“Do you girls want some sandwiches?”

22 Mar

Oh my gosh, I forgot to write yesterday about this crazy happening at the hospital yesterday.

I went to get my IV treatment yesterday in Seattle, and the nurses only took one poke to get my vein, which was really cool, and there was a nice little boy named David across the hall from me who made odd noises every so often. After our appointment with my rheumatologist, we left and in the parking lot, a woman drove by and opened her window.

“Do you girls want some sandwiches?” This woman asked us.

“Do we look hungry?” My mom replied.

So the woman went on to tell us about two children from her church who were in the ICU and their families had already left, so she had some sandwiches left. We politely accepted the sandwiches, and she then asked my mom as we walked off “what’s the name of the kid you’re visiting so that I can pray for him?”

“Oh, well she’s right here and she’s getting much better!”

“Have a good Easter and God bless!”

“You too!”

How bizarre. But the sandwiches were warm, and the meat was funny-colored. And they looked so good at first. So we didn’t end up eating them. Sad, I know, but it was a nice gesture.

That made my day. I just had to write about it.

Totally random now, but Bill Richardson endorsed Obama today! Hooray!

What else?

Oh, I went to paste-up today, and that was nice. I really want one of the new sweatshirts, because they are freaking awesome…who cares if I’m just an alum? Alumni are still important.

I have to go return some movie rentals from monday. I don’t went to pay any late fees!

❤ Abby


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