Ah need to get mah hayerr did

23 Sep

Not sure why I was just speaking in Sookie Stackhouse Southern, but I felt like saying something more interesting that “my hair looks like shit,” and I miss True Blood already.

But right now I REALLY need to get my hair done. I seriously haven’t had a professional cut or color my hair in…well…two years in January. Libby’s been cutting it and she and I have been coloring it. I’m cheap, okay. Sue me.

I love my red hair. I do. It’s different and awesome and makes me stand out, but I’m lazy. Back when I went red, I was still puffy and bulgy from the prednisone, and I needed something to distract from my huge face. But now my face isn’t huge anymore. And I don’t like grow out. And I’m cheap. So I figure if I can get back to my natural color, I won’t have to worry about nasty grow out that makes me look cheap. (I never said I wanted to look cheap, I said I was cheap.)

But my dishwater blonde roots are about an inch right now, not such a good look. Really, I was walking by the copy center at UWT today, and noticed my glowing side part in my reflection. My dishwater blonde almost looks gray. Seriously. I don’t have the brightest or most vibrant shade of blonde, so even the faded red looks so ridiculously saturated against my natural color.

For the past few weeks while my roots grew, I’ve been trying to figure out what path to take to get back to my natural color without turning orange. Wigs and the Natalie Portman look were out of the question right off the bat, so that left color. I thought about stripping the color, but I’ve dyed it so many times that the orange would inevitably happen. Today, I gave into the idea of highlighting over time. At first, I was worried that the red grow out would still look wonky and incredibly tacky, but then I realized that if we do lots of highlights on top, basically covering up the roots with the first set of highlights, it might work. I think it might actually look kinda cool, like a tone on tone blonde red thing, but not too drastic like the highlights emo kids get. I’m just tired of my hair. That is the one thing in my life that I can stand changing a lot – my look. Not that it’s that important, but it’s easy to change. And just as easy to change back. Unfortunately, the red isn’t quite as easy to change back from than if I was a natural brunette and went blonde.

Oh, and btw.

This isn’t the haircolor I want. It’s the haircut I want.
Egyptian Theater
I don’t know where I came upon a picture of this girl, because I don’t watch Soap Operas, but I think I typed in random search words and her picture came up. But do you think this haircut will work?

I don’t want to have straight hair, because it’s a bitch to manage and too time consuming to straighten. My hair is naturally big and wavy. The way I wear it now – that’s how I manage it.

But I’m diggin the cut, I just need to buy a smoothing creme and a curl activator.

Hopefully this will work.

Oh, and my headline reminded me of this. Hehe.

❤ Abby


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