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Don’t vote….unless

1 Oct

You need to watch this.

You have 3 days to register.

If you don’t, fuck you.

❤ Abby

You’re wonderfully made

1 Oct

That was the most beautiful cardboard sign I’d ever seen.

I was leaving school today, and I passed by this guy holding a cardboard sign outside the University Store, ignoring what the sign said, seeing that most of them consist of similar things.

But I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw once I got on the Link back to the Tacoma Dome station.

“You’re wonderfully made,” was what the sign said. I’m just sad that I didn’t have a camera, because it would have been a great Postsecret pic.

Oh well. I know that I saw it, and it made me happy.

Thank you, man holding cardboard sign. Your inspirational sharpie message made my day.

❤ Abby