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Luckily, love is blind

27 Oct

I think that tagline is so sad and cute at the same time….oh I should probably start out with what movie I’m talking about.

So, I just downloaded this movie…ahem, illegally…but what brought it on was this–I was on myspace and a video ad popped up for a video of Ronald Chevalier, whom I knew was Jemaine Clement from the ever hilarious and handsome duo Flight of the Conchords, so I explored Jemaine’s movie career online a bit, and I found Eagle vs Shark, a cute little indie romantic comedy from the Kiwi land of New Zealand. I so want to go there. Hello? You saw Lord of the Rings! How beautiful was it there? Yeah, I thought so. Anyway, I wikipedia’d the movie and I was curious, so I hopped on over to piratebay and downloaded it. Well, it finished downloading this morning as I was finishing my comm paper at the absolute last minute…OH WAIT, SEGUE!

So the reason I waited until the last minute to finish my paper was this– I went bowling last night for a work party and it was awesome. My stomach felt a little wonky at first, so I didn’t eat any mozzarella sticks or jalapeno poppers or hot wings or curly fries or potato skins or cheesecake or rootbeer floats with extra float. No, Roger ate all that, and I mean all of it. Anyway, I actually played much better than the last time I played. I’m pretty sure the last time I played was the night that Ryan broke up with me, so I sucked hardcore, but last night I broke 100 on all three games. Pretty sweet, I know. 118 on the first game, then 106, then 121! I was pretty proud of myself, and I didn’t even get all sore-losery when I got a gutter ball. I jumped on the foul like with style when I got a gutter ball, made a joke out of it. I don’t think I’ve ever not been so oddly competitive, so that was good. Since Glynda and Mary both drove straight home from the bowling alley, Alex and Roger caught a ride back to town with me. At about 10:30, I looked at the clock and realized what time it was, and knew that I had class the next morning, and I had to finish my paper still, so in the 7th frame of our third game, I shouted over at Roger “have you crashed yet?” “Oh I did 15 minutes ago.” (From all the sugar and fat) So I told him we were leaving at the end of our game…which was about 10:45…ish. It was really nice to not have to worry about work for a change. Darrell was all chill, Stephanie wasn’t…well, Stephanie, and Mary wasn’t harping at us to do book a baths. It was great to just hang out with Alex and Roger and Glynda, although poor Alex, Britney and I were the only ones not allowed to drink, so I new I was the designated driver for whoever. But Roger ended up eating so damn much food that all the starch and fat absorbed the alcohol. I think we should do that more often, not the eating too much food, just hanging out outside of work.

Now, back to where I was before I rudely interrupted myself.

Eagle vs Shark!

I got home from depositing my paycheck today, which reminds me, I still have to talk to Darrell about my schedule…NO! STAY OF TOPIC! The first thing I did when I got home today was start my movie, after I put my enchiladas in the oven. I absolutely love the New Zealand accent. All their vowels are flat. Bret sounds like Brit. Awesome sounds like oahsome. AWESOME! But my favorite part of the movie was the fact that Jarrod, Jemaine Clement’s character, was a total douchebag, but Lily, Loren Horsley’s character, was still enamored with him. It didn’t matter how odd and not nice he was. She still loved him. I mean, he wasn’t a douche all the time. He would tell everyone that Lily was the best Fightman (videogame) player he’d ever seen. And at the end of the movie, he brought her Lilies. Think Napoleon Dynamite meets Punch Drunk Love meets Juno…plus some stop-motion animation. And a really great electro-pop soundtrack by Kiwi band The Phoenix Foundation makes the movie work even more.

At points, I hate Jarrod, when at one point like 3/4 of the way into the movie when quite possibly it reminds me of a certain memory I have way to vividly, but also at points he seems to be someone with way deeper problems than just being a douchebag. I mean, his brother committed suicide and he has a 9-year-old daughter and his Dad is a cripple. He’s a habitual lier with problems communicating. Lily, on the other hand, is an outsider, doesn’t have a lot of friends, and still lives with her brother in her parents house, who both died of heart-attacks. She is the perfect example of the tagline “luckily, love is blind” because whatever Jarrod says something, she kind of goes along with it, but when he hurts her, she stands her ground and doesn’t speak to him. But eventually, they both realize that they were made for each other.

It’s not a movie that the masses would like, because the hero of the movie is actually Lily. She’s the person in charge of the story, and yet, the film is equally divided between Lily’s and Jarrod’s emotions and points of view. It’s unlike most romantic comedies where the women lead the story and the only time we see the man is when he’s with the woman. And it’s unlike romantic comedies where the men talk about the women as “pals” and as men. It’s a unisex romantic comedy.

The stop motion animation adds to the quirkiness as well. It almost takes the idea of incredibly stylized short films and extends it to 88 minutes of art. It looks pretty, it sounds pretty, and it feels pretty…geeky. He’s a geek, she’s a geek, yay for geek love!

So if you like quirky indie movies with awesome soundtracks, or Flight of the Conchords, watch this movie. I don’t know where the hell you’ll find a place to rent it, so you could torrent it. And I still can’t find a torrent of the soundtrack, and I haven’t paid for a whole CD in almost a year, so I’m not about to start again.

❤ Abby