I’m in class right now

9 Oct

My children and television class gets out at 3:35, and we get to watch Barney next. Seriously.


It’s a really interesting class, quite a gravy one, but still, interesting.

I feel really bad that I parked in a handicap spot today, but I can never find parking easily, and I have Grandpa’s handicap parking pass that doesn’t expire until 2010. I don’t want to put it to waste. That wouldn’t be resourceful. Oh well, I’m leaving in just over an hour anyway, and I work tomorrow.

I don’t know why I decided to blog, since I only have a five minute break, but I was bored. I was bored and I wanted to write something. So I blogged.

I’m going to start a new habit. Instead of signing off with just “<3 Abby”, I’m going to also include…


❤ Abby


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