My fish tank looks oddly algae-fied

6 Mar

And my fish looks way too stationary to be alive.

I just tapped the side. He’s alive.

So, tonight is March…6th? I think. With only having class on two days a week, I lose track of what day it is on the weekends, and it technically isn’t even the weekend yet. It’s still friday. I feel so lazy today.


I forgot it was registration day today for sophomores!



I just went and registered, and I’m a complete idiot for not waking up early this morning and registering, because I literally was down to like 6 classes to pick, and a lot of which were all at the same time. So now I’ll have one class M/W at 1:30, and two classes T/TH, one at 1:30, and one at 6:30. Seriously.

I hate my life sometimes. 😦

Hopefully people will drop classes in the next couple days so I can get in to at least one different one. I don’t want to go to class until 8:30 at night. Ugh. That will be a retarded class day. No more four-day weekends for me. At least not yet.

I’m now in a really bad mood, which sucks because I was in a really good mood this morning after watching episode 7 of Skins, “JJ.” I freaking love him. I just wish that the streaming video players would embed on my blog, because you could watch it for yourself. Oh well. Here’s a link: Stream Skins. JJ is the best character.

I ❤ them both.

Okay, that made me feel a little better.

Claude Debussy – Clair de lune

❤ Abby


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