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It’s been 7 years

11 Sep

7 years ago today that the terrorists bombed the WTC and the Pentagon. And how far have we gotten?


I’m just sad right now, after such a good day. After a day of advancement in my own life. Getting a freelance gig for a newspaper, seeing my ex for the first time since we broke up, and now I think about where we are in the country–it’s sad.

And I can’t take 4 more years of this sadness. But I don’t think that it would stay sadness for long, I think if this country doesn’t make the right decision in less than 2 months, I will be angry. I will be furious with the people that fucked our country over for another 4 years. I saw in interview with Matt Damon today from the AP wire, and he said that having Sarah Palin this close to the presidency is like a “bad Disney movie.” If you look at the facts, with McCain’s health the way it is, Sarah Palin has a one in 3 chance of being president within the next 4 years if they win in November.

This is what saddens me.

And when you think about it, it makes perfect sense as to why 50% of this Goddamn country is so enamored by her. I’ll just point it out now, the biggest fucking elephant in the room–she looks like a naughty librarian. She’s attractive, and she’s the woman that every man fantasizes about one time or another. If she looked like Janet Reno, none of this would have happened. That stupid college student would never have started the “Sarah Palin for VP” blog and gotten McCain’s attention. Shit, he would have probably picked Giuliani, Mr. 9/11 himself. But it’s because of Sarah’s looks that she is getting put on this high pedestal. People keep saying that she has “small town values” and that’s what the McCain campaign is running on. What condones a “small town.” Is Gig Harbor a small town? Or is Erskine, Minn., a town of 435 people, a small town?

And they keep saying that McCain is a real American hero, and a hardworking man. First of all, he’s gotten to where he is today in part because of his wife’s beer empire. And secondly, what makes someone who’s hardworking ready to be president? Steelworkers all work hard. Coal miners work hard. Fuck, the people in the groom shop work hard. But just because someone is willing to risk their life for their country and is willing to work hard doesn’t mean that they are qualified to be president. You have to be smart. Intellligence and common sense are the most important I think. McCain graduated 384th out of 388 in his naval academy, I think. I know he was 4 from the bottom.

And people say that they can relate to McCain and Palin. McCain reminds me of my grandfather–a war veteran, stubborn as hell, ignorant in the ways of modern society, and old and grumpy. Shit, the only things that I have in common with Sarah Palin is that we both have vaginas, we both have vision deficiencies, and we both are NOT QUALIFIED TO BE IN THE FUCKING WHITEHOUSE. Like she said, the only difference between a pitbull and a hockey mom is lipstick. You don’t see any lipstick-wearing pitbulls in the whitehouse do ya?

All I’m asking is that you young people, the ones who might possibly read this–GO AND FUCKING VOTE! You have two more weeks to register until it’s too late. Please, take the time to control our future. And please see past the smarmy, snarky, arrogant, disrespectful, hateful, rotten, lowlife, ignorant, smartass douchebags in the republican party.

Think about it–Obama has never used a smear ad. How many McCain ads have you seen knocking Obama on something completely unfounded.

You know better than that.

At least I hope so.

❤ Abby


Extraordinarily good mood!

10 Sep

And why, you may ask?

I just got a job writing freelance for the Gateway, my hometown newspaper. Okay, so it isn’t big time stuff, but the reason why I’m so excited is that I will get paid for writing. I will seriously get paid for what I love to do.

They won’t be big stories…they’ll be small pieces in the special sections. But still. I’ll get paid. I’ll get $40 a story and $20 a photo if they use it. Hello?!!! I’ve only gotten paid for babysitting and dog grooming in my lifetime. This is pretty damn big.

And I’m celebrating!

I actually already did some. I went to work today and asked everyone what they wanted from Albertsons, and I went and bought it for them, on me. I’m just that nice. ‘Twas a funny situation. When I was leaving, Roger was just about to give me some cash, and I was like “Nope, it’s on me.”

