Good ‘ol case of the mondays

18 Jan

Today’s the first day I haven’t been at school since last sunday. Seriously. Class every day this week, and then Ledger this weekend. I mean Jesus Christ, my week has consisted of class, driving, working out, laying out pages, making the most of my last week with Laura for an indefinite amount of time, and watching Doctor Who.

A lot of Doctor Who.

And I can say I’ve spent more time in the Ledger office in one weekend than I ever had. On Saturday after dropping Laura off at the airport at 7:30 for her 9:05 flight to Jersey, her parents dropped me off at school so I wouldn’t have to drive back to school later. So naturally, I had to sleep. Four hours of sleep doesn’t really work well for a layout day. So I dragged a chair in the office and slept on and off for 3 some odd hours with the end of series 3 of Doctor Who playing while I half-slept. I figured I wouldn’t skip those even though I watched them out of order 2 weeks ago. And I love Captain Jack. He’s awesome.

But after that, I didn’t leave school until about 10 when we left to go watch Youth in Revolt at the Lakewood theater. I didn’t pay for it last month, so I thought I might as well since I liked it so much. But that meant being awake for oh – 21 hours, cause when I got home I watched SNL and fell asleep in the couch. It was an interesting day to say the least. My best friend flew across the country, and I slept in the office.


Sorry, I’m kind of distracted. I’m in the middle of watching both series 4 of Doctor Who and the BBC mini-series Blackpool. I’d like to thank all my friends from across the pond for fueling the fire that is David Tennant as a distraction from both good and bad things. I did need distracting this week after Laura told me she was leaving, but I also didn’t need distracting from my school work. But I have to say, he’s a damn awesome distraction. I haven’t even watched thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy episode yet. I’ve been THAT off this week.

(Posted on the WAS board)

Hopefully once I finish with series 4, I can get back into the swing of things. School. Classes. Homework. Just as long as none of my other friends just up and leave, I think I’ll be good. Please, don’t leave. I think I’ll go mad. Stay here. It’s less complicated.

At least this week is going to end WONDERFULLY. Seeing Phoenix on Saturday. Yeah, the same Phoenix I saw just over a month ago, seeing them again. YES.

(And btw, I declared my major this week. So that was one thing I took care of that I said I was going to take care of.)

♫ Yours, Abigail ♫


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