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Wednesdays are crazy

2 Oct

I just realized how ridiculous I am. Last night, literally, I recorded 6 different shows. Six shows on one night! And I only got to watch…Pushing Daisies at 8, Private Practice at 9, and CSI NY at 10. I didn’t stay up and watch Project Runway at 11 because I was watching John Stewart. How retarded is that? Five shows in 3 hours and one more at 11. I am ridiculous.

But I was glad that I did get to record all those things, since the ones that I did watch were AMAZING!

I missed Pushing Daisies. I really did. It was refreshing to have a show that is so different from the other shows on television. Yes, there is a love story, but unlike Private Practice, it doesn’t all revolve around sex. The whole of the love story in Pushing Daisies is that they can’t touch. It’s so sweet how Chuck and Ned interact. I wish I had my own piemaker.

Changing tones, it’s not like I have something against sexy doctors getting some lovin, it’s just a very big change of pace. What could be better than Taye Diggs shirtless on the porch of his beach house? Well, Taye Diggs shirtless on the porch of MY beach house (if I had a beach house).

It’s too bad that I missed ANTM at 8, because it’s my guilty pleasure. Some people watch Dancing with the Stars, I watch America’s Next Top Model. I’m a girl, shut up.

I still have to catch up with Project Runway, Criminal Minds and ANTM.

I’m getting into no more shows. At least no more wednesday shows. And I thought thursdays were my night. That’s my Grey’s Anatomy and The Office night. Yay Jim proposed to Pam!!!

Gotta go get a sandwich. Ahm hungray!

❤ Abby