Wait, it’s March?

2 Mar

Why yes it is. I can see it in the upper righthand corner of my macbook, above Jemaine’s head.

I forgot how short February was. And the mere fact that it is so short has made this quarter go by way too quickly. We have 2 weeks left, including today, and I’ve yet to read an entire chapter in my politics book. I don’t even know why I buy the book sometimes. The lectures in class basically cover all the same information, and I didn’t read a bit of the chapters that were on the midterm, and I did fine. We don’t have any books for my Film Directors class, and I’ve done fine. I’ve only skimmed the book for energy and environment, and yet, I’m still not failing.

Quite an anomaly, innit?

So, now that it’s officially March, I feel like there needs to be something special to start it off, even though yesterday was technically the start of March, but maybe I’ll backdate this post, so it will appear that I wrote it on March 1st, but then when someone reads the full post, it will completely disprove what I was trying to do.


Three things I can pinpoint are happening this month – officially. Wait, no actually four. Watchmen comes out on friday. Tim totally has to review that movie for the next issue, but that’s beside the point.

Unbeknownst to me, Derek has given my information to Fern Valentine, the advisor of the newspaper at Auburn High School, and she contacted me the other day about being a judge at the state competition at Timberline in 2 weeks. Naturally, I was delighted to find out that Derek thought of me when contacting Fern, and also to know that I could pick whichever category to judge. I love reading. I love reading quality articles, but not reading numerous articles about the same topic for hours. Not so much. So which category will I judge?



Fern actually asked me if I was familiar with InDesign.

Familiar? I’m so familiar I could practically teach a course on InDesign. I laughed when I saw that email, and it made me feel like I’d moved up in the food chain since high school. I do still technically work on a newspaper, but it’s a college paper, I get paid, and I can now be the one to judge those publications of the young’ins.


The second thing happening this month isn’t quite so stupendous. Actually, it’s the opposite of stupendous. It’s tragic, and heartbreaking, and just downright wrong. In just over a week’s time, the P-I will possibly be shut down, and now that it’s been over 50 days without a buyer, it’s almost inevitable that the P-I will stop printing. The Rocky Mountain News has fallen into the same trap, only they had 30 days to sell their paper. Derek illuminated me earlier on the matter, and it made me, again, fear for my future. I’ve probably mentioned this way too many times, but it’s been on my mind quite a lot lately. So I can’t avoid the subject.

I’m not a religious person. Sometimes I question my faith altogether, but please pray for the P-I. This isn’t a selfish request…okay, maybe it is a little, but it’s for the good of truth and democracy, and just plain fucking good journalism.

The third thing this month is the end of winter quarter. Now, that’s nothing special, I know, but I had to remind myself somehow about the fact that I have two weeks left.

That’s completely random, but I forgot how much I loved the Morning Benders, and Chris and Julian are quite amusing to follow on Twitter. Twitter=the non creepy route for stalkers. Julian @gingerbeered and Chris @ohchu. You should get on Twitter if you haven’t already, because it’s amusing.

I just realized how self-contradictory I just was. Twitter and all things micro-blogging is what’s ruining journalism. Damnit. Embrace the new media, but don’t forget the old media, please!

Anyway. What brought me to the Morning Benders tangent was remembering that I missed their show at Chop Suey with the Submarines last week, and I watched an interview with them on Jim Shearer’s blog on IFC.com, and I didn’t realize how young they were. Seriously, Julian just turned 21, like last week. It makes me proud of my generation, how good musicians and good bands can be found in the midst of all the homogeny of pop-punk (which, in itself is a fucking contradiction. You can’t be punk and pop at the same time. Punk is the polar opposite of punk. I like to call it punk XTRA LITE…otherwise known as LAME-ASS MUSICIANS BEING TREND WHORES).

That was a long parenthetical note.

But I like the Morning Benders, and you should too. They are way awesome live for being so new to the game, and they were quite nice lead-ins to WAS back in July, and that says a lot coming from me, being a WAS fangirl and all.

Oh, follow Chris @senatorcain. He’s even more amusing than Chris (Chu) and Julian.

That was a really long post. I would write more, but my battery’s dying and I’m going to go work out.


Okay, there’s my tourettes moment for the day.

❤ Abby


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