Do you know what’s annoying?

30 Dec

When you’re sitting in a nice cozy coffee shop and every person who walks out the door leaves the door wide open.

There’s a breeze, people!

I may be dressed warm, but it’s awkward to have one leg being the only thing that’s cold on my body.

And you may be saying “Abby, then why don’t you get up and close the door? You’re being lazy.”

Why, yes I am. And if I do, someone else will just leave the door open, and I’m on a roll with my novel. Although currently I’m pausing to rant for two minutes.

I’m waiting and novelling at Bert’s until Libby gets out of volleyball practice at TCC at 7. We went shopping today, because Libby and I had Christmas money, and I needed to get out of the house. I couldn’t believe how fucking crowded Hot Topic was. And it was filled with all tiny chicks. A whole shitload of Twilighters. It was weird. Normally, it’s not empty, but it’s not that crowded. The checkout guy was really friendly though. In fact, with how dark and noisy it is in Hot Topic, they have the nicest workers. Our checkout guy called himself the Hot Topic Samurai, and he had a tiny ponytail on top of his head, which was also wrapped in a headband. And he was Asian.

It’s always fun eavesdropping on tweens when they come into Bert’s, because they have the funniest conversations…and…OMG, one of them just read my mind. “Can we close the door? It’s kind of cold.”


And the barista is quite cute. He just got one of the tweens her hot chocolate. I love how they aren’t even old enough to need coffee. They will. Very soon.

I think I’ll go back to novelling a little before I try to go find TCC again to pick up Libby at 7 o’clock.

I am going to finish this novel. I promise. This year. 2009 will be good. 2009 will be a successful year.

(Oh, and I already technically had my download today, since I posted at like 2:30 this morning as I was attempting to teach my mother coding. Most. Useless. Idea. Ever.)

(And one more thing – I watched “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” today, and it’s fucking hilarious. I totally didn’t expect to see Jason Segel’s cock that many times.)

❤ Abby


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