah????

And when his Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder) get such nice abs. I mean, DAAAAAAAYYYYYYYUUMM. I’d hit that.

Scratch that, I just destroyed my dignity. I’d never say that. At least in those exact words.

I’d also never say “might coulda.” Apparently they say that in West Virginia. My Aunt came up for my Dad’s birthday on saturday, and no one expected her to, and she told us stories from West Virginia. People say “might coulda.” What does that mean? I don’t even want to know, because then it would substantiate it at something that actually means something, and it can’t because IT DOESN’T.

Anyway, I think I’m done. I’ll be back after my first day on wednesday. YAY!

❤ Abby

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