Laser Tag Fun!

28 Dec

Today we are going Laser Tagging! First I’m going to Caity’s house, and then we will travel over to Tacoma and laser tag like old times. I’m very excited. I’ve missed Caity, a lot.

But there was no post-christmas blog, sorry, and I think I’m going to hold off on the Sweeney Todd review as well for awhile. I got a digital camcorder for Christmas, which was my favorite present of them all, so now I get to keep everything documented. And since I downloaded Final Cut Express on my laptop, I can really make movies if I want. I also got the Grey’s Anatomy Trivia game and Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s all very exciting.

My sister’s favorite gift was her henna kit that she got from our grandma. After she opened it all up, she gave everyone a henna tattoo, even my dad and my uncle. My dad got the Seahawks symbol and my uncle got “Mom” in a heart. They are dorks. Yes, they are. But the worst was my cousin, Cory. He’s 21 years old and my mom got him a Red Rider BB gun. Last year, she got him a leg lamp. Anyway, he had my sister draw a dotted line on his arm and write “Cut Here,” and on the other arm, he drew a penis, and quite a small one I may add. My Aunt Andrea, she was like “Shelly (Cory’s mom), has he ever seen one before?” He got a laugh from everyone, excluding my 8-year-old cousin who needed her eyes shielded from the disgrossting rendering of a penis. I’d really not like to know where he got the idea that they looked like that. Ack.

Oh, and I got this all on tape.

I should go now, sorry for the lame-ass short blog, but I have to help Mom clean the house before I leave later. It’s still all Christmasy and messy.

Happy soon-to-be New Years!

❤ Abby


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