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What day is it?

15 Sep

Holy shit it’s monday.

The only thing good about mondays are that I have them off work. But other than that, monday is a pretty daunting day. I have 9 days until school starts. I mean, that’s pretty daunting. Wait, so 9 days until school starts means that there’s 10 days until Grey’s Anatomy starts.

Two awesome things happening in one week. That’s comforting, and I’m serious. Normally when I say that, I’m being sarcastic. But I’m serious. I just hope that this week is as good as last week. Not quite as hectic as last week, but just as exciting.

I’ll fill you in.

On wednesday after I got my job with the Gateway, I got my first assignment, and thankfully I checked my email once I got to Lacey when I went to visit my friends at St. Martins. I had a day to finish an article. One day. One freaking day to interview a guy from the Great Car wash in town and write the story. That was pretty daunting, since Jim, the guy I know from the Gateway, gave me two articles to write, but I told him that I could only do one that time. Thank god I didn’t work on thursday, because thursday was nerve-wracking.


Well, the guy I had to interview didn’t get back to me at all on thursday, so I had to wake up early on friday to finish it before I went to work at 10. But I got it done. I don’t think it was amazing, but it was decent. Decent enough for a small article in the special section. Decent enough for my first real article written in over a year. But what I’m super excited about it getting paid for doing this.

After that, this week was less tense. We did almost have a mishap at work, when one of my co-workers got so freaked out for no reason about this dog that needed to be muzzled. I mean, she honestly said “oh, I won’t get bit, because I’m careful.” Like we aren’t careful? Like you actually think you won’t get bit? They’re dogs. They’re unpredictable. And they sense fear. So the more scared you are, the more fucked you are. She just says really dumb things. I had this dog in a headlock, rubbing behind his ears and talking to him right in the face, and when he jerked, she basically jumped back and freaked out. “Oh, my god, I can’t do this. I can barely breathe.”


I hate drama queens.

And yesterday she said that she almost felt like crying after a dog scratched her on the neck.



But as ridiculous as this chick is, yesterday was a good day at work. I only had two dogs…on a sunday, which was weird, and I was caught,

Now, that sounds odd, but it’s this new thing that Petco’s doing. They’re these “I was caught” cards that people give their co-workers when they go above and beyond what’s expected of them. They’re nice acknowledgments to give to the people you work with. And Roger gave me one yesterday, for staying late and helping him close three fridays in a row. It’s nice to know that people appreciate you, and for legitimate reasons. It made my day.

I don’t think I have anything else to write about. I have to go deposit my paycheck and sell all my books to Half Price Books in Tacoma. I have a huge clothes basket of textbooks from last year. And I hope Andrea’s back from Paris. She left on wednesday, and she said maybe 5 days, so I hope she gets back today.

Ten days until Grey’s Anatomy!

❤ Abby

P.S. Tina Fey was awesome on SNL the other night as Sarah Palin, you should Youtube that shit.