“I’m gonna punch you in the face right now.” He chuckled.

When I got back, everyone asked me why I was in such a good mood.

“I have never seen someone in this good of a mood before. You come to work on your off day and buy us all drinks.” Roger said.

“I had to tell someone. My best friend is in Paris and my other best friend is stuck on a mountain.” I replied.

I filled everyone in about why I was in such a good mood, and Annette told me “Congratulations” and she shook my hand.

“A handshake, Annette?” And we all laughed.

Lori said that she will have to buy the Gateway from now on. I told her “No worries, I’ll probably bring it in every week anyway.”

So yeah, I’m pretty excited. So excited that I went and spent my own money on my co-workers. I really can’t quit now. I can’t quit anything. I’ve never quit anything big in my life. I didn’t even quit Girl Scouts until I had to, until I got too old to be a Girl Scout. So I can’t quit my job yet.

❤ Abby

Some WAS funnyness

7 Sep

I stole these from Adrian.

❤ Abby

Republican National Convention videos

4 Sep


❤ Abby

I don’t think I can watch this…

4 Sep

…Without breaking something!

I’m currently watching the Republican National Convention, and I can assure you that there is no bigger asshole in this entire country than Rudy Giuliani. I mean, how dare he say that McCain has had a harder life than Obama? McCain is a rich, white, 71-year old man, who DECIDED to go to war and stay in the military for 22 years after a privileged childhood. It was his choice to put himself in harm’s way. Obama was raised by a single mother in Hawaii after his father left back to Kenya, and he struggled as a black man, facing racism, to get to the top as a community organizer in the south side of Chicago. Obama didn’t choose to face those hardships, he just did.

It’s just too bad that the clip of his douchebagery isn’t available yet, so then I wouldn’t have to describe it. I can’t put into words how angry I am with the republican party. These people laughing at the thought of Obama being president make me want to punch a baby. They make me want to punch Sarah Fucking Palin’s down syndrome baby, and I’m not using hyperbole. I’m that angry.

They keep panning out on the whole room, and guess who’s there? A bunch of fucking middle-aged white men! And one black man, a couple asian guys and a hispanic man. And they keep going back to those people on screen. People are dumb, people are assholes, but the people as the republican national convention far surpass the normal level of douchebagery. They laugh and scoff at anything that Palin says about Obama or Biden.

Really, does it make someone qualified to be president if they were a POW? No, does it make someone ready to lead the country if they are hard-working and patriotic? No. You have to be INTELLIGENT. You have to have a brain BIGGER THAN A PEANUT. I hate these people, with all the fire in my being, I hate them, I hate them, I FUCKING HATE THEM!


❤ Abby

Bumbershoot ha’nins

3 Sep

If you can see the picture in my header above ^^^^^^^ you can see Death Cab for Cutie. And let me just tell you, THEY WERE AWESOME! My newest Youtube clip is on the side of the page >>>>>>>> so you can see “Tiny Vessels.”

I didn’t get this clip because I’m dumb, but this one pretty much epitomizes the whole show–glorious.

I expected to see more bands, including Flobots, Adele, and possibly the Offspring, but low and behold, my fellow festival-goers who I shared a car with, didn’t really want to. All they wanted to see was Death Cab. Not that I’m saying anything bad about Death Cab, but I want more than my money’s worth. And all I got was my money’s worth.

But what really ticked me off the most about going on monday was that my sister and I had planned on seeing Jeff Dye, a comedian from Seattle, who was second place on Last Comic Standing, but because of that damn show, he had to go on the Last Comic Standing Tour. So bye bye Bumbershoot. See ya lata!

So that was one disappointment, but not many followed, except the fact that we couldn’t decide what to do, but that wasn’t the festival’s fault. That one was my sister’s friend Lindsay’s fault. There is no fault to Bumbershoot for any of the disappointment that I experienced. The methed out Paramore fans were enough to counteract that issue. Seriously, when we went to go find Lindsey’s friends at Paramore, we were sitting by these two chicks bouncing and twitching to every single Paramore song. They were almost acting out the songs too. And why did I call them methed out, you may ask? They each weighed about 100 lbs and were greasy as hell with face craters the size of M&Ms. That probably sounded so horrible, but it’s funny right?

