I now know the definition of bad timing

14 May

Day #4…I think.

So yeah, I’ve had a pretty exciting last couple days. I need to not explain, for it is too personal to give all the details on this mere blog.

Okay, so…I have a boyfriend. And it’s pretty much the happiest I’ve been in a long time. But what sucks IS—-

I HAVE A MASSIVE FINAL TOMORROW! AND I’M NOT PREPARED IN THE LEAST! History sucks. Really, it does, and I shouldn’t be wasting my time on my blog right now, but I forgot yesterday, kind of, and I needed to fill my “fans” if, that is, if I had any fans. Who knows?

AND–another thing about bad timing, we have 3 days left of school. 3 days and I have to go back home. 3 days and I’m done with St. Martins. At first, about a month ago, I was ECSTATIC to be leaving, but now, it’s a lot more bittersweet. I honestly wish I had another month here. BUT! Oh, there is a BUT! Miki is still here for a month after me, and Christina has come up with a proposition, to come visit her often and stay with her on the weekends when I’m not working and I’m able to come down here as much as I want. Besides, I’ll be saving MASSIVE amounts of gas with my current job, seeing that it’s only 2 minutes away from my house.

So yeah, I love life right now. Most things are right with the world. There are still a few things now that aren’t right yet. Obama isn’t the nominee yet. Bush is still president…hmmm, what else is wrong? Oh, my beloved Outlook is losing the best adviser ever! I’m very happy for Derek, for taking charge of his life, but I’m still very sad for next year’s Outlookers because they won’t get to know him. Sad news.

So there’s sad news….and really REALLY good news.


❤ Abby


One Response to “I now know the definition of bad timing”

  1. kitty 05/07/2008 at 5:43 pm #

    After conclusive internet research, I’ve decided that you win. Therefore, our couch is always available when you drop by.

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