007 may not be back next season

15 May

I knew all along that T.R. Knight might not be coming back to Grey’s Anatomy, but I didn’t think that his exit would be this emotional. I knew all along that Izzie might die all along, but it didn’t hit me until tonight.

It hit me in a big way, with a constant stream of tears from 9-11 p.m. Okay, I didn’t start the finale out with tears, but when Alex was first telling Izzie to tear up the DNR form, I cried a little. But seriously, the last 45 minutes, my heart was racing and I couldn’t sit still.

As soon as John Doe looked at Meredith that first time – I knew it was George. I just knew it. At first, we maybe thought it was her Dad, but then I saw his hair, and I absolutely knew it was George. George’s wonderful face. Ruined. But he was a hero. He was a hero the day he decided to got to Iraq and be a hero. I’ll have to admit, if Shonda was planning this all along for George’s exit, it’s a pretty grandiose way to go.

What was so tragic was how they were talking about George going away to Iraq right as he was on the table, and Meredith drilled a burr-hole into his skull to keep his brain from swelling, and he stepped in front of a bus to save a girl.

He’s the tragic hero.

Izzie, on the other hand, was expected to die. I figured knew this episode would be all emotional and melodrama-y, but it was still uber sad. It’s been a long time coming, and I just don’t think it would be fair to kill her now after all the shit she and Alex has gone through, and all the times Derek has saved her life. But to be honest, I’d be happier if she was the one to die and George didn’t. But I know that is highly unlikely, because it’s not like he can come back as the same George – I mean, the truck turned him into meatloaf. It wouldn’t be the same.

I watched an episode from season 2 for a homework assignment for my TV studies class, and it brought back such fond memories from when George was an inexpendable character, worthy of more than 5 minutes on screen. It’s been a tough couple seasons, and now I have to wait until September to find out the fate of George and Izzie.

I haven’t cried this much during television in…I don’t think ever. But then again, I’m menstrual. And George has been my favorite character from the beginning. Shonda can’t kill my George.

The ending was even sadder than when Denny died for sure – when George wrote “007” in Meredith’s hand, and she finally realized it, and ran down the hall screaming “it’s George! John Doe is George!” Izzie stepping into the elevator, going up to the next floor, and the doors opening to George in his army uniform, haircut and all. And I cried even more. I couldn’t control myself. I was basically hyperventilating. I’ve never missed an episode. I own the first three seasons. These characters have become my TV friends, like Dr. Carter became Mom’s TV friend on ER.

I have to stop thinking about it, or I’ll start tearing up again. That Greg Laswell song at the end was pretty damn good though. I think I’ll go and download it now.

Green Day’s album comes out tomorrow. And Sasquatch is in nine days. I have plenty to look forward to.

❤ Abby


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