8 Dec

I should be studying, but I can’t help but not. It’s friday. All my assignments are done…really. And the only test that I have is on thursday next week. Why does my test have to be in 6 days? I feel like I have nothing to do. For the last three days, I’ve felt very productive. I’ve written two reviews in the last few days for my journalism final, both of which I’ve posted here. I’ve taken down all the notes I need to study for my history final, which is in 6 days. I hate waiting. I have my final japanese project due on monday, which I already have done. Ahhh…why did I do all my homework so soon? No more UNI101, no more math…and it’s only 11:46 for crying out loud!

So, I’m actually surprisingly not worried about much. I’m just too excited for going home and seeing all my friends again. I missed my friends…holy crap did I. I’m excited for paste-up and having friends come stay with me. And home-cooked meals. MY home-cooked meals. I don’t care if the counter says “classics”…I don’t eat catfish on a regular basis thank you very much. We seriously went to the Panda Express instead of eating in the cafeteria. I will be so glad to go home and cook. I’ll even be glad to go to eat at paste-up. Shoot. I miss those carbs.

But we’re so bored that we’re watching Pretty in Pink…after Shelly played the Sims and I’m writing this.

We’re in college…this is ridiculous.

❤ Abby


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