Hotmail sucks

11 Dec

This is bad.

Very bad.

I can’t express how bad it is.

My email got hacked into. I swear, or it got deleted, but that would be even worse.

I tried signing into my hotmail account this morning, and my password doesn’t work. It just…doesn’t work. I tried sending it to an alternate email, but I checked the only email accounts that I had when I got my hotmail account, and no emails yet. And then I tried to answer my secret question, and it was “My favorite Fictional Character”… I swear I didn’t use that for my secret question when I first got my email. So I don’t know how to get my email back. I emailed customer service, so I hope that they can give it back to me. There are emails there that I need, and some I just don’t want to lose.

Like some of the emails that I received last year from my Outlookers when I was in the hospital, and a bunch of other various saved emails.

So if you get any fucked up emails from me in the next day or two, ignore them. I’ll update once I get my password back.

I’m pissed.

Hotmail…no, hacker…YOU SUCK!

❤ Abby


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