That was humorous at least. The Paramore show was quite good, but I couldn’t help but see the same person all around me. I never realized how not different the indie culture is from eachother. It wasn’t all that different than being in high school, where everyone wears Hollister tops with Seven jeans. It could have just been that I was at the Paramore show, that all I saw was skinny jeans, American Apparel hoodies, color-chunked ratted hair and scarves GALORE. Seriously? It was weird.

Not saying that everyone looked the same, but at the Paramore show, a lot of people looked the same.

The indie market was my favorite. Because I love to shop. They had everyone from sequined pasties to bracelets made of forks to duct tape wallets. I did purchase one of those fork bracelets too. I needed a new one. We did pass by a few knife jugglers who were at Bumbershoot last year as well, a statue man that gave you a hug if you gave him a dollar, and the guy who was the Mole. Seriously. We were walking through the rock poster exhibition and I saw Chris, the big guy from TV’s “The Mole.”

And we got to make buttons! For free! In this Dell dome thing, they had a table of paper scraps and button makers, so we got to make our own custom buttons. I want a button maker now.

What else happened? We ran into about 20 people that we knew, and that was before Death Cab. There, we saw 5 more people that we knew. That’s the cool part about Bumbershoot–it brings in all types of people. It brings in those Am App wearing hipsters, and the mildly indie-aware chicks who love Death Cab and drag their boyfriends, and the folkie Devendra Banhart types, and the punks who came to see The Offspring, and the scene kids who decided to–for some reason–go see Aiden instead of Death Cab. And me. I wouldn’t fit into any of those categories. I just like music and the arts, which is what the festival is for. I like people and culture and Seattle.

Now I’ll get to the highlight, and the closer of Bumbershoot–Death Cab for Cutie. There are only a few bands that I would be willing to stand outside in a crowd of people whom I don’t know for 2 hours prior to the show. We Are Scientists, Flight of the Conchords, Radiohead, Sigur Ros…AND Death Cab for Cutie. I got trampled by crowd surfers for Christ’s sake.

The band opened up with Bixby Canyon Bridge, and at that moment when they started to perform, I realized that Ben Gibbard has spectacular hair. As does Chris Walla. And I stood there, listening to the songs that I have so loved for so long, and I noticed that a lot of the people around me didn’t know half of the songs that they played. The second song was Expo ’86 from Transatlanticism, but people weren’t swaying and singing along with it. It kind of made me mad, that they didn’t know that song, as well as Why You’d Want to Live Here off of The Photo Album. Sadly enough, the only song that I think EVERYONE sang along to was The Sound of Settling, their most famous song, the one that was featured in the O.C. like a bazillion years ago. I felt proud of myself because I knew all the words to all the songs. Take that, new fans.

I’m an old fan. I got all the EPs. Illegally, yes, but I have them.

The greatest part of the whole show was the encore, when Chris, Ben, Jason and Nick came back out after about 5 minutes where “one more song” was chanted from the crowd. They played two more songs, two of my favorites, and the two saddest ones from Transatlanticism, Tiny Vessels and the title track. Then, it came to me, how both odd and fitting that those two songsare juxtaposed right next to each other on the record. One talks about some girl who is beautiful and great on the outside, but “didn’t mean a thing to me.” And transatlanticism is about someone who is so close, yet so literally far away. It’s just about the saddest song that I can think of. Every time I hear it, I tear up. Seriously. And inevitably, I did at the live show. And it didn’t really help that towards the end, fireworks shot down from the stage as they played… which you can see in my header ^^^^^^. They ended it so well, and so epicly.

Seriously, Death Cab was so good, they were tear-inducing.

❤ Abby