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This makes me angry.

14 Oct

SPLC article on the JagWire prior review problems

You have to read that before you read what I have to say.

This is something that I feared in high school, but I never thought that this would happen to the JagWire.

One of the best student newspapers in the state of Washington has just fallen under the dark cloud of prior review, and it’s horrible. It’s horrible not because of what they printed, but because of the retaliation that came after it.

In February of last year, Emerald Ridge high school’s newspaper, the JagWire printed a special section on oral sex, with articles ranging from a scientific health study of the hormones to a point counterpoint of the morality of it all. A few students were quoted saying that they’ve engaged in oral sex, and the JagWire said that they were very careful with checking and rechecking that it was okay to print what the students said. But the students, or the students fucking parents, decided to file suit against the school district because of it.

I, for one, believe the JagWire staff in this instance, and I will in all further instances. What pisses me off the most is that the school district has been so open in the past that all these allegations made them put prior review. They were forced to do this, and for the wrong reasons.

The students told the newspaper staff these things about their private life and they knew they were be interviewed for an article, any good journalist lets someone know when they’re being interviewed. But because they didn’t tell their parents about their sex lives, the parents went apeshit when they saw it.

I say–don’t make the student journalists suffer consequences when you should be talking to your kids about what they’re doing. That’s bad parenting, and that’s injustice right there.

I hate this, because if the damn House would have passed House Bill 1307 two years ago like it was supposed to, the JagWire wouldn’t be having these problems. The fucking parents would have to deal with the reality that their teenagers are engaging in fellatio and/or cunnalingus.

This has got me so fired up that I think I should write about this for an opinions article for my school paper. I’m scared for my friends and peers up in Puyallup and in the neighboring districts, because once one district gets on the bandwagon, there are always more to come.

My sister even had the nerve to argue with me about this, saying that the JagWire staff “was stupid to even think about printing something about oral sex.” She said that if she “saw that the Outlook printed something like that, [she’d] be pissed and disappointed.” Seriously? Does she honestly think she knows what she’s talking about? She doesn’t know what she’s talking about and I do. I’ve been involved in this community for 4 years, and I know what I’m talking about.

This just makes me so mad, because we were so close to not letting this happen with HB 1307.

JagWire staff, also, Viking Vanguard, I’m with your guys. I feel like I need to do something.

❤ Abby

New song from Paramore

10 Oct

I like this one a lot. I didn’t like Twilight so much as a book, but I thought that it would make a better movie than a book by the obnoxiously detailed way Stephanie Meyer wrote it.

But listen to this song.

Decode [High Quality] – Paramore

❤ Abby

I’m in class right now

9 Oct

My children and television class gets out at 3:35, and we get to watch Barney next. Seriously.


It’s a really interesting class, quite a gravy one, but still, interesting.

I feel really bad that I parked in a handicap spot today, but I can never find parking easily, and I have Grandpa’s handicap parking pass that doesn’t expire until 2010. I don’t want to put it to waste. That wouldn’t be resourceful. Oh well, I’m leaving in just over an hour anyway, and I work tomorrow.

I don’t know why I decided to blog, since I only have a five minute break, but I was bored. I was bored and I wanted to write something. So I blogged.

I’m going to start a new habit. Instead of signing off with just “<3 Abby”, I’m going to also include…


❤ Abby

I want to remind you all

9 Oct

I know that this is an old video, but it will always be important.

It played on shuffle a minute ago on my itunes, and it gave me a new fire. A renewed fire. I believe in my heart that Barack Obama is the right man for this job. I can’t stress enough the importance of this election, and I know that people have been ramming it down your throats for months, but think about it.

Do you care?


Do you care if your voice is heard?

Do you care if we’re safe?

Do you care if the president doesn’t have a high risk of dying in his first term?

Just think about it for a second.

And if you care about any of those things, seriously, go vote. And think about your future, and your children’s future, and your children’s children’s future, and so on.

Think about it.

And get off your ass on November 4th.

❤ Abby

Again, ’tis a wednesday

8 Oct

And I’ll be recording like mad today, not to mention that I have to record Blues Clues. Seriously.

It’s for an assignment, really. For my Children and Television class, we have to analyze a show targeted towards 2-5 year olds. And the next paper we have to write will have to be on a show directed towards 6-11 or 12-18 year olds. I don’t know which show I’ll pick. I’ll have to ponder that.

