Last full day

12 Dec

I’m stuck here for the rest of the day…and I’m so glad that I’m picking Kristine up tomorrow morning after my history final. So freaking glad you have no idea. I just wanna go home. I want to be home, stay home…and see all my friends.

Paste-up is tomorrow and friday, and I hope hope hope that a lot of us show up, because it would be amazing. Or amazering as Christina says it.

But I’m in my room, all by my lonesome. No one really here worth talking to. I should be studying…but I’m not. I swear, today is the laziest day EVER. I woke up about 8:30…had some breakfast…took a shower….picked up my prescription…ate lunch….took a nap…called some people….and now this. I should have accomplished a lot more than this by 3:30, but who really fucking cares?

I’m pretty syked that Bla–wait, did I just say ‘syked?’ Holy shit–anyway, that Blake Lewis is coming to do a show at the Showbox in the 20th of this month, and I really really really wanna go. I have a doctor’s appointment that day, but we could go afterwards. When I think about it, concerts could become regular activities for me next year if I go to UW. But I’d like to see him. It would be very cool.

I guess I’ll stop writing now. I like how I said that I’d take a hiatus on my blog, when I didn’t even try. I have been writing in my journal though. I’ve gone halfway. But I should go study.

19 hours to go!

And 6.5 hours until TEEEEELUUUUUUHHHHH! (Tila)

❤ Abby


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