I’ve done enough writing for the last couple days

16 Dec

But I’ll do some more. Why not?

So, as one can tell, I’ve officially switched over to WordPress…sorry Blogger. I’ll miss you.

What day is it? December 16th already??? Wow. We only have nine days until Christmas, but I’m already done with my shopping. I finished today when Mom and I went to the Silverdale Mall, which is WAY better than the Tacoma Mall, however, they don’t have a Torrid at the Silverdale Mall, or a Hot Topic…I think. I didn’t really check. We just went to get Dad’s present, one more thing for Libby, and Mom had to pick up something for her work partner, Amy. Well, Amy needed her to pick something up for her daughter Molly. Amy lives in Sumner, and she was about to get snowed in, and she couldn’t make her way to SIlverdale, so she called everywhere to find this ridiculous white, puffy vest with a fur collar. Bland-o-rama, right?

But when she finally found this piece of crap, the woman working at Hollister had to save it in the back room waiting for my mom to come pick it up.

Yes, we had to got o Hollister. A terrible experience. It was loud, and dark, and cramped, and kind of confusing to find your way around. I couldn’t hear anything, and all the decorations were incredibly unnecessary and pretentious. And the freaking vest that Molly just had to have was $85 dollars. A vest! It’s not even a full coat. I’d understand if a big, warm coat was $85 dollars (I wouldn’t buy it) but a vest is half a coat, which means that it should be half the price.

It just further solidified why I don’t shop at Hollister. Or Abercrombie. Is there really a difference? One advertises shirtless men and one advertises beach-soaked babes. Really, Hollister? Do you think you’re in California? The store was so O.C., I felt like I was in a weird universe that was in denial of where they actually were.

Oh well. I don’t buy hella expensive clothes for no reason.

I know there was something else I wanted to write about… what was it?

Right! I finally saw Wall-E. I can’t believe I waited until now to see it, because it was awesome and adorable. It gave a whole new meaning to “nerd love” – it was robot love! What I totally didn’t expect was the message against lazy consumers that the whole movie embodied. I mean, all the people living on Axium, this space station, were obese immobile slobs who sat in front of a screen all day waiting for their robots to bring them things. And this was 775 years in the future. That would be really scary if it actually turned out that way. Holy shit.

And I rented Wall-E for free. There are perks of having friends who work at Hollywood Video. 😉 I just can’t return the movies late, because then it have been a total waste for me to get free movies.

Andrea, Laura, Libby and I made gingerbread houses last night. I’ll be posting the pictures of them soon.

❤ Abby


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