I have lots of things to ponder over the next couple days. Whether or not I completely quit my job if I got the job on the Ledger, and I need to come up with a idea for an opinion article and write it by next weekend. I’ll actually get to layout a page. The first time I’ve had to use inDesign in over a year. Well, not counting when I went back to Outlook last year to hang out over paste-up weekends. But I’ll actually get to be part of a staff again. It was so refreshing to walk into the meeting yesterday for story sign-ups and be surrounded by people that were dedicated to a newspaper. I missed it. It’s not quite the same as Outlook, because people actually get their articles done before the final weekend where we do design, and the section editors don’t layout their pages. In fact, only Alexis knows how to use InDesign (she’s the EIC) and she needs more help designing the pages. Since the staff if substantially larger, we might possibly be a 16-page issue this time, when last year they only ever had enough people for an 8-pager. It will be quite different, but oh so familiar. I like the writing, but I like it all, and I can still write. That’s the beauty of it; I will have an important job as a page designer, but I can still write articles when I want and when I have time. I am, after all, still doing freelance for the Gateway.

Speaking of that!

Great segway….

Anyway, today, my second article for the Gateway got published in the “mature lifestyles” section. I know, it’s kinda bland, but it was actually much more interesting and more fun to write than my last one. I don’t really like to write articles that don’t directly have to do with people. The last one had to do with conserving water at a car wash. This week’s topic is an assisted living home that provides full end-of-life services in a family environment. So I found it a lot easier to write and to get people to connect with it. Not to mention, I GOT ON THE FRONTPAGE of the special section with the main headline, a cheesy one (it said “Local assisted living homes put ‘family first'”) and it’s called “Family First Adult Living Homes.” I know, it’s lame, but I need to got some practice on headlines, since I’ll be in charge of writing most of them for the pages on design weekend. Unless the writers come up with theirs on their own. Hopefully. I hate writing headlines. No, I hate writing captions. Writing headlines irritates me. It’s not hateworthy.

But I’m excited. As soon as I got home, I ran out to the mailbox and grabbed the paper and drove it over to work for everyone to ogle at my sheer awesomeness.

No, just kidding.

But I did take it to work for everyone to read. I like sharing my excitement with my co-workers, because they always seem genuinely happy for me. It’s nice to know.

But I think I’m going to go.

I’ll mention one last thing.

The debate was BOOORING last night, but Barack totally won. And you have to watch this. It really has nothing to do with the debate, but it has to do with the election. Sarah Palin in particular.


❤ Abby

Wednesdays are crazy

2 Oct

I just realized how ridiculous I am. Last night, literally, I recorded 6 different shows. Six shows on one night! And I only got to watch…Pushing Daisies at 8, Private Practice at 9, and CSI NY at 10. I didn’t stay up and watch Project Runway at 11 because I was watching John Stewart. How retarded is that? Five shows in 3 hours and one more at 11. I am ridiculous.

But I was glad that I did get to record all those things, since the ones that I did watch were AMAZING!

I missed Pushing Daisies. I really did. It was refreshing to have a show that is so different from the other shows on television. Yes, there is a love story, but unlike Private Practice, it doesn’t all revolve around sex. The whole of the love story in Pushing Daisies is that they can’t touch. It’s so sweet how Chuck and Ned interact. I wish I had my own piemaker.

Changing tones, it’s not like I have something against sexy doctors getting some lovin, it’s just a very big change of pace. What could be better than Taye Diggs shirtless on the porch of his beach house? Well, Taye Diggs shirtless on the porch of MY beach house (if I had a beach house).

It’s too bad that I missed ANTM at 8, because it’s my guilty pleasure. Some people watch Dancing with the Stars, I watch America’s Next Top Model. I’m a girl, shut up.

I still have to catch up with Project Runway, Criminal Minds and ANTM.

I’m getting into no more shows. At least no more wednesday shows. And I thought thursdays were my night. That’s my Grey’s Anatomy and The Office night. Yay Jim proposed to Pam!!!

Gotta go get a sandwich. Ahm hungray!

❤ Abby

Don’t vote….unless

1 Oct

You need to watch this.

You have 3 days to register.

If you don’t, fuck you.

❤ Abby